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Monolith Soft Confirms They Have A New Game In Development

It’s not surprising, but Monolith Soft has confirmed that they’re currently busy developing a new game. Development on Xenoblade Chronicles X finished a few months back, so it will be interesting to see what they’re working on next. They were working on a Nintendo 3DS game, but we’ve yet to hear anything about that. It would certainly be interesting if their next project makes its debut on NX.

GamesBeat: Are you already working on your next game?

Takahashi: Yes, that’s always the case, every time.

79 thoughts on “Monolith Soft Confirms They Have A New Game In Development”

      1. Probably. The 3DS handled Dream Drop Distance just fine and that was of a similar quality to Birth by Sleep. So yeah, it would likely work.

          1. I know about Dream Drop Distance and it’s one of my favorite 3ds titles because I love Kingdom Hearts. I never played Birth By Sleep before so I was wondering if a possible 3ds port or something could happen. I hope they have more kingdom hearts for Nintendo consoles (well Nintendo handhelds seeing as the 4 KH games on a Nintendo console are all on handhelds)

            1. It’s technically possible but very unlikely. Square Enix already did a HD remaster of BBS for PS3. I think that if we ever see it again, it will probably be on PS4 (and maybe Xbox One) before Kingdom Hearts III comes out.

          1. Yeah. It’s always mainly been a PlayStation and Nintendo thing with a few mobile and broswer games sprinkled here and there. The main games were on Nintendo and PlayStation though.

          1. Maybe. But that’s long ways to go and we have no idea what NX is, what it looks like and if it’s any good to win back any support Nintendo foolishly pushed away just to make some fucking toys with crappy party games for it.

  1. Pedro juan barguil navarro

    i hope it’s another wii u game but since they hasnt released xeno x and thats the game why i bought the wiiu at lauch i hope their game fails miserably and bomb globaly

        1. I thinks it’s because they’re aiming for the holiday hype sales since it’s showing some signs of potential poor sales from Japan. So I think this is their way to hit a gold mind for America’s port.

    1. Most likely Monolith Soft is developing their next title for the NX it would make no sense at this point for them to develop

  2. Excellent news. Can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeve.

    And also certainly looking forward to Xenoblade X in December.

      1. Actually, last time I heard, Earthbound/Mother’s creator said he’d never make another Earthbound/Mother but if someone else wants to, they are more than welcome to.

    1. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a more deserving in house Nintendo development studio. They would be taylor-made for the franchise

      1. Any studio that was not actually founded by Nintendo and the games thereof (Monolith, HAL, Rare, Retro, Game Freak etc.) are by default not Nintendo intellectual properties, just property handed over by the people who actually came up with them. Nintendo only earns a share of their profits and/or owns them through contracts. Nintendo can’t be credited for games that they only published, but were actually the idea’s and creations of an already existing studio any more than Disney can be credited with the creations of Marvel or Lucasfilm by simply owning them.
        By it’s very definition, intellectual property is the product of ones intellect. Meaning they have to actually come up with it and create it for it to be their intellectual property. Thus why there is a distinction between ip: the creation of someones, and 1st party: does not have to necessarily be their idea to fit in that category, but can simply be bought from whoever did make it.
        That’s why games thought of and made by anyone within a team consisting of people who are not originally within Nintendo can only be bought to become Nintendo property, but by default can never be their INTELLECTUAL property because they were not the products of in-house Nintendo talent.
        Origin matters.

    1. Nintendo and some other companies have a bad habit of waiting until a game is nearly done to begin translating. That’s why we’re not even getting Fire Emblem this year.

      Too bad they can’t be like Atlus. They translate as they go and get games out quickly.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Someone should list all types of “tendos” I’ve seen about 15 different ones at least>>>

    1. I would say yes, but I guess sometimes they can just be helping other studios make games while not working on a main title of their own? Or maybe the question was more geared towards asking whether they had a fully developed idea for their next game and have started working on it. I imagine that was more what the person wanted to know since it must take time to fully develop an idea for a good game before any actual work commences, plus it’s a much more interesting question than what boils down to “Are you working on anything at your job?”

  3. Maybe they’re reviving the long lost 3ds game they were working on… i don’t think anyones ready for xenoblade 3/ whatever the subtitle thing will be.

      1. People have been calling for that for year’s. Me included, I really want a full on MMO style game. You do the math. If the could integrate the use of the handheld games to it, connect with players. The list for possibilities for me go’s on and on. I just happen to love Pocket Monster’s though :]

        1. If a full Pokemon RPG was made for the Wii U, the freaking console wouldn’t be on life support like it is. The Wii U would be the hottest thing – guaranteed.

          1. I agree, it would sell. Especially if done correctly. Say start out with the first 151, and that region. As the game went on expansions could be introduced for more, classes, types, items, and you get the idea. I would pay. They could allow for customization of your character. The game could be epic as Sliced Fried Gold.

          2. First things first. GameFreak needs to quit being stubborn. Which I highly doubt they will. After all, it did take them over a decade to move from 2D graphics to full on 3D graphics, so I see a full Pokemon RPG for a home console taking even longer to happen.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>The worst thing is that they have the perfect “excuse” with the Gamepad to create a real Pokemon game if we go along their “explanation”>>>

              1. Exactly. I’ve been saying this ever since the Wii U came out: the Gamepad is PERFECT for RPG games that rely on battle menus. If Xenoblade Chronicles X isn’t using the Gamepad for battles, I”m going to be very, very pissed the fuck off. I don’t feel like hunting down whether it is used for battles because I don’t want to run across any spoilers.

      2. A main Pokemon will never be on a home console because Pocket + Monsters. I thought everybody would had learned their shit after 20 years.

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  5. Another interesting detail in the same interview is that the guy asked him (the director) if they want one of their characters in Smash as DLC.

    Why do I have the bad feeling that people will start voting the hell out of Cross/Elma in the Smash Ballot?

  6. In other news … every other game studio in the entire world that has not fired all its employees and shut down has ALSO started working on another game as soon as they finished their last one. Shocking, I know,

  7. A new Baten Kaitos would be fucking nice! Oh but go back to the first game’s gameplay because the sequel was fucking annoying as hell with a shared deck for the entire 3-man party! I wouldn’t mind an HD remaster of the first game, either.

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