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Sakurai Says Takamaru Would Have Been Playable In Smash Bros If He Were Better Known

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that Takamaru almost made the cut for Smash Bros but the team decided against it as they assumed he wasn’t really well-known enough. In the very same video interview Sakurai also said that he is aware of some of the most outlandish requests for Super Smash Bros on Nintendo’s very own social network, Miiverse. Fans have been asking him to include everyone from Spongebob to Goku.

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88 thoughts on “Sakurai Says Takamaru Would Have Been Playable In Smash Bros If He Were Better Known”

    1. Toronto Councillor Rob Ford

      I think the Smash roster should be more about Nintendo All Stars and characters who have a big history than it being some sort minimal video game history lesson that’s to be encouraged. At least Fire Emblem was a big enough franchise in Japan back then.

        1. Wii Fit is a record breaking videogame which won tons of awards and is known by everyone all over the world. People still use it today to help with medical conditions.

          Duck Hunt is perhaps the best selling shooter of all time and was a revolutionary game in it’s own right back when it released. It is a true classic.

          Bowser Jr. has appeared in many, many Mario games since his premier in Sunshine. He is a well loved boss, the sun of one of the most iconic videogame bad guys and will continue to make appearances in games long after Smash Bros’ release.

          So yeah. They are better suited as All-Stars compared to DK and Metroid villains who either barely make appearances anymore or never even belonged to a game that sold incredibly well.

  1. Good. Takamaru doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the characters (except for Dark Pit, who is by far the most unfitting to be in the roster). Takamaru doesn’t really have an upcoming game, original release was only in Japan and even then, the game is pretty unremarkable.

      1. Yeah, but at least Fire Emblem was pretty remarkable. And even then, Roy was intended to be a character exclusively in the Japanese version of Melee, only to be changed after popular demand.

    1. No one said Kid Icarus would have a sequel and a lot of the characters in this series never had a sequel yet they always fit in. Smash Bros is a crossover of Nintendo franchises and Ninja Castle is as old as Nintendo games got being on the original Famicom. He may have been more deserving then anyone else new on the roster

      1. Kid Icarus was still a popular franchise back then though and ended up becoming one of the best-selling NES games and one with a notorious difficulty.
        I can’t tell you the first thing about The Mysterious Murasame Castle and I’ve been a Nintendo fan for years.

    2. Solid Snake from the Metal Gear games appeared in Brawl, and he. coming from a line of video games known for realistic combat, technically also doesn’t fit in with the rest of the cast. Yet, he was included anyway.

  2. Snap! #ShotsFired. You do realize that he just took a shot at Takamaru’s fanbase right? That’s what I call a burn! Takamaru totally should have been playable. We need more swordfighters in the game.

    1. I find it hard to agree with you most of the time. That said, there are already too many swordfighters in SSB4.

    1. Course it’s not dead, Nintendo, the devs, and even Iwata said it’s still on course. Just cause we don’t see shit, doesn’t mean it’s dead. It was on Nintendo’s briefing report, people just need a damn chill pill.

  3. I was wondering about this (i knew the reason of course) why does a character need to be well known to grant a spot on the roster? Isn’t reintroducing classic characters the main point of Smash Bros? If gamers weren’t playing Nintendo games in recent years they probably wouldn’t know who Robin,Lucina, or Shulk are (i’m sure anyone can figure out Greninja is a Pokemon)

    1. No, the point of smash is not to reintroduce characters, its to be a free for all fighting game that you play as Nintendo’s all-stars

      1. Yes but sometimes you HAVE to reintroduce characters to get the best game. Look at Marth. If he wasn’t put in there would probably be no FE Awakening.

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    1. Wait if you dont have a Wii u why would you purchase ssb for Wii u? Cuz you need to buy both games to get the dlc

    2. You can still get Mewtwo without registering Smash U. You’d just need to pay like $5 to buy the DLC pack.


    Shame on you Sakurai, Shrek totally would have been the better choice for Smash than Goku or Spongebob!

    If what the big man said is true, I can understand where he’s going from since Takamaru needs a wee bit more exposure before he even gets in Smash. Kamiya, I think it’s time for you to start working on that new Murasame Castle game since you are technically our only hope.

  6. Sakurai’s arguments contradict each other.

    “Takamaru would have been playable if he were more known”
    Ice Climbers

    “The Ice Climbers were cut because they are a dead franchise”
    Duck Hunt

    “The Smash series does not always keep characters in scale”
    *says Ridley cant be sized down*

      1. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s gone against his previous words multiple times- let’s not forget one of my favorite examples that I’ll paraphrase:

        “I did not add Chrom because he is not unique and would offer nothing new to Smash. Instead, I added Lucina- she is unique in that she has the exact same moveset as Marth.”

