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8 Best Buy Stores Are Hosting Nintendo World Championships Qualifying Events

If you’re over the age of 13 and in the US, get yourself to one of the 8 Best Buy locations that are hosting qualifying events on May 30th for the Nintendo World Championships, which is taking place on June 14th in Los Angeles.

“The qualifying competition will feature the Championship mode of the Ultimate NES Remix game for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. In this mode, players will take on a series of three score-based challenges in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 and Dr. Mario. Games and systems will be provided at each location, although Ultimate NES Remix is available now in stores and in the Nintendo eShop for anyone who wants to start practicing for the competition. The top scorer from each of the eight regional competitions will move on to the final event in Los Angeles, which will be a multi-round competition with a variety of Nintendo games. An additional eight competitors selected by Nintendo will also compete in the Nintendo World Championships 2015. Nintendo will reveal these competitors in the near future.

The qualifying events will take place from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time at Best Buy stores at the following locations:


45 thoughts on “8 Best Buy Stores Are Hosting Nintendo World Championships Qualifying Events”

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      People can travel to the U.S if they want.

      I don’t get why foreign people are against “World” championships being held in the U.S. MANY competitions in the U.S. are labeled “World Championships.”

      1. No they cant and how the hell can it be “world championships” if its only being held in the US????
        Oh sorry, because a Chinese person might have a shot that makes it politically correct??? Fuckin American wankers, wise up to the actual WORLD that exists outside your own cuntry. And I spelled it right….

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      I wish I lived close enough to one of these events. Sadly, my state is “too small” to be important enough to warrant an event at a local Best Buy.

      They only go after the big cities.

      1. Minnesota is not a marquee state. Secondly, Maple Grove is a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul; definitely not a big city. I have no idea why it got selected, but I’m thankful since I live 20 minutes away. No way I can win, but sure will be fun to say I tried!

    2. Well not with that attitude. Go for the experience at least, you never know when one of these is going to be held again.

    3. You should still try, even if you don’t think you can win it. Worst it can happen is you go out and meet people with similar interests.

    4. I live in Ohio… the nearest store is in Illinois, and is… 6 hours away! :) Only a LITTLE bit of a drive, including tolls, gasoline, and probably a hotel.

  1. I could probably make that IL one, but I wouldn’t make it into the Championships, so I’m not wasting gas.

  2. This is only for people who love to travel and compete. Even as a kid I cared nothing about competing in things like this. Not counting when I took on the Super Mario All-Stars Lost Levels Challenge in Nintendo Power magazine and won a special badge for not warping. But that’s WAY different.

  3. Why Miami anybody in Florida know that it should be Orlando (Central Florida) because its closes place for everybody not just for people at Miami.You know what Miami my have beaches and hoe but we Mickey Mouse and soon Nintendo land.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      Miami is a bigger city. They would naturally get more people to participate at a Best Buy in Miami vs Orlando.

      If, by your logic, there are so many people that would participate in the event who would drive to Orlando from some other place located in Florida, then I’m sure these people willing to drive to Orlando wouldn’t mind driving a little more to Miami.

  4. I would love to do this, but seriously only 8 stores? Why only 8?! I live nowhere near any of those best buy’s. I like the demo games Nintendo announces but how can I play the demo’s when they are only released at Best buy? That’s why I also find the exclusive amiibos annoying because the stores they are exclusive to are so far apart for me. I question some of Nintendo’s marketing decisions.

  5. Really, Nintendo. your “world” championships should at least include Canada. We aren’t just a bunch of igloo living maple syrup sucking hozers.

  6. AWWWW SHEEET! They really are making this legit like the original with classic games, I thought they were gonna make it all modern games like Smash and Kart 8. Damn now I would totally try and compete in this, I actually was apart of an unofficial tournament a couple times at some video game expos where we played the original NWC game and I got at least 3rd/2nd place every time and that was when I hadn’t even really spent time at home practicing them that much. But god damn none of those locations are anywhere near me and I really dont see myself spending the ass load of cash required to actually fly/drive out all the way to California for the finals, especially when I could use that cash to buy more video games or a new arcade cabinet or something.

    I’m actually more disappoint that none of the locations are near me because now I cant take the displays for it when they are done with them. I am good friends with the Nintendo representative in my region and she gave me the big display from the Smash Fest event that Best Buy had the day after E3 last year along with a bunch of other promotional material and displays over the years.

    Well at least they are playing the world champ mode included in NES Remix Pack, I was almost getting the itch to try and compete in it just in-case they were gonna end up making some kind of exclusive game just for it like with the original, but then again I wonder if that actually may be what the “other” games of the multi-round finals is for.

  7. I love how they only do the extreme ends of the East Coast. Why not have one in DC? Right in the middle.

  8. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

    Really???? Only those 3 games. I’m familiar with 2 out of the 3 (don’t kare for Dr. Mario) and khallenges…… I don’t play NES Remix.

  9. And Shaumberg gets even more attention than Chicago because they are in the “life style of the rich and famous” suburbs. But hey, nothing Nintendo related even happened in Chicago except for the Wii U: Experience.

    Before any of you dare say that you can just drive, I doubt that my parents would drive me 3 hours away from here just for a simple by championship. Then there’s the fact that I’m too inexperienced to even drive in an expressway.

  10. So I re-read this and it seems like they are doing the world champ mode from the 3DS version of Ultimate NES Remix and not the one in the Wii U Remix Pack. I guess that means they could have multiple people all playing at the same time all through out the day instead of a line to play on a Wii U, but playing on such a small screen for such a “major” tournament seems like a bit of a let down.

    Also did they say if they would actually pay to fly the winners out to CA if they qualified?

    I get the feeling this championship is really just gonna be a shadow of its former self just trying to run off nostalgia (and no I am not referring to the actual games being played) and the “legend” and hype surrounding the 1990 one. I could be wrong, but I just see this as being something to fill the void of the Smash tournament last year, more or less just a stage show.

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