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Pit Amiibo Now Available At GameStop

Be quick about it as the Pit Amiibo is currently in stock at GameStop. You all know how quickly these figures disappear so if you’re thinking of adding Pit to your collection then you’d better be quick about it. No doubt he will be gone very soon. Best of luck!

Thanks, Rob

38 thoughts on “Pit Amiibo Now Available At GameStop”

      1. No he doesn’t, we as the consumers do. Without us there’s no ad revenue. Without ad revenue, there’s no site.

        A technicality, but it’s true.

    1. Why, so you can continue to receive old news about old shit that happen weeks ago? Old site or new makes no sense or difference.

        1. I live in the U.K and where as we do have a Toys R Us here, my local Game shop, GAME, most likely has it. I’ll get it eventually…

        2. Thank you so much Summer!
          I Pre-ordered the Captain Falcon at Best Buy over a month ago (for my little brother’s birthday in a few weeks), and they totally screwed me over. They didn’t even have them for the people that pre-ordered them. Was really infuriating. Toys R Us apparently does have them in stock. Thanks ;p

  1. the adventure continues in supermario3dworld as mrs toad was on the train not back to the mushroom kingdom in the ending of the credits the supermario3dworld adventure continues is sequal

    1. A little late there, Mrs Toad most likely means Toadette and she’s already in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, but your a troll/spammer, why am I feeding you with my time…

  2. About fucking time. Now i just need Dark pit and Palutena. After that I’m with this fucking amiibo searching. Spent my Christmas time just looking for pit.

  3. Pit and Lucina are the only amiibos I have not got that I MUST have in my life. However I am broke and received no money for xmas, sad lil me. I suppose if Im desperate I could trade in a game and purchase it that way. =/

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