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Digital Foundry: “Even In Its Unreleased State, Splatoon Delivers A Near Flawless 60fps”

Respected tech publication Digital Foundry has recently gone hands on with a near finished build of Splatoon and the results sound extremely promising. The site says that the preview build of the game delivers what they say is a near flawless 60fps and claims that this could easily be fine tuned before the game is released on May 29th. You can read their thoughts about the preview build of Splatoon, here.

Fortunately, even in its unreleased state, Splatoon delivers a near flawless 60fps update across the board with only the occasional dropped frame detracting from the fluidity – mostly unnoticeable in action, and something that could well be ironed out in the game’s final run of optimisation. The chaotic nature of the game mixed with a free aiming system certainly presents a performance challenge beyond the scope of most Nintendo games, but the results here are uniformly excellent. Without pushing the limits of the final game we can’t give our final verdict on the matter but, at this stage, things are looking very good indeed.

93 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: “Even In Its Unreleased State, Splatoon Delivers A Near Flawless 60fps””

  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    DF: -Looking good now but only until we find something else to bash it once it’s released-

  2. 1080p60fps, I guess that’s nice. But I just think people are being too bitchy about this, my favorite games arent in HD 720p/1080p or 60fps

        1. What do you mean, “you couldn’t really use that feature much back then?” This is primitive tech we’re talking about here; I don’t think you could just turn the 60 fps on or off.

          1. The thing is that developers couldn’t really do much with the smooth 60fps in terms of animations and stuff because of limitations (mainly space). The character movements and screen scrolling is almost always 60fps though.

  3. People on the internet:

    I’m boycotting this game because it has no voice chat.
    But I’ll let Sony and Microsoft f!@k me up the ass by paying to play online. I’m a real gamer, go home Nintendo durp.

            1. That’s people in general in a nutshell, these days, sadly.
              Especially people who go out of their way to say certain games suck solely by virtue of the console they’re hosted on.

  4. Who cares about 60fps? Seriously? All I care about is solid gameplay and having fun. It’s like a bunch of high school boys comparing dick size over voice chat. What? No voice chat? All the better. Day one purchase. No matter what the frame rate is.

      1. True. I just get annoyed by all these people who base the quality of a game based on frame rate and resolution. Like Nintendo ever makes a choppy or incomplete game.

      1. They’re fucking hypocrites full of crap when they review Nintendo’s games with their outdated source of garbage tech and go crazy when there’s a single frame rate drop.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>Of course I’m done with my Phazon period, I have a name now don’t I?>>>

              >>>And sometimes the creators must be corrected, even against their will>>>

              >>>And their new Mobile Infantry crap only concerns me on an imperial sense, I have another mission to do under the guidance of Lord Yamauchi>>>

          1. And BTW, I’m talking about Digital being stupid hypocrites from praising this unfinished game for having “near solid frame rate” when they bitched about the finished MK8 over the same thing last year.

  5. I wish we could have voice chat with friends in our friends list. Playing MarioKart 8 with phone head set anyways. They need a better network infrastructure.

            1. The only thing that’s true is that the you Nintendo Fucktards will accept any bs from Nintendo. They can’t even implement voice chat and make things more convenient for their fans…

                1. The use of two gamepads

                  The gamepad would revolutionize gaming

                  There won’t be any game droughts (even thought there were two)

                  The Wii U would have strong third party support


                  I’m sure there are many lies I’ve missed, but these are at the top of my head. regardless, have fun accepting the shit Nintendo gives you guys.

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>1. That was only under the condition that people bought the Wii U in a large quantity and they never “promised” anything, they only said it was possible and considered.

                    2. In a way it did but they underestimated their own power which leads to point 3.

                    4. That’s hardly their fault, the Electrons lied during the unveiling, the Ubisians gave up despite only 2 months only while everyone else only made ports of older games most already played.

                    5. If I am to choose one thing I’m disappointed over and disgusted by is the cancellation of TVii and the other useless garbage, they should have conducted a discount for the countries that don’t get to use that feature.

                    Overall, it’s nowhere near as bad as the other 2, specially the Xbots>>>

                    1. The Spiteful Chant

                      I’m sorry, were you trying to make a point?
                      All I heard was “damage control, damage control I’m a fanboy damage control!”

