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Tell Nintendo Exactly What You Thought Of Their E3 Website With This Survey

Update: Turns out the survey is mainly about the Nintendo E3 website rather than E3 in general. Apologies.

I’m sure you’ve all got lots of opinions about Nintendo and their latest E3 event, and now you have the chance to share them directly with Nintendo. They’ve published a survey to get your views of their E3 website and E3 Digital Event in general, which– I think we’re all aware– didn’t go down too well. Mostly the questions are about the website, and a few about the company as a whole, but there are comment boxes where you can let your thoughts run free. So what is it that bugged you about their E3? What do you think Nintendo are doing wrong? Take the survey and let them know!

74 thoughts on “Tell Nintendo Exactly What You Thought Of Their E3 Website With This Survey”

            1. Your daddy is a dumb ass. Let me give you some advice about your stupid daddy. Why in 2008 when Project Café was in R&D didn’t they also start making Stsrfox, Zelda Pikmin 4, Kirby, DK, Metriod and work on Splatoons?

        1. Mr Nintendo bent me over the desk and raped me… I shall see him in court and hopefully third party jail so he can feel the pain I felt when he showed off that terrible E3.

            1. Because Mr Nintendo is a fucking slut that needs to be turned into third party, he has raped my wallet for the last time.

                1. Nintendo fucked up for not thinking 5 years ahead in 2008. As we Wii U ages you notice the newer game graphics gets worse and worse yet still want to charge us $60? The older games look better than the newer games. Why is that?

        1. Oh I feel like quoting Monty Pythons Holy Grail soooo badly right now. But I wont. I’m sure someone knows what scene im thinking of.


  1. This survey will not be taken seriously if people don’t leave constructive feedback.

    Honestly the only thing that I felt was wrong was a lack of NX, because let’s face it, the new games we want are skipping the Wii U and are going to the NX. All they had to show to make everyone happy was a small teaser for wht a new METROID would look like on the NX.

    1. No.

      NX is coming in two years. Not in 2016. It will be announced in 2016. Stop treating it like it’s coming out tomorrow. No game on it’s way right now that we know about is on the NX or WILL be on the NX. Shut up about the NX.

        1. He said IF they’re making one, it will be on NX. Meaning one isn’t in development for Wii U, so even if they don’t have one planned yet, if they eventually do make one it will have to go on NX since there won’t be time to develop for Wii U before its life ends..

      1. I don’t care for the NX. I just want to know why the newer games don’t look better than the older games.

  2. If you call yourself a Nintendo fan and deliberate misuse this survey to be a fucking baby about what Nintendo didn’t give you, then you need to turn in your fan card and fuck off into space.

    Can’t believe a Nintendo news site is stooping to this level – inciting fans to flood this survey with bunk responses.

    1. You’re clearly not a Nintendo fan. You’re a fanboy. So fuck off you retard. Nintendo gave a giant fuck you to its fanbase. Idiots like you say “Please sir, can I have some more?” Nintendo is getting reamed left and right. You’re clearly outnumbered, but it couldn’t possibly because Nintendo actually fucked up, no way. All the people who are venting frustration at the dogshit Nintendo presented are the ones who are wrong. Yeah, that must be it…

      1. Sure, lash out at me for suggesting that you vent your anger at Nintendo in a way that is respectable. And yet I’m the fanboy.

        For what? I never said that I liked what they did at E3? I never said to just lie down and take it. I never said that these games are the best and Nintendo should do more like this. I never said they won E3.

        But yeah, call ME a fanboy because you assume that I must be in Nintendo’s pocket because I don’t want fans to misuse this survey (which is CLEARLY for Nintendo’s E3 website and their website alone) to complain. There are much better avenues: Miiverse, Facebook, Twitter, email, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, you name it.

        And yet I’m the fanboy. Take a look in the mirror one of these days and dwell on that.

        1. “for suggesting that you vent your anger at Nintendo in a way that is respectable.”

          “If you call yourself a Nintendo fan and deliberate misuse this survey to be a fucking baby about what Nintendo didn’t give you, then you need to turn in your fan card and fuck off into space.”

          Lol, I’m not one to talk, I have a horrible mouth. But can anyone else see the irony in this? If you’re going to tell people how to act about something, you’d just think you would set an example before hand.

        2. You said anyone who basically complains about Nintendo not giving them what they want is not a real fan and should fuck off. It sure seemed like you were defending them with that statement.

    2. The only way to steer the ship is to know where you’re going. Nintendo’s the ship doing figure eight’s instead of progressing forward for its crew (its fans).

      I don’t think you should be bashed, I know fans are mad and venting. But dude, sometimes thing’s need to be stopped or revised. I’ve sadly been calling this day for a long time, and I love Nintendo to the core, no matter what CATTLE COMMANDER says. ( :) harhar ) but I think it is definitely time for some change in the game plan, its obvious that others feel the same way.

  3. The survey is about the site and this information is being collected by the people who designed it. I don’t think they care about what you thought about the actual content shown at E3..

  4. Yet Reggie said that they have nothing to apologize of — Reggie is completely out of touch.

    This survey is pretty much “we f*cked ourselves and need to come up with something to fix the situation”.

  5. It’s about their site, not the conference itself…
    Mynintendonews, making sure the information they’ve received has zero research put into it ;D

    1. Hi! I know the survey is about their E3 website, and I mentioned that in the post, but it’s still a platform to share your thoughts on! Sorry if the headline was quite misleading, I’ve edited it more appropriately. I apologise for any confusion :)

  6. Seriously? This survey is about their website specifically. Anyone that uses this survey for anything other than its intended purpose need to grow the fuck up holy shit. Time to sit down and re-evaluate your priorities in life. Fuck the dude that made this shitty article too. This shit is getting out of hand.

    If you are using this survey for it’s intended purpose, or agree that all the butthurt is ridiculous, then alrighty. Carry on.

    1. I’ve personally given up on Nintendo fully.
      Yoshi’s Woolly World is my last Nintendo game, to me, they NEED to go third party after the shit they pulled because they clearly don’t know how to run a console business.

  7. Ok I guys i let go all that anguish so I’ma be rational… So what we should demand?

    Wii U life span increase to 2018
    3DS life span increase to 2017
    Heavy hitting 3rd party exclusives. Every three to four mouths

    Gamecube virtual console

    Sega dreamcast virtual console online on STAR FOX WII U


    Or else good day

    1. 1. Doubt it
      2. They’ll have to, it’s their only life line at this point
      3. HAHAHAHAHA!
      4. Doubt it, it’s Nintendo
      5. DREAM… on
      6. Nintendo doesn’t like online…
      7. NX might be region free.

      So really only 2 out of 7 might come true.

  8. what i think of their e3: many thanks for the lulz provided by the rant of the fanboys about metroid prime: federation force/ voice chat / the graphics of star fox
    Motherfuckers, just wait how the project(s) evolve, then is up to you if you want to support it or not!!
    ♥♥♥ :)

  9. Am I missing something, because it seems like they just want us to tell them what we think of the E3 website, and not the presentation.

  10. yeah fans are still disappointed about what nintendo did on the E-3 video but as of for me i’m not disappointed about there video they are doing there great job on making metroid and zelda and mario to happen.

  11. I swear this jackyanne person needs to stop talking like she’s from Fox News, always trying to slant her posts with her views. Like we really asked for that!

  12. honestly Nintendo fans and im sad to say this are just pain weird. I use to love being a Nintendo fan but Nintendo fans…are stupid……………..i mean i still support them but there fans god fears if Nintendo did something extremely right they would act weird as heck…they do good there hated they do bad there hated. Nintendo fans are backwards…..

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