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Rumour: Lucario Amiibo Re-stock Coming To Toys R Us In The US?


A user on reddit, ziggary, is also a Toys R Us employee and discovered something quite interesting when he checked the inventory for rare amiibo at the distribution centre near St. Louis. Apparently there is a quantity of 1880 Lucario amiibo, 232 King Dedede and 16 Ike– which might indicate a re-stock coming. If that’s true, looks like we’re starting to see some re-stock action, hopefully it’ll keep up!

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

24 thoughts on “Rumour: Lucario Amiibo Re-stock Coming To Toys R Us In The US?”

  1. Meh, Lucario amiibo is a disturbing blue that frizzes my eyes, ao i never got it. I want a darker blue, and im sure everyone does too.

      1. Not all, I’m an athiest. I just use this handle as a firm of irony.

        And yes I do like Pokemon, I’m just a little ticked off that the Ness amiibo sold out so quick. I’m going to have to buy it from scalpers.

  2. Oh shit I actually know that Toys R Us they are talking about in the article. I live right by it…well might just have to stop on by sometime soon.

    1. Smart employee. Keeps the governments nose out of his beeswax…those who own flip phones know the dilly yo! Jones and birds fly under the radar this way. Scanners are a nice additional investment.

  3. As a Canadian amiibo Hunter, I had trouble getting Ms. Jiggles today on Walmart’s website. She was up for NO LESS THAN 30 SECONDS! I had it in my in my cart, but it was “no longer available” when I tried to process it. They need to get their act together for the supply issues….

    1. Unfortunately that is more than likely a yes or close to it. It what is in stock at that warehouse. Warehouses tend to either cover regions of countries or whole countries.

      It won’t be the last time you see restocks though.

  4. Guys, again this is no rumor. They are restocking amiibo everywhere, I don’t know if you saw the last few company press release that said as much. You could also go to Toy R Us, they will tell you its not discontinued, they will restock some, but they don’t know until the day it shows up.

  5. This is just the stock for Toys R Us. Remember, they have said the store exclusives are at LAUNCH only…

  6. Gee, big news, there’s still TONS and TONS in stores all over Europe. Import the fucking thing.

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