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Project X Zone 2 Coming To The Americas This Fall, Here’s The First English Trailer

Bandai Namco has revealed that Project X Zone 2 will launch in the Americas this fall. The publisher has also released the English version of the forthcoming role-playing title’s announcement trailer, which confirms the game will feature characters from Yakuza: Dead Souls, Sakura Wars, Virtua Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Tekken, Tales of Vesperia and more. Developed by the studio behind Xenoblade Chronicles, Monolith Soft, Project X Zone 2 will be available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

35 thoughts on “Project X Zone 2 Coming To The Americas This Fall, Here’s The First English Trailer”

    1. It’s only Bandai Namco, Capcom, and Sega characters. Even though it’s being co-developed by Monolith Soft, Shulk is still a Nintendo character.

  1. Eh, Smash Bros. is funner no matter the fighting game. With Smash, it’s easy to wrote off any new fighties, saves me some brain time.

  2. I loved the first game but I seriously hope they get off their “we only want humanlike characters” and put other good characters in the game like Klonoa and Sonic, and Pacman.

  3. How does this game play? I heard it’s a SRPG so is it like FE? I don’t any of the characters, but I think it’s a great way to be introduces their series.

    1. Move on a grid like in Fire Emblem and then when you encounter an enemy it sort of becomes a 2D fighter of sorts, but without a control stick. You just input button commands to combo the opponent.

  4. Really off topic here, but has anyone here who owns a 3ds xl ever had an issue where, when you plug in the ac charger to the back the orange light comes on.

    Well ok, as of today the orange charging light comes on, then goes back off in less than 5 seconds. My 3DS is still under warranty, but its just a odd thing to happen randomly. And I had another person try and charge mine with her cord. I don’t know, I dont mind sending it in but crap man. How does that even happen…

    1. To answer your question, no. I still have my Gold ALBW 3DS, and I’ve had more than 6 New 3DS’s for various cosmetic defaults, and dead pixels, and I always charged everything fully before I used them. All their charging lights stay on until they are fully charged.

      Have you always been using licensed chargers with it? Do you use a surge protector when you charge it? Did you charge the unit fully before you used it?

      Either way it looks like an issue, but at times the above can cause problems. But even if it’s just the light, and the unit still charges without the light staying on until it finishes, I’d send it in. Better yet if you are still within the return date and have a receipt, that would be much faster than sending it in.

      It is the unit itself obviously, and not the power supply. So I’d send it in if that is your only option, or if it’s just the light and the unit charges still. You could always chance it won’t become a bigger problem later on, but it still isn’t normal.

      1. I only use the original ac cord, I keep it plugged into a heavy surge protector, and yes I charge it religiously. I take very good care of my products, more so my 3DS. This is why I can not understand why it wouldn’t charge.

        Here is literally whats happening.

        Plug ac (both original and brand new one I bought yesterday) into the 3ds. The orange indicator light comes on for maybe 4-5 seconds, then just goes out. During those seconds, it would show my DS as charging, then the light cuts off and my battery icon shows a blue battery with the charged symbol through it. I know normally the light would stay on.

        If I was to send it in to Nintendo, you think they would be able to move all my shit over to the new one? Because I won’t want this one, take no chances.

        1. So it is charging, but the light won’t stay on? Cause the blue battery symbol, with the plug running through it, means it is charging. You did say it shows this after the light cuts off right?

          Now have you tried a new battery? Seems like it is just a problem with the light staying on then, but it might still need repairs. Like I said if you’re willing to keep it, living with the fact the light won’t be an indicator of when it is done charging, you could.

          But It could be one of two thing, the light has just gone out, so it won’t stay on for long although it still emits light for a few seconds, or something more serious is causing the light to short which could in turn become a more serious hardware problem later on.

          If you could use someone else’s battery though, I would definetely give that a try first to see if possibly there is something wrong with the battery itself causing this issue.

          Now about the system transfer, just call Nintendo. I mean if they are able to repair that specific machine, they won’t have to transfer anything, they’ll just send that one back to you. In some cases though, they may not be able to fix it, then they will send you a completely different system. In that situation you would still be able to call them, and they can reinstate your account on that system, keep in mind it might take a few days before it gets reinstated.

          If I’m not clear enough, just ask them this on the phone about the transfer. They are usually pretty good, and if you get a rep that doen’t seem to be helping you, don’t bother wasting your time. Call again to get another representive who is willing to be more helpful.

    2. That doesn’t happen to my 3DSs, but it does happen to my Kindle Fire. I’m pretty sure the problem is either with the metal part of the charger or with the device’s charging outlet.

      One of them is bent improperly so that the charger moves out of place and cannot continue to charge.

      I have it set up so that when my kindle is plugged in, I lay the charging cord over like a paper weight so the two metal pieces can touch and generate an electric current to charge power. Without the continuous support, my kindle does not charge.

      Might need a new charge to fix the problem or send in the device for realignment. OR you could try doing what I do and give the charger some support with a paper weight, tape, or something along those lines.

      1. I tried things like that, because unfortunately my galaxy S3 does exactly what your kindle is doing. I have the Kindle Fire and it works like a charm, but to be fair its still fairly new.

        I’ve already contacted Nintendo again, sadly it looks like ill be sending it in for repairs. On the bright side its covered, so ill either grab a brand Nuubie or they’ll be able to fix mine.

        THIS MEANS NO SMASH BROS AND KICKING ASIAN ASS FOR WEEKS! How will I ever survive this!!!

        *pulls out GameBoy Color with Pokemon Blue*

        Ok ill be fine.

  5. There’s already an english trailer. Does it mean we can expect a (relatively) quick localization this time around?

    1. I’m looking forward to it either way. First one was good, dumb fun; flawed in some ways but still managed to be pretty enjoyable.

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