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GameStop Will Have A Bundle On January 2nd With Super Smash Bros, GameCube Controller And GameCube Adapter

Still want the immensely hard to find GameCube adapter? Well GameStop will be offering a bundle on January 2nd. The bundle includes a copy of the magnificent Super Smash Bros Wii U, a GameCube adapter and a GameCube controller for $109.07. It doesn’t seem as though the retailer will be selling the GameCube adapter on its own, so if you don’t yet have Super Smash Bros Wii U then this could be the perfect bundle for you.

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78 thoughts on “GameStop Will Have A Bundle On January 2nd With Super Smash Bros, GameCube Controller And GameCube Adapter”

    1. Unfortunately, the charts haven’t been released yet as far as I’ve searched, it might be availible either tomorrow, or on Friday, due to the New Year thing…

  1. I don’t even play Smash enough to care. If more games utilized the gamecube adapter (GC virtual console for starters), then I’ll definitely consider it.

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  3. Off topic, but Polygon has actually praised the Wii U, by calling it the best of 2014. Here’s the link I still don”‘t respect Polygon that much…

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  6. we already have the game so just separate it and sell the DAAAAMN MOTHERFUCKING adapter separately bitch! Little Stupid bitch! Little dumb game company bitch! 2+2 not knowing what the fuck it is bitch!

    1. They’re trying to sell you a second copy -_- they’re actually smart because they know they can sell that bundle just because of the fact that the GameCube Adapters on such a high demand.

      More sales for them and Nintendo. Plus all you have to do is resell the game and GCN Controller and you’ll get the adapter for cheaper than its selling on eBay and other sites.

  7. If you already own the game, just trade it in for 40 bucks and bam you got the controller, the adapater and the game back again for 70 bucks

  8. nintendo has already stated that they are going back and mass producing them. don’t fall for gamestops cheap marketing tactics. soon everyone will be able to get one for $20 dollars at all major retailers and you won’t have to pay these fools to have one.

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  10. TBH I expected this to be the bundle they would release on SSB4U’s launch day. Instead I had to order the Smash NGC controller seperately.

    Still haven’t gotten it where I live…

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