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Nintendo Said They Considered Voice Chat For The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

It was brought up yesterday that the newly announced The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes game, although massively focuses on multiplayer, won’t include voice chat. The director of the game, Hiromasa Shikata, has spoke about this issue in an interview and revealed why they decided against including it in the game. He said:

Yes, we did (consider voice chat). With voice chat, what we would see is a highlight in the difference of experience levels between the players. Higher players would tell lower players what to do, and lower players would wonder why they’re being told what to do.

It’s a fair explanation, it puts all players on a level playing field to avoid upset, but it could cause communication issues and more frustration down the line. The game does include a feature with pre-selected messages for Link to somewhat communicate, and on this issue Shikata says:

It’s actually creating a new form of communication. I believe it might be a little bit stressful for players to try to figure out how to communicate what they want to do, but I think that because of that feeling, when you’re able to do it successfully there’s a level of satisfaction that you don’t find in other games.

So, there’s that. What do you think of their decision?

81 thoughts on “Nintendo Said They Considered Voice Chat For The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes”

  1. Bullshit Nintendo, just add the option to add chat already. Stop with the bs excuses and catch up with something that’s been available from your competition for years now… almost like a decade right? u_u

    1. There is no “innovation”or “behind the scenes thought” into the chat issue on their end… they just continue to be stubborn. GIVE GAMERS WHAT THEY WANT NINTENDO.

    2. It’s always them “finding” a great way to communicate by not doing so. Better players will tell others what to do? Wow, imagine that, actual honest to god communication would make the game easier, but they’ll make it harder by forcing people to not be able to explain. You think people are not going to get frustrated? You think people will not just say “fuck it” after someone just doesn’t get it after 2+ minutes of them knowing what needs to be done? Well, Nintendo, I’m sure you know the best way. After all, you are Nintendo and we all bow to your greatness.

      1. I seriously feel like nobody at Nintendo has ever played a game featuring voice chat, because whenever they explain why a game is lacking it, they give me the impression they simply can not grasp the concept of voice chat and the way it functions.
        It’s just as you’ve said, the game is going to be frustrating to no end because you simply won’t be able to help someone out who keeps doing something wrong, and no, fucking emoticons won’t magically transmit the solution of the puzzle into people’s brains.

        1. Hahaha, yeah. I don’t think Nintendo will change for the better. If anything, they’ll just going to be worse and worse until they jump on the mobile bandwagon.

          People can try and explain it to Nintendo, but I think that even if there were no fanboys left, Nintendo would still keep doing the same things because of their pride and stupidity. The only thing that can change the situation are new people in charge, but how will anyone there ever get that this is what they need….I don’t know. They keep interpreting signals wrong.

          1. Yea, seems like it, unfortunately. I mean, look at this whole E3 situation, they’ve gotten so much shit, so much backlash especially from their loyal supporters, but they still refuse to accept their mistakes and continue to act all like they’ve done a great job, with great games and a great presentation and everything was just grrreat. But yea, arrogance and ignorance won’t take them very far, but with that attitude, it might be too late for them by the time they realize that.
            That’s why it’s just as you’ve said, if they don’t put people in charge who actually understand what their supporters want, know how to accept mistakes and work on themselves when they’re doing things wrong, Nintendo is going to have a hard time.

    1. Wow, you’re just….kinda retarded, right? If a game is well designed it doesn’t need voice chat? EVER? WHAT!?

      DDD FUCK!? Game that relies on people working togehter NEEDS voice chat if it doesn’t want to annoy the living shit out of everyone. You want to say that all games that have voice chat are badly designed?

      Every time I come on this site, people are more and more retarded. Next time, I would be surprised if comments were in a language. Not even in english, but in any language.

      sfasfoasfoasjgjhaig sglal goa? sgkogank ! asdgomao s,mmvmvm ppeffefighj ?
      gGAADGAG gega

      1. Oh look ! An unexperienced asshat that rants about a single feature ! I’ve been in game design long enough to know the dem emoticons are enough

          1. Nintendo Dark Jester Kooweek

            The only feature that dictates how the game is played is the gameplay itself.

