Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Will Be Showcased On Treehouse Live Today

Good news for horror fans as Nintendo Europe has tweeted that Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water will be showcased on Treehouse Live via Twitch and YouTube later this evening. The game is titled Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water by Nintendo Europe, so we can assume that’s its official name when it launches here in Europe later this year.


  1. I’m glad Nintendo is finally showcasing this game but they should’ve already shown this game at that E3 Direct. I’m definitely buying it day one without question

  2. What? A possible great game being released on a Nintendo platform? How am I supposed to keep bitching with good news like this? D:

    1. >>>Bashing the empire for legitamate reasons is one thing, some in here wanting to ban and tell others not to buy the good games is just plain pathetic and idiotic>>>

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