USAopoly Expanding Nintendo Licensed Range With Zelda Yahtzee And TacDex Super Mario

Board game retailer USAopoly has announced two new Nintendo licensed products will be available later this year. In an interesting blend, the retailer has paired the popular Yahtzee game, where players roll five dice in a cup in a bid to score the highest through various combinations, with The Legend of Zelda. Featuring a treasure chest as its dice holder, it’s not yet known whether the box will make its iconic Zelda tune when opening, or if players will have to mimic it instead. As of yet, no price point has been announced but it’s due to release this spring.

Also on the cards for a release during winter is TacDex: Super Mario. Playing in a similar fashion to the popular children’s card game War, TacDex features a special battle marker to determine whether a high or low card will win. The two-player game will retail for $9.95, where you can view it on USAopoly’s website, here.

Both new games join the Pokemon and Zelda Monopoly editions announced by the retailer last year, along with Super Mario Connect 4. Let us know if you’ll be adding either of the board games to your collection in the comment section below.



  1. Zelda Yahtzee? I think one of the greatest things about the Zelda series is that over 30 years it’s managed to maintain a certain level of quality (series average of 90 on Metacritic). They’ve been very light on licensed products (at least since that whole CD-i fiasco) and it’s really helped to make every Zelda product special since.

    Zelda Yahtzee is not special.


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