A Game About Retrieving Your Stolen Headphones Is Coming Soon To Wii U

How far would you be willing to go to retrieve your stolen headphones? A square blue hero named Orion faces that dilemma and goes out of this world to fetch them in a platformer called Tiny Galaxy. Developed by Arcane Pixel Games, Tiny Galaxy features spherical environments and 60 levels across six worlds filled with hazardous obstacles that Orion must avoid – if he wants to see his precious headphones ever again. The game will launch on July 16 in North America in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.


  1. I Would Kill A Fucker If they Stole My Headphones. Headphones are like doors, they shut out irrelevant bitches.

      1. Damn that must sucks. I how did you protect yourself from all the irrelevant bitches?

      1. Leave it to you to say the dambest shit ever. Your one of those irrelevant bitches I would block out

        1. >>>You can’t block something out that’s already in the system>>>

          1. Again stupid bitches like you is why I wear headphones. Hack into my shit and I’ll make you regret it.

    1. I’m so glad my wife saw Bridge to Terabithia alone while I was asleep & told me it was all in the two kids’ imaginations, because I would have been extremely pissed if I watched that movie only to find that shit out at the end. Same goes for Sucker Punch.

    1. But if you’re using them, you wouldn’t be able to hear the thief coming haha

  2. That depends on the headphone brand.

    If they’re Beats by Dr. Dre, then by all means keep them. Throw them in a fire for all I care. Nothing would satisfy me more than the sound of cheapness crackling in a conflagration.

    1. Probably never anymore, we will get DevilsThird,XenobladeX,ZeldaU,StarFoxZero and thats it, then everything is at NX.

      1. >>>Even if there is a chance that games are being more developed for the NX now, people in here are way too impatient and quick to judge, anything can happen during this year and the first half of the next>>>

        1. You might be right, its just that i have came to the point where i expect lot from Nintendo, sometimes maybe too much. They still have Retro´s game unannounced, which im sure is a WiiU title. Your right anything can happen, if Nintendo pulls out stellar Nintendo Direct in a few weeks and shows what they really have under the belt im sure all the smoke from E3 is all gone then.

          Besides why did they tease us that Retro will be present at DigitalEvent while they werent?

          Also i wish that NX wont come until 2017.

          1. >>>Humans are just too blinded by rage to a level that’s laughable and pathetic>>>

            >>>I hope it was because Retro wasn’t ready to show of an Alpha footage that they weren’t quite happy with, as you know, they are perfectionists and rightfully so>>>

            >>>And I do think we expect a lot from the empire, maybe too much for our own good, same like when they revealed Cranky Kong at that horrible awards show, people weeks before that were already saying that they would reveal Metroid in it just because they heard some rumours, made their own useless assumptions and because Lord Reggienator had a Samus pin, I mean, blame yourselves for blowing up rumours and misguided own thoughts beyond logic>>>

            >>>And I knew from the beginning that High Command wouldn’t reveal a Metroid game in that awards show, why? Because it was the wrong time and nothing special compared to E3>>>

            1. They could had shown some Zelda or Xenoblade footage on that awards things, revealing Cranky Kong was just lame, heck almost anything than showing Cranky would have been better, nothing unannounced sure but new footage from already announced games back then would had worked more in Nintendo´s favor.

              Also while awards thing wasnt special to reveal anything compared to E3, why did they then decided to screw E3 this year? Zelda Fashion Party and Metroid Federation Faps, certainly dont set the world on fire. The thing is they could had done better if they wanted to, but to me personally it seemed like they didnt even care about announcements and instead wasted resources to create that muppet show to hide the lack of new games.

              And wasting time to deal with Skylanders shit was idiotic, if Nintendo doesnt have good 3rd party titles then its imo better to show nothing from them. The lack of Project Zero and Devils Third wasnt a good thing, i know Nintendo likes to be protective for idiotic reasons but these titles would had generated hype. People can say that they were present at Treehouse and whatnot but the main part of Nintendo E3 was Digital Event, thats what most of the people watched and these 2 titles would had hyped Nintendo more with new footage shown since they are pretty much finished games.

              May i say that i believe Nintendo will recover and please us core fans, it was one event sure. BUT a company like Nintendo cant screw events like that, they are big company, they should put some money to show everyone that they have stellar console with stellar exclusives out there.

              1. >>>I agree with Xenoblade but Zelda is just as important as Metroid, I think they reveal too much of the great things in ND that’s why they have nothing better at E3, well this one anyway>>>

                1. I think ND is great thing but a big event like E3 makes us forget that such a thing even exists. I feel like because of the existance of ND they dont really care about as much about E3 anymore. They pretty much seem to go there to just let people try these games out at the Treehouse, which i think is a cool. I think we are still so used to E3 and the hype surrounding it that regular ND´s get overshadowed by it. We are used to have seen E3 as be all end all kind thing.

                  With ND and E3 i think Nintendo is at hard spot trying to adjust what to show and where, they cant show everything at Directs as they might please because that leaves no E3 announcements and yet they cant save everything for E3 because Directs repeating same games over again wouldnt be as exciting.

                  1. >>>I woud suggest to them to focus on 1-2 games only for Mini Directs instead of 40 minutes long ones and save the best to E3>>>

                  2. It would help if Nintendo would actually show us some 3rd & 2nd party titles coming to their consoles in their Nintendo Directs & digital events for big events like E3. Instead, they act like they don’t exist half, if not most, of the time. “But some of those games aren’t family friendly!” What a load of shit! They can show some of those games without actually showing the mature aspects of them like cutting people in half. Contrary to Nintendo’s beliefs, some, if not most, kids like watching trailers of horror movies/games. They can edit it a slight bit for the events to where none of the heavy aspects of gore and/or blood appear in the trailer. Maybe more Nintendo people will be more likely to buy “mature” games if Nintendo AND the 3rd parties would heavily advertise those games.

  3. Indie developers are running out of ideas. And Wii U is running out of Lifes. Batman comes out today. Im bored with no PS4. Bye Nintendo i did had a blast with you, with the WeakU. I’m. Coming back when you released Regular New Nintendo 3Ds System. And New NX console. See ya in 2017/2018

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