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France: Nintendo 3DS Has Sold 3.4 Million Consoles Since Launch And Wii U Sold 515,000

France is one country in Europe that Nintendo has performed extremely well in. Recent figures provided by La Presse state that the Nintendo 3DS has sold 3.4 million units since it launched back in 2011 and that the Wii U has shifted 515,000 units since it launched in 2012. That’s not bad to be honest. Though both devices are facing stiff competition from the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

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29 thoughts on “France: Nintendo 3DS Has Sold 3.4 Million Consoles Since Launch And Wii U Sold 515,000”

  1. jtz from Judah the Lion Tribe

    Ubisoft says Wii U sales is to blame. 9.2 million sales ubisoft thinks is low is considered lame.

        1. EXACTLY! And ZombiU did alright for a launch title with 3 million install and guess what? Since it didn’t sell as much and as quickly as COD in their dumbass eyes, they scrapped the sequel and watch when they bring that to other consoles AFTER they just said there will be no sequel while not saying others will have it. Ubisuck a dick all day, everyday.

      1. jtz from Judah the Lion Tribe

        At the end of the day all we see are broken 3rd party tittles and old fifi. At least With Wii U we have quality games a system worth buying for a change. With Pikmin 3 and Tropical freeze who needs 3rd party when you have Mario 3D.

    1. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

      The xboxone has nothing worth playing that is exclusive. The Wii on the other hand has all great games. The PS4 is in second starting this year with the order 1886. Plus it is more powerful than the DRM machine.

        1. No. It’s still there and hiding in plain sight. So many dumbasses here honestly think Xbox removed it and Microsoft had a change of heart. Oh you motherfuckers are in for a rude awakening very soon and I’ll be there with 2 huge buckets of popcorn and some coke to enjoy the show and laugh at the stupidity that is human beings with no sense of intelligence and memory. lol

  2. PS4 sales in 1 year: 18 million
    Wii U sales in 2 years: 9.2 million

    Plus Wii U is cheaper but still people don’t buy it lol

    1. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah.

      WiiU + 3DS = 65 million consoles sold.

      PS4 + Vita = 30 million consoles sold.

      Nintendo is selling all hardware at a profit. This is not including software and Amiibo sales.


  3. I know some people who own a Wii U. It doesn’t have much success here, but everybody comes by when you own one with Smash and Mario Kart :p

  4. I wanna know one thing. Why does people call the Wii U a failure just because it didn’t sell as many units as PS4 and Xbox One? It’s still doing good. FAR from being a failure. And at least the games are higher quality and more innovative and unique.

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