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Here’s A Handy Chart Showing The Current Games Compatible With Amiibo


Wondering which games are compatible with the Amiibos you’ve purchased? Well wonder no more. Twitter user Moldy Clay has put together a chart highlighting which Amiibo can be used with certain games. As you can see there’s plenty of games released so far that are compatible with your Amiibo.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

16 thoughts on “Here’s A Handy Chart Showing The Current Games Compatible With Amiibo”

    1. I’ve been excited from the start, but I didn’t realize that the new Zelda was gonna have Amiibo capabilities. I feel like they could do so much with that game alone lol.

    1. The icon I made or non-Zelda amiibo is not just rupees. It’s hard to see, but I overlapped the icons for Materials, Weapons & Rupees together, because all 3 of those are possible outcomes.

      Any non Zelda amiibo can give you rupees, materials or a random Lv.3 weapon for any character.

  1. How come captain road: Treasure Tracker still doesn’t have amiibo support? ūüėÖ and also the Kirby ones have me confused the most ūüėÖ what do they do exactly?

    1. In Kirby:RC they give Kirby a costume and give him a stat boost. King Dedede gives a heart boost, Meta Knight an attack boost, and the Kirby amiibo a curve/move boost (?) Im not sure what that icon means.

      1. Sorry, this is my own fault for making the icons unclear. I’ll ix that in an update.

        Kirby gives you an ‘unlimited’ Star Boost attack.
        Meta Knight gives you his mask & an attack boost.
        King Dedede gives you his hat & a health boost.

        The icons are actually taken from Kirby Air Ride, and I made adjustments to fit what they did in this, but it’s not 100% clear. I may add text to clarify when I update it again.

    2. Yeah, Nintendo said Toad would get support in 2015, but no reason why it was delayed until then instead of at launch. Hopefully it means the support is significant, like new levels AND costumes. But I’m down either way.

      As for Kirby, I took the icons from Kirby Air Ride and thought it may be clear, but I had to improvise with the Kirby amiibo. My bad.

      Kirby gives you an ‘infinite’ use of the Star Boost attacks, Meta Knight raises your attack power & Dedede gives you more hearts.

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