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Nyamyam Says Tengami Didn’t Sell Well On Wii U And Says It’s Risky To Make Games Exclusive To The Platform

Nyamyam, the developers behind the gorgeous Tengami, has revealed in a recent interview that the game failed to make an impact on Wii U. The developer says the game proved more of a success on iOS as the game was featured with the Editors Choice section. Nyamyam also mentioned on Twitter that it’s extremely risky to make your game exclusive to the Wii U. Hopefully they will continue to develop for the platform.

Yes it’s accurate to say that. Tengami has done very well for us on iOS. No doubt the worldwide Editor’s Choice was a large contributing factor. I hate to think what might have happened had we not been featured. I’d say that the Wii U sales have been somewhat disappointing. Although we had much lower expectations than iOS, I think even taking that into consideration we’ve been disappointed with the sales so far.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

36 thoughts on “Nyamyam Says Tengami Didn’t Sell Well On Wii U And Says It’s Risky To Make Games Exclusive To The Platform”

  1. Meanwhile Meme Run was amongst the top 5 downloaded…
    I want my game on Wii U, but really, it’s just not an ideal platform.

    1. I believe he was talking generally when he said it’s risky to make exclusives for the WiiU, he wasn’t referring to Tengami in that respect.
      Or, that’s the way I understood it, at least.

      1. As a general statement, it’s a truism for all consoles and thus is wrong to simply slap onto the Wii U.

        There have been plenty of games, for example, that didn’t sell much on PS3, Wii, or XB360, there’s obviously a few that haven’t done so on PS4 and XBone, and there will obviously be a few that don’t sell well on Wii U.

        But when they more than double the price of the Wii U version, honestly, what reason do they have to complain?

        1. Well, I didn’t say anything about his statement being true or not, just thought the person I replied to misunderstood something, so I shared what I think the developer was trying to say.

  2. I heard the game was not very good, boring, and not worth $10 on the eShop. Plus, it was directly competing with the $1.99 version on iOS devices, so what Wii U owner would have bought the game anyway lol, aside from those who went out of their way to support the game.

  3. Total morons. I was excited about this game, but they delayed the Wii U release and made it so short I could have developed and released a better game just through the delay window.

    These comments have ensured I will never buy one of their games. Idiots, I hope they fail ever more completely next time around whatever they do, because they are obviously immature fools.

  4. If a game is good, it will sell. I loved the art style when I first saw it but didn’t bother after the reviews this one got. Don’t blame the platform for your laziness.

  5. Did they really just compare sales on Wii U to sales on iOS? The install base of iOS is much higher (really that’s an understatement), so of course sales on iOS will be better than sales on Wii U.

  6. i would never pay that price. ever. the dev needs to shut the fuck up and move on. make something good for fuck sake.

  7. I can get far better games on the eshop for seven dollars. They didn’t price their game properly, and then blame the Wii U for THIER failure. I don’t know why these developers keep treating Wii U owners like idiots.

  8. There is more story than is posted here, actually this whole statement has been taken out of context from a Nintendolife interview. They have since followed up saying this was just saying it was one person opinion at the company, others have said it sold fine (under the circumstances), but they are still exploring there next game so its even too soon to tell. Personal in my opinion, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a Wii U version of whatever there next game was, but I don’t think it would be exclusive.

    I have the game, its pretty cool…kind of like what Coffee table books where in the 90s, its super artsy and not for everyone.

    And no platform is ideal to be an exclusive as for game from a small company, that is why you see stuff get ported. Each platforms have their faults.

  9. I’m tired of reading disappointing articles about the Wii U not selling well. I love my Wii U! It has so many great, unique games on it. It makes me sad how “gamers” these days would rather play repetitive shooters and action games that are more interactive movies than they are games. These games are all the same. All about killing people and watching cutscenes. Games are supposed to be challenging, puzzling, and fun for the whole family. They shouldn’t make you sit by yourself with big headphones on, staring mindlessly at the TV screen while playing some first person shooter online.

  10. Allow me to explain. When kids are young, they love Nintendo for so many reasons. The characters are fun and memorable, the games are unique and diverse, ranging from exploration-based action games, to the best platformers, and more. When they get older, these games aren’t considered “cool” anymore. So they switch to gorey shooting games about killing people. All they care about is first person shooters and having the most life like graphics, even though these interactive movies are boring to play.

  11. Who cares about…ähm…what was the name of this game…?!? Whatever: Totally bullshit news… Happy “new” year.

  12. I really don’t understand why everyone is bashing this game. Is a fast-pace action, adventure or shooter? No.

    But I found it very relaxing and enjoyable. The music was beautiful, the popup book gameplay was fun and refreshingly different .

    The ONLY issue with the game, and I believe the reason it didn’t sell well is it is short. And people run from short games. Miiverse condemned it as a short game, and if you do not gain Miiverse’ favor, your game does not sell.

    I am very glad to have this on my console.

  13. In life, you have to risk something to gain something. They won’t make a port for the Wii U? Then keep your crappy game, who needs this shitfest anyway? Nothing else than a shitty indie game.

    1. I guess you’re weren’t paying attention. They did make a port. It wasn’t successful. Also, the game was not shit.

  14. Eternal Ridley Prime

    I would say Nyamyam can go fuck themselves but since it was by apparently an anti-Nintendo employee, I’ll let this slide. Anyway, they should reprimand the fucking moron that opened his fucking mouth trying to blame Nintendo when it was actually the company itself to blame for overpricing the Wii U port. Just like EA can go fuck itself for overpricing Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U.

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