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Smash Bros Exploit: Two Pac Man Players Bounce Up So High They Cannot Be Touched

Turbo Pasta, who resides at the Smash Boards, has discovered a potentially game breaking bug in Super Smash Bros. The exploit involves a team of two Pac Man players who then use their trampoline move to bounce one another up super high. By doing this they can not be touched and therefore when the timer is up it has to go into Sudden Death. The players just need to bounce each other up and stay out of the way of the free-falling Bob-ombs that fall onto the stage to net a victory. Hopefully this will soon be patched, but who knows? You can read more about this particular exploit, here.

Thanks, White Eagle

77 thoughts on “Smash Bros Exploit: Two Pac Man Players Bounce Up So High They Cannot Be Touched”

  1. can it be done in for glory mode? no. can it be done in local multiplayer mode? yes. will you laugh and or punch your friends in the face for doing it? most definitely

                1. They aren’t receiving knockback. Since Melee, you cannot be KOed off the top unless you receive some form of knockback.

                  1. Sorry to counter, but Wario’s fart move, when fully charged, can and will send him into a star KO (or self-destruct) if he goes too high. I’ve accidentally done this several times in Brawl, sometimes an opponent in the process but that gets undone by killing myself.

                    1. Warrio gets knockback from his fart. It damages him. Pac-man’s trampoline does no damage of any kind.

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                  3. I hate how Bob-ombs randomly appear on sudden death. I wish you could turn it off. There were so many times that I lost in a battle that I clearly would’ve won had it not been for the Bob-ombs.

                    1. Same. I hate when I play against Villagers and all they do is spam their projectiles and live on the edge until bombs attack.

                      Also, sudden death was tailored to allow Sheik and Link win almost every time. All they need to do is hit you with needles or an arrow and it’s usually a one hit kill. I got lucky against a Sheik in sudden death with Falco. I used my shield right away and reflected Sheik’s needles back in her face.

                      1. Totally agree on villager spammers, and totally agree on sudden death being tailored to link and sheik. Most link’s I fight run away and spam projectiles during the regular fight. I really can’t stand how many spammers there are.

                        1. Do you see the PK Fire spammers? I absolutely despise them… and this one guy who kept spamming the homing attack (don’t know what b move it is) and won.

                          1. Yes I do lol. I can’t STAND it as a Ness user lol. I hardly even use PK Fire. But if I run into one of them I won’t hesitate to use it back! I don’t understand how these people enjoy playing if all they do is spam fireballs.

                          2. Boo fucking hoo to all of you. An easy way to stop this is see what your opponents pick first. If both pacman, you choose one of the pits who’s arrows have unlimited range. Shoot upwards. You win. And these guys suck, if they actually knew how to use aerials they would have stomped those pacmans in sudden death.

                        2. 0C70PUS: RESURRECTION

                          I just bought this for my nephew. I hope he likes it as I didn’t get.a.copy for me. “I am trying to recover from gaming addiction”

                          1. I think that would insta-kill unless his arrows expire before reaching the pac-men. Since they’re already off screen yeah it will be a ko if hit.

                          1. I think “exploiting” is a better way to describe it. People shouldn’t whine over this, I thought it was clever and it seems the smash community thinks so too.

                                1. Only a fucking loser like all the spammers out there would even enjoy winning like this. Sorry anyone on here who uses tactics like this, but if it’s all you do, you’re a fucking loser. These fuckers forgot to watch the How to Play video :p

                                2. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                                  Jumping away for 2 minutes is not Smash Brothers…

                                  It’s runnningawaylikeacowardbecausewedon’thaveanyskillsinanywaytodefeatopponents brothers…

                                  1. That’s what online with Timer has brought upon us. Spammers and runners. I hardly enjoy playing with anyone online because literally every match I play is spammers. It’s like I’m cursed.

                                    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                                      Same here or they are just entirely civilians…

                                      Maybe about 5% of the time I battle someone tha’s good…

                                        1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                                          Send me a message on Miiverse once you are online around 2 pm or something your time and I’ll check so we play a bit…

                                            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                                              Saturday same time, let’s message each other on Miiverse first so we are on the same page…

                                            2. Pit’s arrows, Ness’s blue spark (I forget the name xD), Pikachu’s thunder can hit and easily KO the two Pac-Man, I don’t sure about this but even Jump Monado Shulk should reach! (maybe even Kirby)

                                            3. Pac man is my main no1 can touch him muahaha.Seriously I like him so much, he can be very unpredictable in for glory 1vs1 whuch fit my style.

                                              1. :( I hate how for glory 1 on 1 is 2 stock and has a timer, and that it’s FD style maps only. Kills it for me. Certain characters have an edge over others on flat boards so it’s not balanced. The FD of every board was a nice idea as an OPTION, but not forced. But my idea that I’ve had since the 64 smash would have been much better:the option to just turn off stage hazards, which should be obvious. Both actually, have FD of every board, but also have the option to just turn off stage stuff but still have the map shaped different.

                                              1. Cool I guess, though I hardly see this being an issue. Is stuff like this that makes me hate playing online though with the limited rule sets. Side note, I swear to god I’ve not fought a match yet without spammers. Everyone either spams whatever fireballs they have or rush moves like falcon rush or flare blitz. How can you have fun just pressing B over and over and over and over?

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                                              3. Complaining about spammers? Who gives a shit! . how about you stop bitching, and start kicking ass with your mediocre fighting skills and teach these asshole how it’s done.

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