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Capcom Is Holding A Monster Hunter Event On May 31st

Capcom has announced that it will be holding a special Monster Hunter themed event on May 31st. We have no idea what will be shown, but with Monster Hunter 4 already out the door everyone will be looking to see what’s next. Maybe we will see the next Monster Hunter game on consoles? We won’t really know until the event takes place. It should certainly be exciting.

Thanks, Slaughter

25 thoughts on “Capcom Is Holding A Monster Hunter Event On May 31st”

      1. To be fair, our ‘beloved’ PlayStation 4 needs some games. Not remasters. New games. Since launch its had only one must own game (Resogun) and we’ve finally got another in Bloodborne, but two in nearly a year and a half is not good. Especially when Wii U has five or six in just over a year longer.

        Oh and before you start whining, I own a PS4, PS3, Vita and Wii U.

  1. Monster Hunter 4 for consoles. I would love to play it on my XB1. It would look amazing considering how the 3DS version already looks beautiful.

  2. I’d be nice to have it on consoles too especially if it means there’s some multiplatform multiplayer to be had..

  3. Hopefully it’s not just MH4U. I’m hoping for a brand new Monster Hunter made specifically for Ps4, with updated graphics… It’s time the Monster Hunter series went back to Playstation anyways, Nintendo is too busy fucking us around with fake Zelda release dates..

      1. Well, Almost four months into 2015 and I have yet to purchase a Wii U game. But I’ve bought three Ps4 games, one of which IMO is a masterpiece.

        Then Nintendo delays my number one most anticipiated game of the generation. They are releasing Xenoblade in Japan while the rest of the world doesn’t even have a release date. Monolith and Nintendo are completely ignoring the western Xenoblade fanbase even though the original sold five times here what it did in Japan.

        Then Nintendo says they will not be talking about any 2016 games at E3, so we wont know what they have planned for next year, if they even have anything planned at all… No Mario Galaxy 3, No Metroid, No Pokemon MMO…. No games the fans have been asking for, for three years….. Oh, but we got a fucking Kirby game!

        Yea, you could say I’m pretty fucking salty…

  4. I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game but having seen some reviews and videos of 4 in getting interested. Maybe I should wait to see what’s announced before I buy though!

    1. Just wait to get it on ps4
      I’m pretty sure they will put it in our beloved PS4 this year
      Nintendo and the Wii U is dead and doomed now

    2. By all means waiting is a better decision. I will just say I’ve been having a fucking blast with MH4U. A FUCKING BLAST! Sorry, I love the game.

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