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Gamestop Is Selling The GameCube Adapter With Four GameCube Controllers For $139.95

Fancy getting the Wii U GameCube adapter and paying a hell of a lot of money? Well, US retailer GameStop has you covered with this one. The retailer is only selling the GameCube adapter (which is incredibly hard to get hold of) with four GameCube controllers for the audacious price of $139.95. So if you’ve got cash to blow this Christmas you know what to purchase.

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49 thoughts on “Gamestop Is Selling The GameCube Adapter With Four GameCube Controllers For $139.95”

  1. Initially I wanted a GCN controller, but I’ll have to see how the pro controller feels first. If I really want one, I’ll prpbably skip the hassle of paying for both an adapter and a controller and just get the PDP GCN Classic Controller. Less money, less wires.

    1. Here are my thoughts considering I have both of the options you listed: The buttons on the pro controller feel far away, like your thumb has to reach. And the gate on it is purely circular (whereas the GC controller has a octagonal gate for the stick), making precise directional inputs a hassle at times. As far as the PDP controller, it feels pretty good I suppose. The L and R buttons feel cheap, for lack of a better word. It’s not as comfortable as the original GC controller but it’s a close alternative.

    2. if you want a Gamecube controller but don’t want to buy the Gamecube controller adapter and then a Smash Bros controllers (That would run you almost $100, then try the PDP Wired Fight Pad. It plugs into the WiiMote, but it’s layout and design is just like a Gamecube controller. AND, it’s compatible with Smash Bros. They are only $24.99

        1. I would’nt buy any of the wireless ones if I were you, I bought a mayflash adapter to play with a gamecube controller and theres tons of input lag online, it’s not as noticeble in other games but with smash, it’s downright turned me off playing online till I can get an official wired adapter, still this is keepin in mind my ping is also bad soo it could work better for you.

  2. it really wont matter unless you want a wired controller. unless they make gamecube virtual console, which wont be for a while anyways.

    1. Even if they do make a Gamecube VC, there is no guarantee the controller adapter will work with it. RIght now, It does not work with any game besides Smash bros. The PDP Wired FIght Pads on the other hand, function as a Classic controller because they plug into the Wiimote. They look and feel just like the original Gamecube controller, except the C-stick has been replaced with a traditional Thumb Stick (they are just like the ones on the Pro Controller).

      It really is a great controller, and it’s replaced the Pro Controller for me in games like Mario Kart 8. Plus, It’s only $25.95

    1. They pulled this same scam with PS4 when you still couldn’t find them,by making you get a bundle with an extra controller and 2 games,a year of PS plus.I already bought 3 extra smash GCC’s or I may have done this deal.But seeing there will be more in a month or two I’m good with the one that came with the bundle for now.The adapter does work perfectly though if anyone was unsure about it and controllers are exactly the same as the real GC ones.

    1. That’s the just the regular price of 4 GC controllers and the adapter put together. If somebody wanted to buy them all separately, it would have costed that much anyways.

  3. The bundle price itself is not audacious. Each controller is $30 and the adapter is $20 so added up individually is the same $140 total. What is audacious is that gamestop would require purchasing 4 new controllers when the target audience for the adapters will be gamers that already have old gamecube controllers.

      1. I don’t think it’s they had left over controllers. My local Gamestop told me they were instruction to not sell the Gamecube controllers and adapters separately. If you go in and ask for an adapter or controller by itself, they will probably tell you they are sold out, but they have the bundle deal available. that’s the case at the Gamestop near me.

        1. I am tempted to go to Gamestop later & ask them if I could purchase the bundle. If they DARE to whip out an Adapter in front of my face & others, NOT packaged with the controllers…I’m done.

  4. Damnit, I caved and got one. It never hurts to have extra controllers, and I didn’t give any money to the jerks who bought a ton of adapters just to sell them at a ridiculously high price on eBay and Amazon. Can anyone verify that the new GC controllers work on an actual GameCube/Wii as well, and not just on Smash 4?

    1. Your good to go man they are exactly the same and will work on your GC and Wii!I bought 4 already and nice having a stock of brand new 10+ year old

  5. Thanks Gamestop! I can’t wait to trade mine in and get an equal value and the prices will be lowered! 10$ trade in? Seriously Gamestop, fuck off. It’s christmas time and your stroking your egotistical phallus

    1. Oh, lol I didn’t see it comes with 4 controllers. They were like 30 each? Still that is not a deal, that’s at least 10 dollars more, plus it sounds like you have to get the controllers.

  6. So basically Gamestop wants to take advantage of the holiday season their own way by doing this. Well a little too late since it’s Christmas eve but whatever works I guess. But I agree I find this highly unnecessary to stick all 4 controllers on you, then again if someone is really willing to shed $100+ for the darn adapter well…at least it’s not JUST the adapter here.

    Still can’t understand how Nintendo would approve this. I feel like Nintendo missed a huge opportunity here in selling a Wii U bundle with Smash, an adapter + GC controller. An easy $350+ bundle.

    1. Knowing Nintendo, the Sm4sh bundle probably won’t be until AFTER the holidays, when adapters are nice & stocked again. Because no one buys a ton of stuff/presents during the holidays, of course… *facepalm*

  7. I don’t think people get it. It’s scalper-combatting. They sell this so that the person can’t turn and flip the adapter for 5x what they spent on it. If you try to, you’ll be out $40 unless you find someone to unload the Gamecube Controllers, with no Adapter. If you really want it that bad, there you go. You can buy one. Or you can get one that connects to a Wiimote that functions 100% identically for a cheaper price. Or you can just move on, leave the 13-year-old controller with the system it belongs to, and use the Wii U Pro Controller. It functions perfectly fine, almost identically to the Gamecube Controller, and it’ll still cost you a LOT less.

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  9. My guess is that Gamestop is overstocked with so much GC controllers and really need to sell them off somehow. So they resort to bundling them up this way.

    Its really Nintendo’s fault for not being able to meet the consumer demands and producing enough to match the GC controller stock. Its also Gamestop’s fault for not limiting its stock to every consumer. They dug their own grave if they sold 4-5 GC adapters to a scalper. It doesn’t compensate the GC controller stock so of course there’s going to be dozens of overstocked controllers unsold. Who’s going to buy a GC controller without an adapter??

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