    1. Ice Climbers were cut cause of the 3DS version. It couldn’t handle them. Do your research. And Ridley CAN’T be scaled, Sakurai said so himself, get off the fucking Ridley shit already.

      1. I have done my research, and his saying “they have no future so I cut them for that reason as well” sounds like an excuse to me. It also makes no sense because it flies in the face of Duck Hunt’s inclusion 4 installments in.

        I’m neither pro- nor anti-Ridley- If he makes it, cool, if not, that’s cool too- but remember Ridley used to be only slightly larger than Samus in the original Metroid game. Sure, it was due to console limitations at the time (the same reason Ice Climbers were cut because the 3DS couldn’t run them without ruining the framerate), but at one point, Ridley was not too big- the idea that Ridley could be playable at some point is not unfeasible.

      2. Ridley CAN be scaled down. I would do it if I was the producer. You Ridley haters really lack imagination don’t you?
        What you don’t get is Sakurai won’t be making the game one day and they will have different criteria than him. Then you’ll eat your words when they scale Ridley down.
        Ridley haters really are the biggest douches of any kind of person on the Smash fanbase. Not only because of their ignorance of Ridley. They also claim Metroid doesn’t have viable characters and don’t know Dark Samus is actually Metroid Prime and has no similarity to Samus past her moves being the same. Even then she has different attacks and can be unique enough.
        If Ridley fans annoy you guys its because you fools come spouting this bull he can’t work.

      3. Sakurai also says that Dark Pit deserves to be in the game and Dr. Mario should be his own character, Sakurai also says Smash Tour is fun, Sakurai IS FULL OF SHIT.

    2. Sakurai has always been contradicting, because e doesn’t want the character selection process to be too easy for fans to guess at.

      He makes up rules as he goes along. Things he believes are problem for characters become hindrances, while those same hindrances might not apply to other characters.

      He basically just adds whoever he wants and gets a “feeling” as to why this character shouldn’t be added. You know? To him, some characters just don’t feel right for a certain smash bros game at a certain time.

  7. Takamaru should have been in, considering the Nintendo Land attraction and then them finally bringing the game to the US on 3DS VC right around Smash’s launch. Could have been a great opportunity to take an existing IP with nostalgia value for some but a history that isn’t very restrictive and make an entirely new series based on a gameplay concept that they don’t currently use. It could have been a big 3D environment or open world type game with him using attacks similar to his original game and a compelling story. I mean, a cool ass ninja game developed by Nintendo would sell like crazy and along with their already popular IP would entice a decent number of people to pick up a Wii U even if it’s their secondary console.

  8. I’m just glad that all of the characters that DID make it in the new Smash Bros. games all seem to blend in well (unlike Snake. He did NOT fit in).

    1. FINALLY someone who agrees with me!! I think Snake is an amazing character but I HATED that they included in Brawl, because he did not fit in at ALL. I was so happy when I heard he was cut in Smash 4.

      1. What do you mean Snake “doesn’t fit” when he already appeared fine in Brawl? You do realize that Snake was the one who opened the door for third party characters to be in Smash! Without him in Brawl, it would’ve been still a pipe dream idea of having Mario, Sonic, Megaman and Pac-man in one game.

  9. C’mon Nintendo, you’re sitting on your own Brave Fencer Musashi, Tenchu, Shinobi, & Ninja Gaiden. So dev a new, 3D TakamarU already!

    I loved Sakura Samurai. & Nintendo has strong ties w/ Koei Tecmo (Ninja Gaiden). Also, Monolith Soft probably has someone from Square who worked on BFM, maybe even someone who worked on Bushido Blade. Nintendo really needs to get a team on this. Hel, put some people @ SEGA (Shinobi) to good use. Nintendo would be closer to autonomy, strengthening its subculture & filling in the genres that 3rd parties (& a certain 1st party) mostly abandoned.

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  11. Me personally? I’d love to see Banjo and Kazooie make it into the future Smash Bros. installments. But seeing as M$ are a bunch of greedy douchebags, I guess it’s not gonna happen in a long while…

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  13. I want the Famicom Disk Systems’ mascot Diskun as a playable character, A.K.A the trophy that was a pain to get in Melee.

  14. So he thinks about this guy and not King K. Rool? Really? Man Sakurai is stupid. I hope this is his last Smash Bros.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with swords. Many people in japan little mac a no body saying he is a joke same for ness and Captain falcon…or shulk. no one knew who they were when smash came out. Takumaru would have been another great smash rep.

