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Nintendo Apparently Asked Burnout Developers To Make An F-Zero For Wii U

We have all wanted an F-Zero title to come to the Wii U and we nearly received one. Liam Robertson is reporting that Nintendo approached Criterion Games, the company behind Burnout and Need for Speed, to ask them whether they would be interested in developing the futuristic racing series for Wii U. The company approached Criterion Games back in 2011, but the developer was too busy with other projects to commit to such a task.

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59 thoughts on “Nintendo Apparently Asked Burnout Developers To Make An F-Zero For Wii U”

    1. Imagine if they make these guys and some of the developers of Mario Kart 8 work on a new F-Zero!! That would be amazing!! :”D

    2. Pretty sure that was the whole point of their game. I guess they would have better luck just asking them to make it into f-zero (wouldn’t mind if it got delayed to make the switch

    1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

      He talked about if he himself were to develop F-Zero, however he never ruled out possibility of other devs working out on this series.

      And the fact that Nintendo (more specifically NoE) has been talks with other devs regarding this series just shows that they still have interest to do something with it. We never know what happens behind the closed doors, but darn they were considering F-Zero as an launch title to sell people WiiU´s that speaks volumes that they have fate for F-Zero games. Maybe they are behind the scenes atm working with some other 3rd parties to develop new F-Zero.

        1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

          I understand that, just a glimmer of hope that maybe these 4 years Nintendo has been works with some other developer to develop new F-Zero.

          *Next year at E3 Nintendo announces F-Party, C.Falcon is wearing dress while he waves his arms at the trailer that showcases board styled F-Zero which requires amiibo to play* Just joking.

          1. That scenario with Captain Falcon waving at the camera in a dress, but instead they reveal Falcon’s Row, a new free-roam open world game in the style of Saints Row or GTA, with the intense driving and depth of GTA but with the immense power you can get in Saints Row
            With F Zero characters and powers.
            Imagine Falcon Punching future cops.

  1. It might sound weird, but I think that Platinum could make an excellent F-Zero game. F-Zero is usually pretty over-the-top, like most Platinum games, and Platinum could make it even crazier.

    1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

      Platinum, Shine´en or SumoDigital would find a way to revive excellent F-Zero racer.

    2. It doesn’t sound weird. Platinum make great games and they would be my first 2nd Party developer choice for F-Zero.

  2. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

    This proves that NoE Shibata and others care about games, unlike big mouth Reggie.

    Anyways, they refused because they were busy with NFSMW, they couldnt had concentrated for the project 100% if they would had agreed with Nintendo. It would have made WiiU launch ultimately awesome though if there was F-Zero game for the system.

    What im thinking right now is that perhaps after Criterion refused they might have went to talk with other 3rd parties to develop F-Zero, i doubt Nintendo only looked at one dev as a solution for this series, there must been others they have talked aswell. And that brings the second thought, perhaps at the moment some developers out there somewhere are developing F-Zero for either WiiU or NX (probably for NX launch) that Nintendo hasnt been ready to showcase yet.

    Miyamoto never said there wont be new F-Zero, he was talking specifically about him self developing and that he is out of ideas, this is why Nintendo has approached other devs with this series, Amusement Vision and more recently Criterion.

    And to those who are like,”They refused cause EA hates Nintendo” No, this is long before Nintendo/Ea debacle, so calm your tits.

  3. Dodged a bullet there, if you ask me.
    Anyway, this proves they’re looking for a chance to put a new F-Zero on the market, which is good news to me.

    1. Yeah. They sure did dodge a bullet. Considering how EA has treated Nintendo since the Wii U, I bet EA would have sabotaged F-Zero in some way as another means to fuck over the console.

    1. Let us have this glimmer of hope, that a new F-Zero game could be released eventually. I say give the project to Platinum Games or Retro Studios.

          1. Retro maybe should’ve worked on Star Fox instead. They made Metroid a lot more interesting in first person, they could’ve done the same for Star Fox in third person with classic dogfights, like maybe make a better version of Assault.

  4. I hope Stranga’s significant other dies of cancer. There i said it, whoa what a relief off my chest…

    1. I hope your Church burns to the ground and the shrine you built for your ‘Idol’ Sasori, crumbles under the rubble of the burning building. R.I.P asshole.

  5. An Open World F-Zero would be awesome!

    Also, Bugbear would be a great choice to develop this as most of the guys who working on Burnout moved to Bugbear.

    1. Not me, but that was in 2003, before Sega couldn’t even handle its own mascot anymore. If they manage to turn around and start delivering top-of-the-line games again, then I’d be okay with them lending a hand on a Nintendo franchise.

    2. Except for the fact this was before Sega fell & became the joke it is today. So like TheManofBrisk said, unless Sega MIRACULOUSLY turns itself around, I don’t want them anywhere near Nintendo’s titles.

  6. So the franchise isn’t as abandoned as I thought. Not good news that it didn’t work out, but I’ll take the pitch as an effort to get another one out there. Silver lining.

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