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Nintendo UK Asks Fans Their Favourite Wii U Game On Twitter, Chance To Win £50 eShop Credit

Nintendo UK has offered fans the chance to win £50 eShop credit providing they share their favourite Wii U game on social media. In a competition available to residents of the United Kingdom aged 13 years and over only, Nintendo UK would love to hear the voice of the nation and compile an official fans’ Top 10 when the results have been counted and verified. And for just ten lucky fans selected at random, the company will offer a wonderful £50 in eShop credit to spend on their next retail or eShop game.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply log on to Twitter and tweet your favourite Wii U game – whether that’s the fast-paced Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros for Wii U, or the feisty Bayonetta 2 – and use the hashtags #WiiU and #PlayOn. The competition is open from now until June 1, so make sure you get your vote in within the next couple of weeks. Nintendo UK states that all winners will be notified by June 10, 2015.

30 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Asks Fans Their Favourite Wii U Game On Twitter, Chance To Win £50 eShop Credit”

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        That’s because the Netherlanders don’t play video games. They are too busy farming and being tall.

    1. Exactly. They don’t give a shit nor realize what a good game really is. Oh but there too busy buying the same fucking garbage every 10 months and then be bored with it within 10 fucking days and repeat it again like morons. lol

  1. To be honest i need to think hard about that question. Those three games are all great in there own right… I’ll be back in a hr, or maybe to night. Oh yea, im not in the UK, im just doing this just because, you guy’s know im right..

  2. I’m Canadian, not from the UK, but my favorite Wii U game is Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. At least till Starfox Wii U that is. Runner ups though are Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Windwaker HD. Splatoon will be up there to.

    1. What about Zelda U and Xenoblade X? Those will almost definitely be my favorite games on the Wii U. As of games that are out or I’ve played demos of, Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, and Windwaker HD, are all on my list of favorites.

  3. Oh I know what they’re gonna vote: Nothing.

    Madden 25, oh. There’s no Madden 25 on Wii U. AC: Black Flag, oh. It’s so barren that they sleep in its first 3 minutes. CoD? No DLC on Wii U? They burn those copies with battery acid and flaming dogshit.

    There is no favorite in UK. Wait, there is one. I bet it’s that crap called “Mario Party 10” where it’s gameplay change is as shit of a failure as Sticker Star on 3DS and Metroid Other M on Wii.

    1. the vote will be the same as the Americans…. and don’t tell me you aim at the game community when you target the Brits. you and I am a boss ass bitch like to trash the brits guess what.. there are brits who play Nintendo game too like it or not. And if I was playing the same “game” as you slag the USA at each opportunity then you will come to me and say that I am anti-american and the world hate you bla bla bla.

      Again we having this discussion, you criticise (not critizise) the brits but USA is EXACTLY the same so may be you should look at your country first before you criticise other nations. Of course you are entitle to your opinion but don’t expect other to firstly agree and secondly no react when you insult a whole nation.

  4. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    This is bullshit. You UK motherfuckers get everything. If I see just one you complain that us americans gets fucking everything. Than just prepare yourself for the worse possible scenario.

    1. Unfortunately, this is indeed very true. They always got better pre-order bonuses from games. Even US Club Nintendo was pale in comparison to not only UK Club Nintendo, but also Japan.
      I mean we did get Super Smash Bros Wii U before anyone else, but does a 2 week gap for a game really count for anything, especially after everyone from across the world has already owned and played the 3DS version?
      Us Americans will always get the short end of the stick.

    2. HAHA, spoiled Americans like you (That actually do get way more competitions/ preorder bonuses etc.) don’t deserve them anyway. It feels nice for once, just once we get something you don’t just because of how bitchy you’re gonna get over and to make it better, once I post this comment I am NEVER going to see it again. =]

      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

        Name one fucking pre-oder bonus that is superior than the ones that you UK people get. Come name one bitch! I bet you can’t.

    3. well idiot I think you are too young too remember this or experiment this but for decade USA had lot of shit we did not have in Europe. Again, if you want swap price and Mario kart bundle I vote for it… Yankee cunt

  5. Smash 4 is NOT fast paced game. Practically the whole time your playing you feel like the characters are in zero gravity.

    1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

      Actually it is. You can play nearly 12 matches in almost 10mins. Depending on how good both of the players are.

  6. Some of the most common response:

    A WiiU is a gaming console?

    Wtf is a WiiU? lol!

    I think my baby sister might have one! Hmmm, she is 13 though, so she might be too old for it now, but i’ll ask her anyways.

    Aye wikea da wons Mario. Momma says ive ware my helmit when game i plays!

    Lol! Why would you think that I own a WiiU! hahaha

  7. pink0crystal0midbus

    My favorite Wii U game is Smash Bros. 4!!!! I’m still playing that game almost daily since it came out day one.

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