  15. Aww, it would have been awesome to see him in smash. He has so much moveset potential! If Ice Climbers could get a fun moveset that’s almost entirely invented for smash, then I could only imagine what Takamaru could play like!

  16. Sakurai made the right call with this one. People already blast Wii Fit Trainer and everybody knows her. Imagine how everybody would react to a character that is obscure even in Japan.

      1. Take a look above and you’ll see I have immense anger towards the people spouting that bull towards Ridley. I am a full supporter.

        Alex from Eternal Darkness is more well known than Takamaru. He is a nobody and that is a fact.

        1. Just because Takamaru’s obscure doesn’t mean he can’t fit in. People got mad at first about WFT because she didn’t seem to fit in as a fighter. On the other hand, Takamaru has mostly appeared in games which consists of beating the everlasting crap out of enemies. And I don’t see what’s so bad about putting in an obscure character, it’s sorta showing you how diverse Nintendo’s history is!

          1. Since you can’t compare Takamaru to the clones that got in, you need to look at unique fighters that got in. Who would Takamaru have replaced if he had been playable? Shulk? Robin? And please don’t say he would replace Little Mac or Duck Hunt Duo.

            Compare Takamaru with every character that was selected and its obvious he made the right decision.

            I am not going to say Takamaru can’t be unique but it isn’t just fighting style. The franchise Takamaru is from is the key problem and how many people send requests to Nintendo to reboot that franchise? The franchise he is from is the key problem behind his popularity and if Nintendo isn’t seeing demand obviously content will be cast aside.

            1. How do you know his inclusion would have replaced anyone? There are no roster “slots”. I do agree that I’d rather there be Little Mac, Shulk, etc, but I don’t see how it would hurt to include an obscure character. It could have even intrigued lots of people, making them want a reboot.
              Also fun fact, Takamaru has made more playable appearances in games than Shulk, and just as much as Little Mac.

              1. They only have a certain amount of time to create new fighters so surely Takamaru was dropped to compensate somebody else. I don’t know but that is usually how it works. I imagine Takamaru was merely on a list of characters before development began but I could be wrong. He might have been planned for his own spot. But if they had time to put him in and he wasn’t being put in place of somebody else why not just add him anyway?

                Its a conclusion I came to. I could be wrong but if he was pulled from his own spot then the decision makes less sense. I think he was probably vetoed in favor of somebody else.

                1. I guess time constraints are the real problem, because how I see it, Sakurai just chooses who the heck he wants. There clearly isn’t a limited number of possible fighters as they just casually added some clones as “extras”.
                  Bowser jr. almost didn’t make the cut, but he didn’t take anyone’s spot, the dev team just decided to work hard to put him in in time.
                  I’m not pissed that Takamaru didn’t make it in. Each character takes about a year to finish coding, and Sakurai stated multiple times how stressing work is, so I understand them.
                  However, I still hope Takamaru could appear in a potential ssb5!

  17. Takamaru should’ve been in the game, with such blatant Japanese pandering, what with shitting on the face of Metroid and DK fans, you’d at least think they’d add a Japanese-styled swordfighter.

    1. Yes. Xenoblade not only has a lot of European fans but it is famous in America for setting up a famous facebook petition. Shulk was one of the most requested newcomers. Personally I wanted Fiora.

      You are trying to compare one of the most praised JRPGs last gen to a game which wasn’t even popular in it’s home country. Xenoblade is on another level to it.

  18. Takamaru definitely could have fit.Also people, there are only about 7 characters out of 49 (8 if you count mii swordfighter) that use swords so I’m sure one more wouldn’t have hurt. And moveset wise, he’d be awesome! Here’s my take, hope you guys like it: standard b- shuriken. can shoot small ones by just quickly pressing b or charge a windmill shuriken by holding down the button. if he does, it can be used as a controlled projectile for mind games. side b- paper bomb. will work like snake’s down special. can be stuck only on the ground and walls. down special- smoke bomb. works like counter from the fire emblem characters but also like sheik’s vanish. teleports him in any direction held when used right after the counter. up special- whirlwind ascent. similar to link’s recovery but faster and its height can be controlled by rapidly tapping the b button. Last but not least, his fighting style could be like those swordsmen who use their sheaths as well. I forgot what it was called. Comment please! Hugs!

    1. Yeah, I don’t understand all the hate Takamaru is getting all of a sudden. It would be cool if he was in, and could easily fit in. He won’t piss anyone off or anything.

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