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Platinum Games Teasing Bayonetta News For Christmas Day

Everyone’s favourite Japanese developer Platinum Games seem to be teasing something special for Bayonetta 2 fans on Christmas Day. The team have taken to Twitter and Facebook to announce that they will have a present for everyone tomorrow. What this present is remains to be seen. Some people are speculating additional downloadable content while others keeping their expectations down and suggesting it’s a Christmas card.

41 thoughts on “Platinum Games Teasing Bayonetta News For Christmas Day”

    1. I’m trying to play through the first one since i got the duo pack but i can’t stand the random dumb one button life-or-death quick time events that make me go from getting a gold/platinum to a stone rank D:

      1. Yeaaaahss i know what u mean! I had the same problem. Some of the qt events are really weirdly put timingwise…u never know when to push the button.

      2. Yeah… the quick time events is the ONE thing I hate about Bayonetta. Luckily, when you look beyond them, the game is awesome and they got rid of them in Bayonetta 2.

        I really don’t care what award I get at the end of each level. I just like the story and the characters and the fun I have when I play through the game.

  1. It’s a contest, the one who finds the golden ticket gets a weekend with Ceresa and Jeanne in an tropical paradise.

    1. Unless Bayonetta had a crotch made out of brass, then I assure you it did not. It’s obvious whats on everyone’s mind

    1. platinum isn’t big on DLC they tend to put everything in the game…un like some people. MGR had some but dunno if that was Platinum’s call but it is free

  2. Bayonetta DLC………eh.

    I’m hoping for nothing major or SMASH DLC :D………or…….just maybe……….announcement that B3 is in development!

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