EarthBound Beginnings Available Now On The Wii U eShop, Download Size Revealed

EarthBound Beginnings is now available in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U for $6.99. Those looking to purchase the title will need at least 37 MB of free space to download it onto their system. EarthBound Beginnings is a localized version of the original Mother game for Famicom – the Japanese version of NES. It was revealed by the game’s creator, Shigesato Itoi, during yesterday’s Nintendo World Championships 2015 tournament. This is the first time the game is available in the U.S., after making its debut in Japan over 25 years ago.


  1. And of course, just like with EarthBound, Nintendo is charging a $2 premium because they know diehards will still happily pay for it.

    Including me.

  2. If I still had my Wii U I would have bought it. Not getting another Wii U though. BUT if this will be available later on the NX system and if that system will get excellent 3rd party support then I will get it. And let’s hope the next system will get a smaller controller.

  3. Dunno should I click buy or not..

    There is 9 euros on my account, been for few months just waiting that day when a good sale or game comes around. Could it be this one? Should I dig in?

      1. Nah..

        Few months ago I bought M2, but not because I knew that the game was good, but I was hearing about it from the depths of the Net. The goodness I have now learned. So in the end it was rather simple choice to grap this one too.

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  4. MAN, this game is H A R D !
    I can’t even earn enough money to buy a weapon at the department store because I keep having to spend all of my money to rest and get my energy back. SO frustrating. Them PseudoZombi’s can kiss my ARSE!

  5. They fully translated it in 1990, never released it. They didn’t do shit yet they want 2 more buck. Oh well, I’ll buy it.

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