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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Review

After its success on the Nintendo 3DS, the classic action brawler returns to Nintendo’s home console in beautiful HD. Supremely designed with its exhilarating and lavish battles, along with a cast of more than 40 new and veteran characters, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is a near perfect game. And its wealth of classic features, new modes and vast customisation choices means it’s a staple title every Nintendo fan should own – for fun and for glory.

Developed by Sora, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is the fourth instalment of the popular Nintendo brawler. Packed with an enormous amount of modes and challenges, long-time fans and newcomers will be spoiled for choice during single, multiplayer and online play. The game, however, never feels bloated or misses the inclusion of a story mode akin to Brawl’s Subspace Emissary, rather the extra features are well-paced, polished and correctly balanced in terms of difficulty. And if you’re a new player, you’ll never truly feel out of your depth with excellent tutorial tips scattered across its loading screens.


Take that, Pikachu!

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U features 50 playable characters – the most in the franchise to date – and includes a wide range of movesets and fighting styles to suit many players. Newcomer fighters such as Little Mac, Villager, Mega Man and Pac-Man all feature in the cast and star alongside veterans, while other characters – Lucina, R.O.B and Mr Game & Watch to name a few – can be unlocked later in the game. Some characters, which required unlocking in the 3DS version such as Jigglypuff and Ganondorf, are unlocked from the beginning, plus there are up to 47 stages to explore – rivalling the 34 stages on the handheld.

In regular Smash mode, gameplay is smooth and wonderfully controlled with each fighter having distinct animations for attacks, taunting and dodging. Getting to grips with the basics and finding which character suits your play style is paramount here, particularly if players want to succeed in challenges. Of notable merit are new items such as the Bullet Bill and Gust Bellows – both items can be used to great effect and sometimes with dire consequences to both enemy and user, much like that pesky hammer!


8-Player Smash really cranks up the volume of madness – DK just doesn’t know where to turn and Mario’s cartwheeling… yeah.

While the fourth instalment cranks up the gameplay by several gears in regular mode, 8-player Smash is where madness truly ensues. Though I have yet to settle it in Smash with seven real-time friends, my two amiibo buddies and five CPU players have been ample substitutes. Given the close proximity to other players on smaller arenas, the action intensifies threefold and you’ll rack up damage quicker than Donkey Kong can say ‘bananas’. Forget about dodging here, this is fast and furious fun for all skill levels.

Though the smaller stages whip up a frenzy, the larger battle arenas such as The Great Cave Offensive can often skew your field of vision. Unfortunate camera zooms can make it tricky to keep track of where your character is, making hazard spots gravely dangerous and risky, plus your character can become minute in comparison to the stage. It’s a killer case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

Setting itself apart from its predecessors, Smash’s amiibo inclusion ticks all the boxes – both on Nintendo’s behalf and on-screen play. By training up your very own Figure Player and feeding it stat boosts collected throughout classic and all-star modes, you can customise your favourite characters to your liking. And with its self-learning AI, it’s the perfect partner to train against and verse other opponents with. Amiibo will constantly adapt their fighting techniques and level up quicker while versing other characters, but make yourself scarce or you could be on the receiving end of a hearty KO. Though we’re still largely in the dark when it comes to amiibo for other games, they are a superb and exciting addition to the brawler.


Someone needs to tell Luigi that’s really not how ‘planking’ works.

As Smash Run is home to the 3DS version of the brawler, so is Smash Tour to the Wii U version. Stylised after the Mario Party franchise, the board game comes in small, medium and large sizes with a minimum of 15 turns per player to a maximum of 25. To get the most from this feature, however, you’ll need to play with friends or family – adding in three CPUs sucks the fun and blows it in the wrong direction leaving a confusing, shambolic mess. But with friends, the unsettling feeling is squashed and an interesting mode unfolds.

Players will race around the board in order to pick up the most power-ups, stat boosts, gold and Smash characters. Mini-battles will then take place with various sets of rules, along with battles whenever one player collides with another. Those players with more Smash characters will be at a distinct advantage in the final battle, but it doesn’t necessarily equal a claim to victory. Though you can still leave your friendships at the door, Smash Tour is in need of a lick of polish before competing against the likes of Mario Party.

