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Rumour: Looks Like The Samus and Fox Amiibos May Have Been Discontinued At Target

Bad news for those looking to pick up the Samus and Fox McCloud Amiibo figures as it would appear as though they may have been discontinued. At least that’s what’s showing up the company’s internal database. The news was posted to FaceBook by a Target employee, but the post has since been removed. Nintendo has said that some Amiibo figures will be discontinued to make way for more, but it’s hard to believe Fox and Samus will be discontinued for good.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

9 thoughts on “Rumour: Looks Like The Samus and Fox Amiibos May Have Been Discontinued At Target”

  1. I have Samus!!! :D Don’t care much for Fox.

    Also, has anyone else thought that, perhaps these amiibos will be continued again when their respected games come out? I can totally see Nintendo selling Fox amiibos when the new Star Fox games comes out on WIi U or Samus amiibos when the new Metroid game comes out on Wii U and Villager amiibos when the new Animal Crossing game comes out on Wii U.

    If the new Star Fox, Metroid and Animal Crossing games support amiibos, it would only be fair to allow everyone the same opportunity to receive the amiibos who may have not been able to get them when Smash Bros came out.

    1. You make a really good point. It would be dumb of them to discontinue those models forever. The only thing that kind of worries me is that Nintendo said they might bring back discontinued amiibos in card form.

  2. I’m pretty much done with amiibos anyways. The ones I want are never in the store so I’m not wasting my time anymore. I’ll just stick with the ones I have. I don’t really care about who gets discontinued anymore…

  3. No it hasn’t, it just shows up as being out of circulation cause they don’t know when there next shipment is. And this is only because they are so far behind on manufacturing and restocking.

  4. While I have both of these Amiibo, I have yet to see one single second wave. I would have purchased five more Amiibo if I could have found them. My cousin, and friend are in the same boat. That is fifteen Amiibo just in my little circle of three friends..

    There is no telling how much money Nintendo is throwing down the toilet by not meeting demand. This demand wont last forever either. People will get pissed, and lose interest.

    Nintendo is making a huge mistake if you ask me. I literally stopped buying Amiibo becouse of lack of supply. Thats about as bad business as you can get.

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