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Famitsu DS+Wii Is Teasing An Announcement Of A Big Game For Nintendo Platforms

Yes, exciting news is ahead as Japanese publication Famitsu DS+Wii is teasing a big game announcement for Nintendo platforms. We don’t know exactly which platform it will be on as we shall have to wait until the next edition to find out. Speculation seems to be pointing towards a Dragon Quest title, but it could also be the reveal of Star Fox Wii U, which is due out this year. What game would you like to see unveiled by Famitsu DS+Wii?

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68 thoughts on “Famitsu DS+Wii Is Teasing An Announcement Of A Big Game For Nintendo Platforms”

  1. Would Star Fox really count as an announcement of a new title? We already know it exists. I’m hoping it is Metroid related, if it’s a completely new game.

    1. I think a reveal would count as one. Yea we know its coming, but we have barely any clue as to how it looks .

    1. You mean… “Where is our Metroid Game. After all, this what everyone wants!”

      Learn how to fucking use periods and grammar, BITCH!!!!!!!!!

  2. If it’s a new DQ and Europe/US doesn’t get it I’ll book a ticket to Square Enix’s main office and kick em in the nuts.

  3. That port the developers of the Wii U versions of Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex HR promised. Star Fox seems more right for E3 but would be a pleasant surprise if we see it now

  4. Thought they were just called Famitsu? Not DS + Wii….. Also it won’t be Starfox, Starfox is at E3. Also people asking for Metroid, wait till E3 2016 to see that. What this game in Famitsu DS + Wii is, is probably more on Splatoon or Mario Maker or something.

    1. Actually if Metroid is to be shown it’ll be at this year’s E3…..announced with a 2016 release year because Nintendo has already confirmed that they will be introducing the ” NX ” . The only way I can see Metroid not being announced at this year’s E3 is if Nintendo is planning it for the NX next year as a launch title. I really don’t think it’ll be Starfox either but I do think we will see a Starfox teaser trailer (no gameplay) at the next Direct that should be coming in the next couple of weeks. It would make more sense for Nintendo to show a glimpse of Starfox Wii U early on in the year to generate a lot of buzz and hype rather then to wait until June. As for this Famitsu DS + Wii big game announcement, I’m thinking it could be either New 3DS and Wii U versions of Level 5’s next project, a new Dragon Quest title or a brand new IP. Whatever it is I hope it’s fantastic

    2. Still trolling everyone trying to tell us that there won’t be a new Metroid game announced until E3 2016. Listen you if there’s a new Metroid game in development, it well most likely be announced at E3 2015 or not at all. You obviously have no idea when a new Metroid game is coming.

  5. Metroid, F-Zero or a new IP! And btw yes I supported code name steam and it’s absolutely fun!!! I love using Marth in this game!

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  7. I really hope it’s Metroid, but I doubt it. Since such a huge franchise is saved for E3. I think it’s what Tantelus is working on. Hope it’s something good ….

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  9. I’m hoping for Mario Sunshine HD!!!! PLEASE MARIO SUNSHINE HD (like wind waker HD) I’D LOVE TO SEE THAT HAPPEN!!!! Not sure what else I’m hoping for lol btw I have a feeling its gonna be the next Pokemon game

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