With Classic, Special Orders, Challenges, All-Star and Stadium modes there’s plenty of choice on offer for single players. But it’s the Masterpieces that are a wonderful nostalgic gem for older players and a genius addition for newcomers. Playing a demo of NES, SNES and Game Boy titles enriches the Super Smash Bros. experience beautifully. It’s a niche feature but one that’s memorable for its diversity.


Which fighting class will you choose?

Between Mii customisation, amiibo and stage builder, fans will be satiated with the level of customisation on offer. Though it’s limited in online matches, you’ll still be able to freely select rules and variations with friends in For Glory mode. While it has slight hiccups, Smash’s online play in both modes will provide players with an endless amount of joy and equal amounts of hilarious frustration.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, while not perfect, is the game that keeps on giving. Non-stop fun, hours upon hours of content, combined with well-known music gives it the perfect edge. And let’s not be coy here, it’s definitely a knockout.


51 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Review”

    1. Hope you get it,really great game.Lol i wished i had to wait some1 to buy to me when i was kid all i got was clothes..poor me.

  1. Honestly this game is fucking great, but smash tour, crazy orders and master orders. Are just to damn repetitive. This game has a hole in it without a story mode. If you have no one to play with than your fucking online bond. Other than that everything is fucking awesome. Just waiting on that online tournament mode, which should have been there from the start.

      1. Smash Tour is very good mode with group lol,until some1 quit.We were playing it with group without even knowing how it was played(still dont know) and still had fun lol,until my friend rage quit because we were messing with him hehe

        1. I didnt buy Smash Bros. to play a watered down Mario Party and besides, its particular set up is stupid. I can’t fight with any character I wish and I can’t pick any fighter I acquired during play and cmnpare to the funner Smash Run which I can go straight to fighting and collect a lot more stuff, Tour is shit.

          1. I think its good,i havent played smash run but what i looked is still boring if you play it alone too.

            It would have been better with online + mic or at least chat.Playing with cpu is boring as hell i agree,but in group as i said before is fun.
            Still we will get tournament mode and mewtwo soon.The game hasnt finished yet.

            1. Smash Run is definitely not boring even when playing alone. IDK what world you came from but Tour is so not practical for a fighting game and I suggest Nintendo should keep Mario Party far away from Smash Bros. Both games dont mix.

              1. Its just a mode,it help break the monotony of regular smashing.Other reason i believe they didnt do it like smash run is because they didnt have the time to do it.They would have to made all that in hd which it would never happened without a delay.I m still glad about smash on wii u,the game even succeed my expectations after brawl was shit.

                The problem for you is that you play it alone(i believe).Have you tried it with a group?

                1. Stop trying to defend such mode with gameplay that doesn’t fit with Smash Bros. period. Tour is shit, boring and I would rather have Smash Run or adventure mode like Melee’s over this. If I want Mario Party with Mario Party board gameplay, I buy Mario Party instead if it’s actually “good” and has online play which since somewhere around MP6, it started to suck and Island Tour should’ve had online play at least for mini games.

                  1. I m not defending it,i would want more too.Still it doesnt need to fit with smash bros at all.For you its very boring and i really understand you hate board/party games but some like it.
                    Some genres arent for everyone,i bet you wouldnt complain if it was turn based-rpg and grouping characters to pass through dungeons.(lol i would actually want that too)

                    Still its a bonus,also if you have the the same mode as the 3ds then those that had both will have never played the 3ds smash run again.

                    1. I play smash for smash and only smash, had the game since day 1 and I have not play any mode, pure smashing is all I need

      2. Yeah master orders is a way to unlock content. But theres other ways to get all that shit easier. Master orders isn’t lame but its pretty damn repetitive. Tophy rush is where I unlocked almost everything.

        1. Trophy Rush is too easy and provides ZERO challenges which I want a to unlock shit like in the past. That coin mini game from Brawl was awesomely fun and I wish it came back. Master/Crazy Orders actually makes you pay and work for those prizes which I appreciate but also get pissed when I lose because AI, enemy or ally, are such dicks to you. lol

    1. Smash tour should onl;y be seen in a negative light if you’re arguing the little extra resources that were wasted on it. Maybe we could have had the game a couple of weeks earlier if they didn’t bother. Other than that, it’s just an added bonus that shouldn’t affect your view of the game.