            If you can’t play online because of voice chat, play singleplayer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      2. Its not voice chat that’s need just communication in general. Not saying i don’t want it, but if design of communication is good enough, voice communication becomes a minor issue, it should still be a option.

          1. Its not necessary it should just be option, communication is necessary, voice chat just being a option for the player to choose. Some TF2, and LOL players use text to talk to each other.

            1. It’s a necessary option. That’s what I meant. Well, they do. Typing on a pc is easy and I don’t know about TF2, but in LoL, it’s pretty easy to say what you need to say. It’s not a puzzle game and I do think that it should have voice chat.

      3. The game gives you tools to communicate with your teammates and allows you to see where your allies are at any time, so you don’t *need* voice chat.

        It also means that if you’re playing with a guy who doesn’t speak your language, well, the game isn’t broken.

        Splatoon did this pretty well and this game looks like it does it even better.

          1. But that’s what I meant, the emoticons are there because the game is well designed.

            And from what I’ve seen, most people who played Splatoon agreed that voice chat is unnecessary. I wouldn’t mind if they added it, but I don’t think it “needs” it. All the info you need is on the Gamepad anyway.

            1. Of course it doesn’t need it. This doesn’t need emoticons to work. Games don’t need soundtracks to work. No game needs multiplayer. Games don’t need good graphics. If you go by that logic. The only thing you NEED is something that you move on the screen to be even considered a game. I’ve seen so many reviewers and people saying that Splatoon needs online.

              Nintendo is known for not including online features in their games. The lack of features does not mean that a game is well designed. Even the developer here said that this might be stressful.

              Stop the damage control, swallow your pride and admit that I’m right. I know you won’t. Especially because I told you to do it, so I won’t respond to you anymore. You’re a dumb fuck. Go fuck yourself.

              1. “The lack of features does not mean that a game is well designed.”

                But… it does. More doesn’t always equal better. If a game works perfectly fine on its own, it means the core of the game is very well designed.

                Voice chat isn’t a game mechanic; and it’s certainly not in the same category as music and graphics. Voice chat is merely a function, and not all games benefit from it.

                According to the developer’s vision, this game wouldn’t benefit from having voice chat. Don’t like his vision? Don’t buy the game.

                Ironically, your insults are probably the main reason there’s no voice chat in all these family-friendly games. You might wanna think about that for a minute.

                1. And less doesn’t equal better. Listen, buddy. You’re a fucking idiot. I’m a fucking genius (IQ 180+). How does a lack of voice chat benefit the game? In no way at all? Exactly. I mean, wow. You are completely retarded to try and explain to me that voice chat isn’t a feature that should be standard in a game that is built around puzzle solving teamwork. WHAT!?

                  It doesn’t fall in the same category, but that doesn’t matter. If you want to talk about things a game need. We can do that, oh yes, we can. Not all games benefit from it, but this game is probably one of the games that needs it the most.

                  I’ve explained this too many times, but just because a developer has a certain vision does not make it a good vision or a perfect game. If I say “My game is going to run at 10 fps just because and it’s going to be an online shooter” doesn’t fucking mean it’s a good idea.

                  If Nintendo systems don’t lack something, it’s parental controls. If parents don’t use them, it’s on them. If you don’t get any of this now. We’re done. You’re lost.

                  1. Have you heard of Journey? That’s one example of how you can make a fun co-operative game experience without voice chat. That game was praised for it.

                    I’m sure the puzzles in Zelda aren’t THAT complicated and can be solved by using the emoticon commands.

                    They wouldn’t make this game without voice chat if they knew it needed voice chat in order to solve the puzzles. That’d be ridiculous.

                    I mean, neither of us played this game, so we can’t really know for sure, but we have no reason to believe that this game needs voice chat. It does seem built with that limitation in mind.

