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Reggie Says That They’re Working Hard On Amiibo Production But Demand Outpaces Supply

We all know just how quickly certain amiibo figures fly off store shelves and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says that the company is aware of the situation and is working extremely hard to fulfil orders. However, he says that demand currently outpaces supply and that they would need to triple amiibo production to fulfil consumer demand for the popular Toys to Life series.

“We’re at a point where we have to take our volume estimates and double them or triple them based on the levels of demand we’re seeing. We’re working very hard to meet that demand.”

Fils-Aime said Nintendo has been working with its suppliers to “push the envelope” for production schedules in an effort to catch up, but “the consumer demand continues to outpace supply.”

36 thoughts on “Reggie Says That They’re Working Hard On Amiibo Production But Demand Outpaces Supply”

            1. Nintendo Dark Jester Kooweek

              We coule be at this for years !

              (If I didn’t have to take care of worst asshats)

  1. Why don’t you just release certain amiibos only after you have a significant amount of each one made?

    1. Right?? Like, build up an inventory that would allow everyone a fair chance instead of 5 figures per store at a time. I don’t swim in one cup of water at a time, I wait until the pool is full. Wait until your amiibo pool is full, Nintendo.

  2. Nintendo should release the new loyalty program. Part of that could be rewarding fans by letting them purchase hard to find amiibos off of their site.
    That way all of us who actually play Nintendo games could get the figures we want. Makes sense imo.

    1. Yeah and that way SCALPERS have the hard time getting the amiibo and the FANS have the ease of getting them

  3. Bullshit. I can go to any store and find four thousand Marios. If you can mass produce that, you can mass produce Lucina.

  4. Already at Wave 5 and they still can’t meet demand.
    Good. Grief.
    This isn’t some case of Nintendo making these suckers themselves. They design them, then send them off to a factory in China which can mass-produce them. Stop giving bullshit excuses. I don’t doubt for a second that Nintendo has the resources, revenue, and ability to increase production to meet demand.

  5. Hey, you know that little kid in the “pre-E3” video where Reggie prepares for the Nintendo World Championships?
    Yeah, I actually think he COULD do a better job at running NOA than Reggie.

  6. It wouldn’t hurt to overestimate and have more supply than demand. Clearly, that’s what’s going on with the main Mario-cast Amiibos. Even if you don’t sell them off immediately, I believe it was Keyensian economics that said theoretically supply would create its own demand.

  7. I love Nintendo. I do. Been handing them money since 1987. Love Mario. Love Zelda. Love Metroid. Love the portable systems and the consoles. Love Amiibo.

    That said, everything out of this guy’s mouth makes him sound like a fucking moron. It is seriously time for him to go. The entirety of the Nintendo hierarchy are all so horribly out of touch and arrogant as hell; Nintendo needs fresh blood, both here in North America and over in Japan. Not a brand new console to replace the WiiU, not a short stock production run on their current cash cow and not a constant stream of shrugs and cliches to cover up their failures.

    It’s embarrassing and insulting to see them constantly make the same mistakes over and over and seemingly not care.

    1. And replace him with who, Trinen?

      But if I could agree with you on something…who seriously NEVER has time to play their own product for AT LEAST an hour? I’m talking about that atrocity, that was, Reggie vs. Hbox at NWC 2015.

      Thinking of that…maybe it is time for him to go…

  8. I mean I can let wave 1 and to a lesser extent wave 2 and 3 (wave 3 was produced only during November 2014, when the first amiibo just came out) but I am so done with amiibo. Thank goodness I never tried to collect them all, I only bought the ones I wanted (I have Little Mac, Pit, Pikachu, and Toon Link)

  9. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    …How many times have I said that about the amiibo fiasco?

    How many times have they said they’ll batten down the hatches and really get the problem sorted out?

  10. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    Is anyone else slowly, and regretfully, reaching that point to where they are just hoping some fan suddenly snaps & kills Reggie, Iwata, & the other idiots at Nintendo? I really hate the fact I’m starting to have that foul thought cross my mind every now & then. :/ I want it to go away… but every time Reggie opens his mouth to say more bullshit, the thought suddenly creeps back in!

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        >.< Nah. I don't have those feelings for Sakurai. I accept one of the possibilities that he's just being his usual troll self with not adding Ridley into Smash. I mean, Ridley won't be the first character he gave a bogus reason not to make a character playable in Smash *cough*Villagernotafighter*cough* and Ridley won't be the last. Unless he keeps his word this time & doesn't make the next Smash. My other theory is that he just hates Metroid because of it's heavy western influences and has only added Samus & Zero Suit Samus because he's being forced to. lol

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