Eurogamer Take A Look At The First Three Worlds Of Yoshi’s Woolly World

Eurogamer had a play through of the first three worlds from Yoshi’s Woolly World, and reviewed them to give us a bit of an idea of what to expect from the upcoming cutesy game in June. They reckon there’s far more to the game than its cushion-y soft exterior, and inside it can be quite complicated. As they share the same developer, Good-Feel, Yoshi’s Woolly World draws up many similarities to Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The gameplay involves you picking apart the very fabric of the levels (literally) to make your way to the end, and find all the collectibles and secrets– which apparently can take quite some time.

By the second world, turns out Yoshi’s Woolly World isn’t so soft after all, and the platformer starts to get noticeably difficult. Especially as checkpoints are apparently too far apart, so if you fall at the last hurdle you’re set right back and even have to find all the collectibles again, which really puts you off. Eurogamer bring up another problem, that the balls of wool Yoshi collects by beating baddies, and are used to get through the level, seem to run out too quickly. But despite all this, the game is apparently still a huge joy to play and although seems sweet and innocent, will offer quite a challenge to complete. The release of this game couldn’t come soon enough!

Just like its knitted Amiibo companions, Yoshi’s Woolly World offers a charming exterior that covers a solid structure and plenty of technology – but there’s more to the game than its soft and cutesy looks. Its difficulty may be loved by some, although niggling gameplay issues cause the attraction of its levels to slightly unravel.


    1. I went from being completely uninterested in this game to wanting it day 1. My main problem with games today is that they are too easy. If this provides a good challenge I’ll definitely pick it up

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  1. >>>Only worthless cattle needs checkpoints or any other civilian nonsense, hopefully this Yoshi game is some challenge>>>


      1. >>>The only truth is that you’re a civilian useless cattle member wanting games to be as easy as possible while I’m the total opposite, ipso facto, I’m not a useless civilian, facts always triumph over delusions>>>


  2. Sounds like a good Yoshi game. A Yoshi game that will be loved by most and few will hate. This sounds like a great rebound from Yoshi’s New Island.


  3. They said from the 1st time they showed this game it wasn’t gonna be easy and it has co op where you try to out do the other player.


  4. “Especially as checkpoints are apparently too far apart”

    “…you’re set right back and even have to find all the collectibles again, which really puts you off.”

    It seems that people never played 8- and 16-bits games.

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  5. This sounds great. I was worried that this was going to be more or less a sequel to Yoshi’s Story, including the difficulty, but now it looks like it will actually offer a decent old-school feel challenge to it, which most side-scroller platformers should.


  6. First kirby’s epic yarn was too easy, now wooly world is too difficult, nintendo cannot win with the media, maybe of the game crashed all the time, and had a bunch of bugs and was on Ps4 or x box one, then maybe critics would like the challenge.

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    1. >>>Let’s hope it at least isn’t a walk in the park but when we have useless civilians all over the place that needs checkpoints, endless supply of health and ammo, games today overall are just a joke>>>


      1. Honestly, I kinda agree. It’s a bit sad that a lot of developers decide to design their games to be overly easy to beat. I do understand that they just want their games to appeal to a broad audience, including casual gamers, beginners and people in general who prefer their games to be easy, but I truly don’t believe that they should neglect the experienced and core gamers to achieve that. I really don’t want to sound self-entitled or anything, but it’s mainly us, the experienced who regularly buy games, who keep the industry alive, after all. If they really want the game to be easy for certain audiences, then they should just add a seperate easy mode, along the harder difficulty – especially in platformers.

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      2. >>>Indeed, that’s what I’ve been saying for years now, it’s like they simply forgot about “options” as a whole, I miss the times when hardest difficulty was almost impossible to beat even after 50 times, like Toki Going Ape Spit>>>


      3. >>>Games considered hard today = mediocre difficulty of the ancient times>>>


      4. You’ve been gaming on PC this whole time and you didn’t even know about Dark Souls? You should be ashamed, Commander. I’m not getting it because I don’t care for brutally hard games. (Same reason I didn’t get Bloodborne, it’s too hard XD) But since you like that stuff, you need to go play it. Or is it too hard for you too? Lmao.


      5. >>>Basically because I don’t care about non RTS games overall so I’m not invested in finding about such information>>>

        >>>But once I have a better PC I’ll get all the brutal considered games of this generation and play them all when time allows>>>


      6. lol check points aren’t that bad but having tons of firepower and ammo and lots of health makes it easy but check points are not that bad bro

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  7. are you mentel is that why you want this fuckinggame are you a fucking nutter on canabis and cocain who takes drugs who is messed up in the fucking head? i think you fucking well are?


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