                    1. They made Splatoon. A team based game with no voice chat. They made 3D World, NSMBU, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, DKC TF… games with multiplayer, but no online. Star Fox won’t have it as well. If you still trust that their decisions are made with current market in mind, you’re insane. I don’t know how Journey is made. I don’t know the type of puzzles, the flow of the game, I’ve never played the game, so I don’t think I can speak about it, but I’ve played Zelda games, and I’ve seen enough of this to know that players will need voice chat if they wanna keep their sanity.

                      1. But Splatoon didn’t need voice chat… at least not yet, when we can only join random people. And none of those other games needed online multiplayer, except Star Fox, which I really hope they’ll reconsider (they said it’s not currently planned, but there’s still hope).

                        And you’ve played other Zelda games, yes, but you haven’t played Triforce Heroes. I’m sure the puzzles are easier in this one, but there’s this extra challenge and satisfaction that comes from completing a level without voice chat.

                        Anyway, that’s just my opinion…

                    2. An IQ of 180+? Lmfao somebody write an ED article about this guy, plz, this is the funniest thing I’ve read.

      4. I think you have a good point. I also feel that not having voice chat and the well designed levels gives a better sense of achievement in the end

    2. I don’t see any need for voice chat. It can be useful in some instances, but in real life, it is abused far more often than not.

    3. Well most of us will probably play with friends so we’re all gonna get along then. I wouldn’t match up with random people for a game like zelda.

    4. Honestly I really don’t think this game needs voice chat. I agree with what they are saying in that it would make it more satisfying. However, I am by no means in support of their overall choice to always leave out voice chat it just so happens that this game won’t really benefit from it if everyone could just tell you wt to do online

    5. Hmmm, sounds like they are cowering in fear because they’ve pissed off the dragon so they’re finally fucking doing something.

    6. It just depends on the game’s design, would be nice to have ( though i don’t if the 3ds can handle it like a console i know pokemon has it, but its no really VC)

          1. I never cared for Star fox’s multiplayer, but i understand the need. But star fox i have mighty needs

    7. Nintendo clearly knows nothing about online teamwork. I played Ocarina of Time with a Friend, and do you know how we beat it? By working together and COMMUNICATING.
      Nintendo keeps making excuses for voice chat, first “raging” for splatoon, now “control” for this. They only look at the negative side of voice chat, and the negative is less common then the positive. Stop treating your fans like 5 year olds and get your heads out of the past.

    8. Oh and did I mention that all games with voice chat have a mute option? If someone is abusing the chat then just mute him/her! How hard is that?

    9. While I agree that Nintendo NEEDS voice chat in most of thier big multiplayer games, this new stupid Zelda games does not need it…

      I’ll let them slide here, even though this is one Zelda game I will not be buying… I hated four swords, and I will hate Trishit.

    10. I don’t like what I’ve seen from Triforce Heroes. It looks like the same bosses that were in Link Between Worlds. Same look and feel too.

      OOT3D AND MM3D were amazing. Why can’t we just get a new Zelda like that? I’m not a fan of the latest top down games. The DS games did it alright. LBW was average as a game for me. Easy to complete. Short game too. Not much content to do on the side. The DS games had a bunch of side quests from what I remember.

      A new 3D (As in not top down) zelda I’d be hyped for. Throw Multiplayer in the game with a couple stages where links battle it out.

    11. I guess the pre-selected text for communicating does at least give us someway to communicate at least. But really, this game actually does need voice chat, coming from the guy who thinks Splatoon doesn’t need it.

    12. What I gathered from both quotes, if that they apparently think everyone is retarded, and cannot communicate on a very basic level. I seriously do not understand their reasoning, then again, I never have.

      This excuse, is just totally bat shit. So you think people are that stupid, they won’t be able to understand when someone is trying to help them? And you also think, most of us are too stupid to understand how to convey anything about the game, if it did have voice chat?