  2. I personally think the singleplayer is too lacking for the game to get a 9.5.
    It’s missing things like target test, a decent adventure mode, actual need of time to invest into it to unlock characters and all that stuff. Unlocking characters used to be such an important part of SSB, but now, out of 50 characters you only need to unlock a mere 5 of them.
    Yes, it does have a few singleplayer modes, but nearly all of them get old pretty damn fast. I’ve invested time into singplayer on the first one or two days, haven’t touched them since then. Wasn’t like that with Brawl, honestly. The only thing in singleplayer I truly enjoyed were the missions, I think.
    If I were to review it, I’d probably give it an 8.5 or 9, because I truly feel like the singleplayer has lost a lot of depth compared to previous installments. But of course, the game’s mechanics, the huge roster with all kinds of different characters, (nearly) each of them feeling completely different than the other, and many other things are top notch, no doubt.
    Well, that’s what I personally think about the game, at least.

    1. Yeah, i play the game alone or occasionally with my 12 y/o sister, and I can’t find much content for me, I usually end up going 1 on 1 with people, this game really needed a subspace emissary.

  3. King K. Rool and actually people who deserved to be in and not pointless clones like Dr. mario, Lucina, Dark Pit…. Take away smash tour, and the master/crazy orders (i only played for the challenges) it will clearly be a 10. But now it’s a 8.5 at best.

  4. I’m so happy with the balance in this game. For example Bowser was one of the worst characters in both Melee and Brawl, but now he’s a heavy contender that has taken a few tournaments for himself.

    No one in this game is as strong as Meta Knight was in Brawl, and no one is as bad as Pichu was in Melee. Ganondorf and Shulk are considered two of the worst characters, but they’ve done rather well competitively. It goes to show a lot of time and effort was put into this game.

  5. This game is a huge fucking scam.
    Don’t waste your money on this.
    This is just a huge trollfest from that mad japanese developer that made the first smash bros.
    He is raging so much, that people had fun with smash bros, in a different way then HE INTENDED, that now, he just ruins the whole game, and then retreats from the gaming industry.
    I hope that jerk gets hit by a car for making the game so bad.
    Nintendo could fix the game VERY EASY, and yet they refuse to do it, and the game is basically worthless, since 99,9% of the fights are decided by randomness. Are you winning? Having fun? Don’t worry, it can’t take longer then 2 seconds, for the stage to suddenly change and kill you, or a galaga to appear and just kill you.
    This game is a complete waste of money, completely unfair, and the people responsible for this should be fired from Nintendo.
    I am selling my Wii U when i am done playing the 2 non shitty gamemodes, with the 4 non shitty characters.
    It’s the same with every game, ever since the Wii came out. Games are just inferior to their older versions, and keep getting worse. Now we don’t even get a story anymore, just a “very complicated dice” because if you try to play the game normally, you could as well throw a dice, and if you roll a 6, you win.
    Hope Nintendo gets what they deserve for completely ruining, what other workers at Nintendo built up for like… 20 years…
    Please put someone with talent in charge of Nintendo, and not some uncreative idiot, that can’t even come up with a simple board game, which i bet, every little kid has done once.
    When i was like 6 or 8, i made one, and it was WAY better, complex and creative, then this, and i spent like 30 minutes and a cardboard box on it… HOW can people with a multi trillion dollar company make worse things, then an 8 year old with a cardboard box?
    In my eyes… from someone who loved Nintendo for many years… Nintendo has become a dirt stain on the gaming industry. And i am not talking about ALL those old garbage games on NES. I am talking about games coming DIRECTLY from nintendo. There is not a SINGLE old nintendo original, that i am aware of, that is actually bad. And in the last 5 years? There was not a single game that i consider GOOD…
    Just what exactly happened at Nintendo, that they went from making one good game after the other, to putting out one piece of garbage after another?
    Once even asked a friend to put a random Wii U game in, and check out the controls (aiming with the remote), and he was like… “Ok, that’s crap”. Then i told him to put a random Wii game in… and guess what? He was amazed at how GOOD the controls are. He reacted the same way i did… YOU MANAGED TO MAKE THE CONTROLS RIGHT 4 YEARS AGO!!! WHAT HAPPENED???
    Why are things getting WORSE instead of getting better? WHY are Nintendo games evolving backwards?

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