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Square Enix Have Rescheduled Their E3 Conference Event

Square Enix have budged their E3 Press Conference ahead an hour, and will now be at 10am PDT instead of 9am PDT on June 16th. I’m going to take a guess and say it’s probably because they clashed with Nintendo’s Digital Event, and didn’t want fans of both to be split between them. So, now we don’t have to choose or try watch them both at the same time! Nintendo’s Digital Event is at 9am PDT/12pm EST/11am CT/6pm CEST/5pm UK and Square Enix’s conference is now an hour later, so mark your calendars.

43 thoughts on “Square Enix Have Rescheduled Their E3 Conference Event”

    1. I don’t care about other companies digital event I know they gonna do well.
      I care about Nintendos so I can bash and talk shit about them.
      Nyah Nyah nyak nyak nyak

  1. There is probably still going to be a clash if Nintendos Digital Event is longer than an hour. I cant remember how long it was last year, but my gut says it was a bit more than an hour long.


    nintendo would have owned them hard shit like this shows how turd partys not supporting nintendo is all BUTTHURT

  3. So, they reach a mutual agreement with Nintendo, to move it out of the way so both can do their stuff without one messing with the other. The more logical option.


    Square Enix know they do not have what is needed to take the spotlight against Nintendo, and at this point that seem unlikely with KH 3 and FF XV ready to be shown. Ilogical.


    Square Enix did this, going at the same time as Nintendo, on purpose thinking that without Zelda to show, they could steal the shine of the N-nation, BUT then they find out that Nintendo, even with out Zelda, Nintendo do in fact has something Zelda big or big enough to actually give SE a run for it’s money in the show floor. A posibility.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      It’s the second one that you think is illogical when it’s actually the most logical one of the three. Square Enix did not want to take on Nintendo for the spotlight because they know they’ll probably get beaten if Nintendo brings their A game like they did last year.

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  6. LMAOOOO!!!!!!! They got smart. They knew Nintendo’s E3 presentation was going to overshadow their’s. No surprise here

  7. Of course they knew that. Square Enix is a simple developer, Nintendo is an Empire. Although, to be fair I really am looking forward to Square Enix press event… I’d like to see what they have planned, or if FF Explorers is coming to the west…

    1. Yeah I’m looking forward to see what they’re going to show too but if Kingdom Hearts 3 gets confirmed for the Wii U though……smh….that would be awesome

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        If they by some miracle announced Kingdom Hearts 3 for the Wii U, my main reason for getting a PS4 would be gone. Fuck Sony’s console if I have KH3 to play on my Wii U! Sure I’ll miss out on the other few games I want for the PS4 but it will be well worth it! Cuz then I’d save 400 bucks.

  8. Gotta respect SE being smart and moving their show. You know sure as fuck Nintendo wouldn’t move. Even IF, Square were the dominating Developer, and even IF Nintendo would have lost half their viewers, they don’t care. The do what they want. $$$ and what consumers want are irrelevent. Glad Square stepped up to be the bigger person in this. Whatever their reason, nice to see some flexibility and strategy being implimented. Not just stubborn iron-clad tactics.

    1. I wouldn’t say they were the bigger person considering Nintendo is fairly consistent when they do their conference. It was rude of Square to schedule in at that time and they wisely stepped back into their place.

      1. It also could’ve been an honest mistake, who knows. But at the end of the day, E3 is ultimately a press conference and it would be a great inconvenience for the press and the presentations if the press is divided. Imagine how weird it would be if people in the Square Enix presentation had to pay attention to both their presentation and Nintendo’s at the same time and report all the news. Bigger news sites can send multiple writers and bloggers, but individual bloggers and writers attend E3 too and they would be all over the place.

        1. With all due respect this is way bigger than a time zone gaff. This is when a company speaks to the world about it’s line up of games and such. To not realize Nintendo’s schedule is kinda… very very dumb.

          But Nintendo holding a business presentation as well after their Digital Event so… Yeah good luck.

  9. Probably because they clashed? No, it’s because Square wants their games to be seen. Going against Nintendo after the unparalleled good reception of last year is tantamount to idiocy. The simple fact that Nintendo already announced that they’re going for bigger his year means at best people will look at their conference between Treehouse showings. No real point in that unless they have an absolutely killer line up for this year that can trump the diversity of Nintendo games slated for this year.

  10. That is, unless Nintendo’s presentation lasts for more than an hour… Either way, it’s not like we can’t watch the other anytime we want….

  11. Space Pirate Initiate

    Sorry SE, but you’re still going up against Nintendo regardless, like last year, they’re going to do a live Treehouse show after the Digital Event.

    1. The Live Treehouse Event is moreso for Nintendo fans. Press sites, writers, bloggers, etc will probably flock to where the news conference is right after Nintendo’s own press conference.

  12. “(They) didn’t want fans of both to be split between them”
    More like they know nobody would watch their show.

  13. Smart move. Hardly nobody would have watched their Conference if they kept it the way it was. I myself still won’t, since I care nothing about Square Enix.

  14. Well hopefully this could also mean that Square Enix has something in store for the Nintendo systems. I’m just hoping, I say that because other then being at the same time, why should they want to not bring in people from Nintendo’s show? I guess they could just have that good of a relationship.

    Either way, Final Fantasy Explorers please.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      Square Enix knew they’d be crushed by Nintendo’s event so they did the smart thing & bumped theirs up. They know better than to go up against Nintendo.

  15. good news I guess and if Square-Enix don’t have anything for Nintendo’s fan I would be very surprise. I wish square-enix give us an RPG game on Wii U. Secret of Mana or any dragon quest HD will be good for me.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      I’ll gladly take a port of Chrono Cross for Wii U. I hate the idea of the game completely dropping the main characters of Trigger (not to mention actually killing Crono, Marle, & Lucca off,) but I’ll gladly play the game anyway just to show my loyalty to the Chrono franchise. (I’m hoping they’ll eventually make a 3rd game in the franchise & have it ignore the second game as it took place in an alternate timeline with the 3rd game being the true sequel.)

  16. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    Square Enix knows not to tangle with Nintendo at a major gaming event, so they changed their event to a later time.

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