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Check Out This Custom Captain Toad Amiibo Complete With LED Headlamp


A creative Reddit user, gsusfreak, has suited up the Toad amiibo and has transformed him into the one and only, Captain Toad. Yes, he even has a working headlamp and the correct clothing to mimic the adventurous Captain Toad. You will no doubt want to see some images, which you can find here.


Thanks, NintendoImpactGaming

30 thoughts on “Check Out This Custom Captain Toad Amiibo Complete With LED Headlamp”

    1. Is he really rare? I walked in casually Friday morning and grabbed one at Toys R Us. They had him and the other new Mario series lineup right in from in easter baskets and I didn’t even have to go to the electronics section to get him.

    2. Toad is nowhere near one of the rarest. They just came out. Go to r/Amiibo and you’ll really see who is rare

        1. Are you new? You divide by the people that want one and can afford one. Not by the amount of people in the world. Otherwise everything would be rare. Welcome.

    1. He’s posted pictures of that before. There’s an LED in the arm cannon as well that he can turn on and off.

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