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Japan Will Be Getting Another Xenoblade Chronicles X Live Stream

During the Japanese Nintendo Direct which took place on Wednesday April 1st, it was announced that Xenoblade Chronicles X’s next livestream will take place on April 10th. The event will focus on mecha weapons called Dolls and will also provide details about the game’s network features. The Xenoblade Chronicles X stream will go live on April 10th, at 10pm JPT. That is 6am PST and 9am EST for those of you in the United States.

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11 thoughts on “Japan Will Be Getting Another Xenoblade Chronicles X Live Stream”

  1. This is definitely not going to be shown at E3 this year with all the directs it’s getting and it already released in japan at that point.

    1. You never know. There’s a very strong possibility that Xenoblade Chronicles X WILL BE AT E3 this June. The Nintendo Treehouse was already at work with developer Monolith Soft in translating the game in English… not to mention that they’re also casting the English voice talents to be dubbed into the game for North America and Europe.

      They’ll make an announcement during the E3 event for stay tuned for that.

  2. So Japan will probably make up about 10% to 15% of sales for Xenoblade X. Yet Japan is getting 100% of the marketing and build up. The West, which will make up about 85% to 90% of sales gets nothing but a big fuck you.

    This type of marketing is making me lose interest in this game. Why should I care about this game, the developers obviously don’t care about it’s western fans at all.

    I might just watch a Japan Let’s Play of this game and call it good. I doubt it releases in the west in 2015 anyways.

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