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Unity Engine Comes To The New Nintendo 3DS

Great news today for both consumers and developers as it has been announced that the incredibly popular Unity game engine will be coming to the New Nintendo 3DS. The Unity engine powers a number of popular iOS and Android games as well as console games. This should make porting things across to the New Nintendo 3DS just that bit easier for developers. It should be noted that the Unity engine is only compatible with the New Nintendo 3DS and not the original.

Thanks, Nintendo Impact Gaming!


  1. Sounds good maybe this helps square enix to bring over the dam dragon quest games that they have on the Google play store seeing as how those games are clearly graphically heavy with the unity engine -_-


      1. I was being sarcastic sorry lol just saying they have those games on mobile and not on handheld its pretty irritating and square enix is trying hard to keep dq games from the us


  2. This pisses me off. It should come to the original 3DS as well! I don’t understand why its not possible, the power levels between the 3DS and New 3DS are not that different. This is laziness I’m guessing.


    1. “the power levels between the 3DS and New 3DS are not that different”
      And you got this information from where?


    2. I own both. The power is quite a bump up. No way the original can handle the same load as the N3DS, sorry bud. :/


    3. The New 3DS is what people will be buying next and what the games will be coming out for. So it makes sense to make it work for the New 3DS models. Why make it for the 3DS if it will be cast aside soon?


      1. If the new standard, cheaper faceplated model came to America, I’d buy it on day one. But like Nintendo, I say fuck you to them too.


      1. Because I game on many consoles and am not willing to buy another 3DS which I payed $250 for. I expected for it to last me an entire handheld generation, but now they are spliting things up in a way that makes little sense. They should have just waited a few more years, and released the next generation handheld system, instead of splitting things up. If I had extra money to spend, sure, maybe, its a great system, but it does little more than what my original aqua blue 3DS already does, and has lottle to justify its purchase besides marginal improvements and a handful of games that should have either been scaled down for the original 3DS or saved until the next gen handheld.


    4. They only up the speed and RAM. Not the graphics and did you see Revelations and Ironfall? Both look fantastic and fine with or without Unity.


  3. I guess I need to get a New Nintendo 3DS. I was going to get it anyway to play Codename: S.T.E.A.M., Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. This just gives me more incentive.


    1. it differentiates on the game you’re playing. It’s the games that run on the engines, not the actual system. Playtonic’s Project Ukulele will be running on Unity for example. Maybe, with enough support, they can port it over to 3DS!


  4. New 3ds has a Powerful GPU and other stuff yes Tbe Face tracking 3d was amazing though so wake up Ur brain please get a New nintendo3ds upgrade or wait for The Amiibo NFC Adapter


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