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Super Mario Maker Producer Shares His Level Creation Tips, Says Game’s e-Manual Will Inspire Fans

Super Mario Maker has been proven to inspire many Nintendo fans as part of E3’s showcase this year. Amidst the many Treehouse streams dedicated to the side-scroller creation title, there’s been lots of chatter brimming around the game on social networks, including this letter block fan creation highlighted by Nintendo UK on Twitter, as well as an amusing video featuring Tezuka – grinning wildly – kicking a green shell. And it appears we’ve yet to even scratch the surface of content available in Super Mario Maker, with countless level variations ready to be created when it launches for the Wii U in just a few months.

In an interview with Polygon, Super Mario Maker producer Takashi Tezuka has shared his level creation wisdom with fans, saying that less is perhaps more in many cases. He also said there’s no harm in taking inspiration from levels you play either, but if players get really stuck they can also take a look at the digital manual which displays brief videos and short tutorials for new creators.

“People try to have a tendency to cram every cool feature into one. The role of Super Mario Maker isn’t trying to recreate a course or compete against something that you would purchase created by a professional level designer, it’s trying to do what you haven’t seen in a game and make it your own, to have fun. I think it’s great to find something that you think that works really well, copy it, mimic it and try to think of ways you can improve it. It’s a good way to learn.

“We’re actually really, really proud of our e-manual because we found that players get stuck in creating a course, they can look to it for inspiration again and again in getting them on their way. E-manuals aren’t known for being the most interesting reading. We don’t know people who read them, but we think you can read the Super Mario Maker manual all day. It’s going to be packed with all sorts of interesting content.”

Though it’s not just the e-manual that will have interesting content and tips for beginners, but the artbook that’s shipping with every copy of Super Mario Maker also aims to inspire, too. The book is part of Nintendo’s 30th anniversary for the red-capped plumber and is chock full of the wonderfully classic game artwork, alongside reproductions of the original design plans for Super Mario Bros. Fans won’t have long to wait either as the game launches for the Wii U in both North America and Europe on September 11.

“I think the book that comes with the game will help people hone their skills and learn techniques they can add to their own courses,” Tezuka said. “If we were to name this book, we would call it ‘The Seeds of Super Mario Maker.’ We give you all the basics to make something great.”

24 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker Producer Shares His Level Creation Tips, Says Game’s e-Manual Will Inspire Fans”

    1. Of course you can’t play ANY levels! You just can make them and there is also absolutly no option to play levels from other people around the world :/

      1. So you’re saying it’s okay to pay £45 for a game that’s only 10% complete whilst the rest of it you have to do it yourself? Wow you fanboys will sucking Nintendo’s cock no matter what.

        1. First of all: There are levels included when you buy the game.
          Second: I’m pretty sure I will pay about 40€ for this game.
          Third: I wanted to make my own Mario game since I was 8 years old and I still have my levels scribbled on sheets of paper from this time, so I will spend tons of hours on the level editor!
          And finally: Fuck off and don’t buy it, if you don’t want!

      2. Also, you do know that once the internet goes down, you’ll be stuck making your own levels which’ll get boring after a while.

        Stop damage controlling and face it, Project Spark is pretty much Mario Maker but for free, on PC and Xbox One and has Conker as available DLC. Super Mario Maker looks like fun but it isn’t worth £45

      3. Takerkaneanite619

        There IS going to be an option to play other people’s levels and to share your own levels with other people though. If that’s what you mean, then please do your research next time you decide to comment about any features that you think won’t be in a game.




  2. I was excited for this game but after half the direct being about it I’m growing sick of hearing more and more on it.

  3. Finally it sounds like (maybe) a company is doing a digital manual right. If you cant be arsed to make a physical one then at least make a fucking amazing in-game one seeing as you have limitless space to do it. Its a shame companies dont do old-school style style manuals with illustrations and tips and crap for their e-manuals and instead just do the god damn bare minimum effort.

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