CNET: Nintendo Will Hold Another Nintendo World Championship Next Year

One of the biggest successes at this year’s E3 event was the return of the Nintendo World Championships. Gauging Twitter during the event it would seem as though the Nintendo World Championships went down extremely well with Nintendo fans. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that the Nintendo World Championships will be back again next year. I’m sure Nintendo has worked out what worked and what didn’t and should offer a refined experience next year. Should be fun!

In the meantime, Nintendo said it plans to hold another World Championship next year.


      1. Pretty much my point, except in a shorter and less confusing manner. Thank You for getting my point across.

      2. The Digital Event is the most important part. It is what investors are looking at, most of the fans, other gamers who may be interested in buying Nintendo hardware, etc.

        If you have a great Digital Event, then your E3 is golden. The other “extra events” are pretty meaningless aside from the die hard fans who watch everything Nintendo. There are only like a couple hundred of those in the world though, lol!

        1. >>>I know, I mentioned that part in a previous thread about it being the more important one of those areas, specially for the western territories>>>

    1. Alright, I am sick and tired of having to say this over and over again, because the people on here are just that damn ignorant. The Nintendo Digital Event wasn’t Nintendo’s entire E3. That and the Smash Mini Direct, Nintendo World Championships AND the 3 day live Treehouse Event, were also a part of Nintendo’s E3. And while the Digital Event did indeed disappoint, I won’t deny that, because denying that fact would be outright stupid of me. The Smash Mini Direct, the Nintendo World Championships and the Treehouse Event were actually really good. Granted, in terms of Press Conferences, Nintendo did indeed get their asses handed to them really, really badly, everything else didn’t suck. Well, at least in my opinion…

      1. Can you play Nintendo World Championship? Can you play Treehouse Live? Showing expensive DLC for Smash, a game that’s been out over 6 months, is that really great? The NWC for example they were playing NES games like Balloon Fight and The Legend of Zelda. Not going to get excited about that. Blastball? Moving on quickly.

        And, maybe next year they can invite the rest of the “world” otherwise they can remove that ridiculous title from the competition. I love Nintendo but they need to hear some harsh home truths.

        1. 1. I’m talking more about how good they were at delivering what each thing was trying to accomplish.
          2. You people still don’t get it do you? It IS a World Championships, in the same way as any other World Cup. People from all over the WORLD can go to one place to compete in the World Championship. America was just the location, they never said that it was only open the Americans.
          3. Yes, Nintendo need to actually listen to the critisisms and use it to improve as a company.

            1. Again, people from all over the world could have gone to see if they can qualify.

  1. Big Surprise:

    Metroid on Nintendo NX as the final game and it’s an Prime game with Online Multiplayer and it isn’t chibi styled.

  2. >>>Hopefully I’ll replace Lord Reggienator as the guest player of the empire against the top Elites, he can’t battle…>>>

    1. Hey look everybody, ANOTHER PERSON PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE ELSE. Between you, those 2 or 3 Sasori imposter and any other imposter of a troll or of somebody else from the gaming industry, I have about had it with your guys’s shit. Fuck off and go get a life.
      And yes, I should be ignoring this pathetic waste of space, but it really boils my blood to see pieces of shit like him, acting like complete dumbasses, day in, day out. It’s like they don’t have anything better to do with their life…

        1. I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the Iwata post.

          which, was not meant to be taken seriously.

  3. Great. This could provide the opportunity for Nintendo to show off a high profile game that they first show off at the Nintendo World Championships as an event.
    Also, Mother 3 anyone?

  4. Well I wonder if they will use this to promote their other games on the Wii U like Game & Wario, Wii Sport Club, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, a new Maker game (Metriod), F-Zero U?, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, Hyrule Warriors, Nintendo Land, Bayonetta 2 and Sonic Boom (the challenge being not encounter a glitch for 10 minutes or something) there are plenty of Wii U games that they could have used that were not in this years NWC that should have been there.

  5. Nintendo should focus on creating a new ND for this year to make up for the dissapointing DE and announce some new games for WiiU.

    Even a parody like this is more exciting than that excuse of a DE

      1. The presentations was good, it was just the announcements that were disappointing.

        1. >>>I hope their next DE has a Space Theme, we would all know what that would mean>>>

              1. Oops, sorry. I, uh, meant, um…Ah yes, a livebspace expedition. Um, yeah, that’s what I meant…*Whistles*

          1. I actually hope that the Treehouse Event will be where they announce all of their games and then show the games of after the announcement with the Treehouse team.

    1. All foreign gamers got to do is come to the US. Almost every world championship in gaming are always held in South Korea.

  6. If the social media reaction to the “NWC” has influenced them to bring it back for another year, maybe the social media reaction to their Digital Event will influence their thinking for next year, as well.

  7. How’s about if it’s a WORLD championship having people from, I dunno, around the world enter rather than just ‘Mericans???

  8. Yeah… no:
    “Update at 11:30 a.m. PT, Monday, June 22: A previous version of this story said Nintendo plans to hold its World Championship next year. This is incorrect; Nintendo has yet to say whether it plans to hold another World Championship in the future.”

  9. I had a feeling this would be back again. Or become an annual event. Too bad most of the world gets left out though.

  10. Awesome, barrin the start with splatoon which dragged on waaaay to long, this was an awesome event, million times better then their actual e3 presentation anyway.
    Hopin they go for a different variety of games next time though rather then the same stuff, maybe some smash n64 or melee.

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