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>I’m sure I was damage controlling during points 2,3 and 5, go back into playing your “PS4 we have only interactive movies and generic Third Class games we would never survive without”>>>

                        1. The Spiteful Chant

                          Don’t get mad at me me because the PS4 is a better console than the Wii U. Such a shame, I had high hopes for it…

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>Better at power perhaps but it’s flawed and pathetic as a gaming machine but you shallow graphicwhoring imbeciles are so easily amused by such Hollywood garbage>>>

                            >>>And if Nintendo is so bad, why are you all in Nintendo sites? That’s right, you’ve already gotten bored of your PS and Xbot games after only 6 hours that Nintendo related subjects and games offer the only true joy>>>

                            1. The Spiteful Chant

                              Do you even own a PS4? If not I won’t believe any bs you have to say about it. Let’s just say that the PS4 is what the Wii U SHOULD have been.

                              Since when did I say I didn’t like Nintendo, I’m just so disappointing with the Wii U that I’m fed up with it.

                              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                >>>I don’t need to own anything when they conduct things I’m against in every possible way>>>

                                >>>Whether they have games that are interesting or not, I’ve yet to to see any game that appeals to me enough to even consider buying any PS and even if there was in the future, as long as they have subscription fees to play online, useless defenses and shallow purposes, I don’t care about Sonyans at all>>>

                  1. PS4 looks cool… I admit, as many should, that the Wii U is great, but still underwhelming in the grand scheme… the stars aligned for a power play, perhaps even waiting another year for release if they needed it to bring the graphics up… it would saved them having to get a new console out for some years and would have garnered them all the 3rd party games and Sony and Nintendo could have squashed XBOX/Microsoft right out of the market, which I would have loved… Hopefully next time they do that… The technology on the Wii should have been an add on so that the tech evolution of the Nintendo consoles would have stayed in step… sure the Wii sold a lot, but in the long run, it hurt their console business. Games are awesome, Wii U gamepad is very, very cool… they just made an error and it happens.

                    People don’t need to get their feathers all ruffled because a corporation they support and like made misstep… Critical thinking and public voicing of the facts will get us a better console in the future… NX or whatever is actually coming out in the future

                2. Why should people be forced to use more than one device for a feature that should be a given for consoles of this day and age? If I use a headset and plug it into my computer to talk to my friends through Skype, I’m going to miss out on the game’s audio, unless I go out of my way and buy an audio switch or something like that. But I sure as hell am not going to spend extra money on equipment just because Nintendo fails to realize the demand of a feature that should have been taken for granted since the last gen. Is it really that hard to accept the importance of voice chat in team games, and that they’re shooting themselves in the foot with the decision to ignore it? Why not just give people a seperate app on the WiiU that can run simultanously with games, such as Party Chat on Playstation, so people at least have the option to talk to their friends without having to use 6563346 different devices at the same time for something as simple as voice chat? Like that, people would at least have the chance to talk to people in their friend list when Nintendo refuses to add it into their games. Sure, it’s not the same as having it directly implemented into a game that has random matchmaking for online matches, but it’s still something.
                  And please, don’t tell me anything about how you don’t want to hear children swearing or random people talking, that’s an argument as stupid as saying you don’t want online multiplayer in games because you prefer to play with friends in the same room. You have options, it’s not an either-this-or-that situation. You can just mute voice chat if you don’t want to hear others.

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>I could but I better dream of the Xbot extinction, one that will come true one day in the near future>>>

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>True, but I need energy to drain>>>

                            >>>Your work is going well, your new promotion isn’t far away>>>




                LOL NINTENRO INFASTRUTURE dude stop talkingdog shit like voice chat is some amazing thing that takes some superpowered onoine IDIOT




            2. Preordered it two weeks ago for £24.95. It looks great, it is even cheap(er than the competition) and if that was not good enough it is also a new thing created by Nintendo. Ticking all boxes!

            3. When did they start liking Wii U games? These are the same guys who told us Mario Kart 8 is 59-60fps like it really matters

            4. 60fps and dm perfect controls

              nice map designs, great modes how games are supposed to be….the 9acis aiming really defines this game and the interactive map

              cannot wait

            5. This game looks fucking hype but I feel it needs more online modes, and more maps. If the only modes and maps there are are the ones they shown off, then that’s quite disappointing.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Yes, I’m sure they would show all the game before they release it, said no one ever>>>

            6. it willhave good maps more likely added free and more modes like freefor all and team paint battles other arcade modes

              likely more free dlcif you have amiibo and of course paid for

              this game will get long term support like hyrule warrors etc

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