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Captain Falcon Amiibo Available At Toys R Us

Those Amiibo figures are extremely hard to come by nowadays so if you’re looking for a Captain Falcon Amiibo you’ll be pleased to know that they’re currently in stock at Toys R Us. The retailer is selling them for the recommended retail price, so there’s no unnecessary mark up. Captain Falcon could be yours for $13.99. Are you going to make the purchase?

Thanks, Jose Mejias

14 thoughts on “Captain Falcon Amiibo Available At Toys R Us”

  1. I’m pretty sure this article got posted way too late. The 10 seconds I seen it up, I checked the website and it was out of stock. Not underestimating people, but I KNOW people didn’t buy that fast. I saw the Pit amiibo up for longer. Gotta be on your news faster, but thanks for the information.

  2. For anyone having trouble getting Amiibo, you should go to It’s a great tool for tracking down what you are missing.

  3. At this moment, I currently own five Amiibo: Link, Luigi, Mario, Marth, and the Wii Fit Trainer. I have two more pre-ordered at GameStop: Ike and Shulk.

  4. Nintendo must hate money. Thats the only explanation I can think of as to why they would CHOOSE not to meet demand with one of thier products. It’s official, Nintendo hates money.

    1. haha Yeah it looks that way sometimes. they’re business practices are sometimes pure genius but other times they just leave you scratching your head.

  5. I don’t quite understand why there are such shortages in The USA, it is almost like Nintendo were expecting amiibo to flop
    in Britain you can go into any Game store or ToysRus and get the amiibo you want for a reasonable price- maybe because us in Britain aren’t quite as much in love with Nintendo

  6. I was able to buy one, but now they said the item is unavailable and is being removed from my order! I’m pissed!

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