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Toys R Us Followed Through On Promise To Reinstate Cancelled Amiibo Preorders

Toys R Us have held true to their promise and have reinstated those cancelled Amiibo pre-orders. My Nintendo News reader Cobb19 recently received the email (which you can read below) in which the company apologizes for the inconvenient glitch that happened on their website and will reinstate all Amiibo pre-orders thanks to a handy code users will need to enter on the website.

As a follow up to the email we sent you a few days ago, we are reaching out regarding your recent amiibo presell order cancellation and to provide you with information on how to repurchase.

As you may already know, amiibo product is in high demand. To make sure that we give you the first opportunity to purchase these items prior to our returning them to our general online inventory for others to buy, we are providing you with links to each item’s product page. For technical reasons, these product pages will show the retail price of the item as being $999.99, but we will provide you with an online only, one-time use code that, when entered, will adjust the price back to the regular retail price. In addition, while we initially offered the amiibo items at $13.99, we’re happy to extend to you a discounted price of $10.99 because of the inconvenience

To redeem the code, please follow these simple instructions:

1.      Click on the link(s) below to the view the amiibo items you wish to repurchase and add the item(s) to you cart
* Please note, to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to repurchase their items, we have limited the quantity you may purchase for each item. Quantity limits are listed below by each link.
2.      Proceed to checkout once you have the item(s) you wish to repurchase in your cart
3.      Apply the promotion code in the promotional code field during your checkout process and select ‘apply’
4.      The discount will be applied to your order and you can proceed to the payment screens

Some important things to note: This promotional code can only be used for one order and it is only valid towards the amiibo items listed below. This offer expires Monday, December 29, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST, at which time the items will be made available to the general public pending availability. These items are still considered presell items and will not ship until the manufacturer’s street date.

24 thoughts on “Toys R Us Followed Through On Promise To Reinstate Cancelled Amiibo Preorders”

  1. you can use the code for one transaction but can be used for the maximum quantity allowed on all preorder allowed items so for someone who ONLY had Lucario the can now preorder about 7 other characters at the discounted price as long as its in the same transaction code is used this means their maystill be issues for others if this is abused by people

  2. Yeah, but Toys R Us still didn’t let me pre-order 3 Lucario like I once had pre-ordered. They only allowed 2. So they STILL screwed up BIG TIME. Now my niece won’t be getting a Lucario amiibo thanks to Toys R Us.

      1. Lucario is a Toys R Us exclusive and isn’t released until February. So what you just said is all false. Unless you live somewhere other than the US.

  3. Fox McCloud is also getting hard to find aswell. I still haven’t seen one second wave Amibo. I swear that stores around here haven’t stocked any. A Walmart that is close to where I live is…. How do I say this without sounding rascist… An Urban area? Not many white folk live there. Nintendo is not very popular at that Walmart, and thats how I found most of the first wave without any issues. (they still have wii fit trainer stocked on the shelf, and Marth sat around for a long time before selling out). So I know for a fact that the second wave has not been stocked at that Walmart. Or any Walmart in my area. Or Best Buy, or Gamestop… There are no second wave Amiibos in my area… at all. Not one.

      1. Did you get this e-mail?

        “We are reaching out today regarding the recent cancellation that has occurred with your online order, #. Unfortunately, there was a processing error that caused your order to erroneously cancel. However, we want you to know that your order has been reinstated.

        We thank you for your patience as we work to remedy this situation.

        We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

        The Customer Service Team and”

      2. Cause I got that and am wondering if I am good and don’t have to worry about putting in the code and missing out on my Captain Falcon.

          1. I got that e-mail, but apparently I never made an account on their website, and did a little while ago. It says I don’t have any orders with that e-mail, even though it’s the e-mail I used before making an account. I’m hoping I will be getting mine still, gonna try and call them tomorrow. Thanks for confirming though, I think I should be good but still a little worried.

  4. Had purchased originally with paypal. Toys R Us cancelled my order. Sent me special code to reorder which I did. Thanks Toys R Us. I just got an email two days ago saying my Pit and Captain Falcon were processing. Today I get an email canceling them AGAIN!

      1. Same here. I’ve been cancelled twice now. Customer service was no help at all. I will never shop at Toysrus again.

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