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Here’s The Official Trailer For Pixels Which Features Donkey Kong And Pac-Man

You can now rejoice as we’ve finally got the official trailer for the forthcoming Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage movie, Pixels. There’s a whole bunch of iconic video game characters featured in the movie including Donkey Kong and Pac-Man and it does look fairly good. The official story for the movie is as follows:

When intergalactic aliens misinterpret video-feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war against them, they attack the Earth, using the games as models for their various assaults. President Will Cooper (James) has to call on his childhood best friend, ’80s video game champion Sam Brenner (Sandler), now a home theater installer, to lead a team of old-school arcaders (Dinklage and Gad) to defeat the aliens and save the planet.

58 thoughts on “Here’s The Official Trailer For Pixels Which Features Donkey Kong And Pac-Man”

  1. Good thing Sandler explains all the jokes and references out loud, I would have been completely lost.

    On a more serious note, this looks like January garbage, I can’t believe this will get a summer release.

    1. He needs too for the casuals. I also like when he explains the jokes or when he uses the overrused ones. I’ll admit that he’s not a great actor, but this film looks so campy/fun! I won’t see it in theaters, but I’ll be sure to catch it on DVD or TV

  2. How can something with donkey Kong and pacman in it, look so terrible! can someone stop Adam Sandler and his friends from making anymore movies please.

        1. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

          Try to come up with something better for yourself then. I’m waiting to hear your juicy idea of a movie.

              1. haha seriously have you not watched any of his stuff in the past five years? he used to be hilarious, now he’s bottom of the barrel. there you go bro now you know! and knowing is half the battle!

        2. That motherfucker seriously needs to stop making movies. I use to love his work but now he’s just fucking annoying with his spam. He’s now the Call of Duty/Madden of the movie industry.

  3. This could be the 4th best film of the year! 1st being Naruto The Last (American theater date anyway) 2nd being DBZ Rebirth of F and 3rd being Avengers. 4th isn’t bad.

      1. Heh heh, I’ve always been a pretty big anime nut myself. That being said, as far as live action films go this year, it’s number 1 by a longshot. I am super hyped for it and have my tickets ready for the early midnight showing on the 30th!

      1. I can agree that Star Wars has potential, but I’m not sold on it like most of the fanbase just yet. Have we forgotten the prequels? There is no guarantee that this one is actually going to be amazing. As for Jurrasic World…it’s not really my thing. I love dinosaurs, but a film with them in it is going to lead to animal violence. That being said, I’m seeing 11 movies in theaters this year and Jurrasic World is one of them.

        Avengers Age of Ultron, Pixels, Terminator, Jurrasic World, Antman, Star Wars, DBZ, Hunger Games, Mission Impossible, there’s 2 more that I’m forgetting, but it is a pretty packed year!

        1. you forget that this is JJ abrams baby not disneys he has total control over this and it’s going to be amazing! I can tell you what movies will suck, ant man why because paul rudd thats why name one role where he plays a serious character? unless ant man is making fun of itself all the time casting him was a terrible choice, hunger games because they stretched the crap out of the last book to try and cash in with two movies and let’s be honest who wasn’t bored for half of that film?

          1. Fair enough, Abrams should be able to do a …stellar! job with this one. Well, I think Antman’s supposed to be a full blown comedy with some “serious” moments to help it out during the critical moments, but it is going to be a dicey experience. I have hopes for it simply because it’s in the MCU though.

            The last Hunger Games film was terrible (Not going to mince words with that title) and the one coming up likely won’t be much good either. I will certainly agree to that. I’m only seeing it in theaters because I saw all of the others in theaters and I may as well see this through to the end right? The rest of my immediate family is also checking it out so at least it’ll be a good chance for some bonding time.

            1. i know it i invest time in the other three
              hunger games films so now its like i have to go see it :/ yeah most mcu movies have been really good but I have serious doubts about this movie

              1. I recommend stocking up on popcorn so you’ll have something to keep your mind busy. I go for Airheads myself as the sour taste distracts me. My least favorite MCU film at the moment is the Incredible Hulk so maybe Antman will take its place.

  4. I only wish Adam Sandler wasn’t the star of this movie. But due to it’s video game references, I’ll still buy it when it comes out on DVD.

      1. Shut the fuck you cunt face, Adam is without a doubt a garbage actor .. but don’t talk shit about Kevin james my man Doug Heffernin is the beast, one of the few comedian that knows how to pull a LOL witg simple ideas… and btw sorry to call you a cunt or anything no hate bro but dont mess with Kevin please

  5. Meeeeh…
    This doesn’t look like a Lego Movie kind of hype film. Wait and see how it fares, but so far I’m not really into it.

    1. What the devil have you done with Lana? LOL Anyhow, three of my favorite Sandler films were The Waterboy, Click, and Bulletproof.

          1. You sure? I’m looking it up now and the ratings aren’t so great. Lol. I’ll get around to it eventually though.

            1. Well, it IS just my personal opinion.XD But yeah, the concept is pretty funny, though. Lame waterboy goes from team joke to tackling superstar through rage-induced illusions of bullying driving him to cream the opposing team.
              Throw in alligators, a hot chick that loves him, an overprotective back-woods mom that hates “fooze-ball”, and looots of hilarity, and you’ve got a pretty decent flick, if I do say so myself.XD

  6. This movie is a pure fucking joke that’s not even close to being funny enough for a slight chuckle.

    I’m going back to watching Wreck It Ralph. That movie actually respects video gaming on the big screen.

  7. That’s it. I’m gonna shoot myself from seeing this shit. X( Nobody knows nor fucking respects video games anymore. I’m glad Wreck It Ralph exists and actually did it right.

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