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Satoru Shibata From Nintendo Europe Wishes Everyone A Happy Christmas And Mentions New Nintendo 3DS

Christmas is almost upon us so it wouldn’t be right if key staff at Nintendo of Europe didn’t send out their traditional Christmas message. This year we get a lovely message from Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata who thanks everyone for their support. Shibata also mentions the New Nintendo 3DS which he states is coming at some point next year. Here’s his message.

Hello everyone! This is Satoru Shibata from Nintendo of Europe.

I would like to thank you all for your continuous support of Nintendo throughout 2014!

Thank you as well for always watching our Nintendo Direct broadcasts. I didn’t present them so often this year, but I still read all your many comments made during and after each Direct.

This year, I tried to attend as many game events and shows as I could, such as the Japan Expo in France, Gamescom in Germany, Milan Games Week, and Paris Games Week. In fact, I may even have spoken with some of you at these events! I like walking around game events and conventions like these, because I can really feel how much you all love Nintendo games.

I was glad to see that many people enjoyed playing Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Even though I couldn’t attend the Manga Fair in Spain, I was thrilled that Pokémon generated a lot of excitement there, and that the TV news programmes picked this up.

Those games all received high scores from users at Metacritic, and I recognised the 2014 Gamekult Awards in France, in which user votes put Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS in first place, followed by Bayonetta 2 in second and Mario Kart 8 in third, while so many other games launched in 2014! These were all great Christmas presents for me from you!

Also Tomodachi Life, our little quirky title that I often enjoy playing myself, has sold more than a million copies in Europe. I’m happy that this unique and very Nintendo-like game has been enjoyed by so many consumers across Europe.

How was your life in gaming in 2014?

Next year, we will launch New Nintendo 3DS, which we know we have kept you waiting for. We will also release unique Nintendo games on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. I hope that some of those games will grab your heart and make you excited.

I look forward to meeting you in Nintendo Direct or somewhere at a game event in 2015.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy Gaming!


49 thoughts on “Satoru Shibata From Nintendo Europe Wishes Everyone A Happy Christmas And Mentions New Nintendo 3DS”

      1. Hello guys, I want to buy a Wii U and I these are all my hyped games for 2015, does Wii U have this? This is my first time into gaming so sorry for asking!
        1. Halo 5: Guardians
        2. The Witcher 3: Wild hunt
        3. Ori and the blind forest
        4. Fable Legends
        5. MGS V: The Phantom Pain
        6. Below
        7. Battlefield Hardline
        8. Final Fantasy Type-O HD
        9. Final Fantasy XV
        10. Batman Arkham Knight
        11. MK X
        12. Evolve
        13. Rainbow Six| Siege
        14. The Division
        15. Battle Born
        16. Dead Island 2
        17.Quantum Break
        18. Rise of the Tomb Raider
        19. Star Wars: Battlefront
        20. Home Front: The Revolution
        21. Crackdown
        22. Phantom Dust
        23. Inside
        24. Mad Max
        25. Dying Light

          1. I collated all those highly anticipated with positive previews and trailers games… I thought all video games were for all of the consoles like iOS and Android things… apparently not. Getting an Xbox instead I guess, and the angry comments below dont really make me feel like joining a community full of people like that. Should have researched more, damn I’m so disappointed

            1. Don’t be affected by those people, they’re just the stupid fanboys and the vocal minority. There are tons of genuine fans in the Nintendo community, just so happened you came across these douchebags

              1. Forget it, I’m never getting a Nintendo console based on my research of the atmosphere and type of games they make. To think 95% of their games are first party only, that’s disgusting. I want some variety and THIRD PARTIES

            2. Yeah, the Xbox will be getting most of those. If you want to play those games, go ahead. Perfectly fine by me. And no, all of the games are not on every console. There are some games that can only be played on particular system. And those are called “exclusives”. And you happened to list some Xbox exclusives in that list, so the Xbox would be your best bet. :)

            3. And I so bet 75% of those “hyped” games are gonna end up just like The Crew, ASSassin’s Creed, Master Chief Edition, Watchdogs, Destiny and DriverClub: A fucking colossal disappointment only built to sucker your money.

              1. You do realize next year’s games developers have a ridiculously solid history of gaming? Those games you listed were only Ubisoft’s, 343’s and Bungie’s, a VERY SPECIFIC set of developers. To think someone would bet that dev’s like CD Projeckt and Kojima Productions would fail is laughable

                1. I wouldn’t count on it knowing the fact that 2014 from 3rd rate parties are a joke. Only and mostly Broken, falsely advertised, rehashed and “remastered” games from them? I’m glad they hopped off from Wii U because those fans dont deserve this kind of BS “support” when all they’re after is your money because they know you’re too stupid to notice their schemes even when its displayed right in your faces.

          2. Fuck xb1 fuck ps4 fuck wii u pc is the fucking master of all gaming shit
            Pc made all of your games so fuck that shit and fuck all the shit

        1. None, which a good thing since most of these are not intressting. There is nothing new or charming about these titles. The only titles look appealing on PS4 and Xbox one are the upcoming Phantom Dust Remake, Star wars battlefront(even though Dice is going to screw this one up) and Grim Fandango Remastered. While all Nintendos Wii U titles look unique and charming.

        2. You have time and money to play all those games?? Looks like someone is being bankrolled by mummy and daddy to not work but only play.

              1. Only losers who feel insecure about themselves and their age choose to pathetically act higher. I feel quite sorry for you, maybe one day you’ll grow up and realize how stupid and arrogant you are

          1. The Witcher 3: Wild hunt- RPG
            Ori and the blind forest-Platformer
            Fable Legends- RPG
            MGS V: The Phantom Pain- Stealth
            Below- Adventure game
            Final Fantasy Type-O HD- RPG
            Final Fantasy XV- RPG
            Batman Arkham Knight- Action Adventure game
            MK X- Fighting game
            Dead Island 2- Action RPG
            Rise of the Tomb Raider- Action Adventure
            Star Wars: Battlefront- Action
            Phantom Dust- Strategy
            Inside- Platformer
            Mad Max- Vehicular combat, action-adventure
            Dying Light- survival horror

            Stupid Nintendo fanboys. I got my Xbox One and now my eyes are truly opened. I never want the restrictive genres of Wii U games in my house.

      1. that still isn’t a good enough explanation why our prices are 133% the price of US.
        and can somebody explain why it costs more to ship here when we have a really good infrastructure.

        and we shouldn’t be paying more for dlc

  1. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to all Nintendo fans, Non Nintendo fans and yes, the trolls as well. Happy Gaming everybody!!!

      1. I said this because both it relates to the the article and I might not be on MyNintendoNews on Christmas Day, so……..yeah………:D

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