      Fucking face palm…

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Just wait though, people will be so blind with rage in the near future, that they’ll start bashing a single-player game for the lack of voice chat>>>

        >>>And once again, I couldn’t care less if a game has voice chat or not>>>

    13. Wow so tired of the Lame excuses there never gunna adapt . I feel like punching them in the face to wake them up.

    14. So us players who are Zelda experts and we know what to do have to scream at out 3DS “NO YOU MORON THIS DOOR!!!” Or whatever…basically you want new players to Zelda to wonder around and not know what to do…How about playing online with people on our friends list? VOICE CHAT WITH THEM WOULD BE NICE. News flash Nintendo, you keep saying you want your franchises to be opened up to more people, but eventually YOU WILL NOT GET ANY MORE NEW PEOPLE. Quit fucking around the core fans.

    15. I hate how we’re getting into this again so soon after Splatoon’s VC debate…

      But in THIS case, voice chat would be very beneficial, so long as the players speak the same language (and I know this won’t be the case every time). Triforce Heroes isn’t like Splatoon. In Splatoon, everyone can go do their own thing and that team could still win provided their strategies complement each other; you CAN’T go do your own thing here, you HAVE to work as a team that communicates, and frankly, I don’t think emoticons will be enough to clearly get a message across.

      And if they’re afraid of bossy players or players who decide to ignore orders because they don’t like being told what to do (even when what they’re being told to do solves the puzzle or helps move things forward), yeah, it’s a possibility, but it’s majorly uncommon one. I play other team-based games like Left 4 Dead and yeah, there are sometimes bossy players or players who do stupid things against advisory from veteran players (like one idiot player who charged ahead and triggered a Tank right after a particularly bad crescendo event/special Infected push that left us seriously in the red), but it doesn’t happen all the time.

      Risk and reward here. The risk is that players get into games where this scenario happens- the reward is when it doesn’t and people come out of the game having had fun because everyone played well.

    16. I’m guessing they are implying those who know better may be condescending on those who are first starting out. There is that possibility, I can acknowledge that as I’ve met those asshats before. No, not those who try to help you out, those who want to just stomp on your face for not knowing the basics in the beginning but that also limits communication, only allowing the most basic to be told through emoticons. Imagine if someone is having trouble with a puzzle. If that specific puzzle is preventing the whole team from moving on, that is going to be a terrible situation to be in. We can’t brain storm our thoughts either if none of us know how to solve the puzzle but I reckon it won’t be too hard but for the little ones, they’ll struggle and most likely give up.

      I don’t agree with their method at all.

    17. Nintendo is just trying too hard to fail, seriously. At this point, there are not enough arguments to defend it.

      Well, Lord knows I tried.

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    19. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      *throws hands up into the air* I knew it! I fucking knew they’d spout some bullshit excuse! “We don’t want people getting yelled & cussed at by the mean gamers!” “We don’t want people getting bossed around by mean gamers!” Yes because that’s the only things that ever fucking happens in video games with voice chat! QUIT MAKING EXCUSES TO WHY YOU DON’T WANT TO FUCKING EVOLVE WITH THE TIMES!!! We’ll see how fucking well these excuses do when they are all out of a fucking job because they let the company die from not wanting to evolve with the changing times. They refuse to do voice chat for the negative that comes from a feature. But this won’t stop at voice chat. How long before Nintendo decides to drop online altogether & only do local multiplayer? How long before they start to take away basic features like fixing up the lighting of the game or the option to turn off subtitles? You idiots defending Nintendo’s “no voice chat” stance aren’t even looking at the bigger fucking picture!

    20. I’ll give them this. I was at Best Buy the other day playing with two other people on the demo they had. The guy next to me could not figure out what to do even with me right next to him, and saying ‘Hey, we need to grab this block, and move it this way’. I’m not as upset about lack of voice chat anymore.

    21. people nintendo doesnt like voice chat because of that people can get realy racist on some games look at how they whent with splatoon they also intended to have a voice chat in that game but when the whent for some research well by playing COD on some other platform they got there asses owned in a racist way so thats why they dont like voice chat not this thing they make up for this game but if you want voice chat just use skype and let nintendo work on some bad ass games even without voice chat they make realy good games now and then

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