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Here’s Some Gorgeous New Splatoon Artwork


We can never get enough of Nintendo’s new IP Splatoon, so when we are greeted with new artwork it makes us all happy. The team over at the official Tumblr page has published some gorgeous new art for the game which you can see above and below. Oh, and they’ve also provided some more information.

Breakings news! We’ve just received solid evidence confirming that some of the octopus creatures can take on a humanoid form, just like the crazy squids! However, this has so far only been observed in females. Are the octo-males not capable of this amazing feat? We’re assigning two interns to focus on answering this tantalizing question.

splatoon_walkThanks, Shuhei Yoshida


29 thoughts on “Here’s Some Gorgeous New Splatoon Artwork”

      1. No it isn’t ignoramus.

        Ever heard of a bad port? Like why a PS4 version of a certain game has v-sync, better framerates, and higher LOD than the PC version?

        Clearly not a PC gamer

  1. The inclusion of octopuses is certainly interesting….but I guess it makes sense with them also having that wonderful ability to shoot a cloud of ink….I also like the design of the female octopus character model better than either of the squid character models….still not a system seller for me though. I’ll just head over to my friends house for some local multi :P

  2. One is a boy and the other is a girl. From what I read both genders can be customized with different skin color, clothes, hats, and assessories . Its fucking awesome.

    1. That’s actually pretty badass, for some reason those features never crossed my mind and I was gonna buy the game regardless.

      Off topic, but I’ve seen you around these parts for some time now. Add me on the dang ass wii u? NNID: JupiterJack if not it’s all good.

  3. Rule 34 had hit these guys as hard like a wrecking ball. That is exactly the main reason why I’m afraid of following the Splatoon tag on Tumblr. *shudders*

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