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Sparks Fly On The 4th Of July With Nintendo And Super Smash Bros

This year, Nintendo fans can celebrate Independence Day by playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and the New Nintendo 3DS XL as Mario dressed in an American flag outfit from the original game NES Open Tournament Golf. Dubbed “Uncle Sam Mario” by Super Smash Bros. enthusiasts, playing as Mario is a fun way to celebrate the holiday.

Fans can also celebrate July 4th this year at the beach, poolside or while traveling with new on-the-go titles from Nintendo including Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition, Stretchmo (available on the Nintendo eShop) or Code Name S.T.E.A.M.on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, including the New Nintendo 3DS XL. In Code Name S.T.E.A.M, Abe Lincoln recruits a range of characters from across fictional literature to form a group with one task: to protect a Victorian era world from an alien menace. And from 7/2/2015 to 7/6/2015, players can see how their squad stacks up in the online tournament with the perfect name – Independence. This engaging, online tournament will use the Medal Battle ruleset.

Families can also have fun at home with Splatoon for Wii U. The first-ever North American Splatoon Splatfest will take place on July 4th at midnight PST and feature in-game fireworks in celebration of Independence Day. Splatfest, which runs for 24 hours, has players compete in online Turf War challenges – just pick a side and battle it out to earn points (in this case, team cat or dog)!

And what better way to celebrate our country’s independence than with fireworks? Everyone loves fireworks as they dazzle the sky with colors and texture, even your friends at Nintendo. Fireworks have even been long been incorporated into Nintendo games since the beginning, like at the end of the first level in the original Super Mario Bros. after Mario jumps on the flagpole, which is also included in the upcoming Super Mario Maker for Wii U launching this fall. Fireworks have carried through appearing in other recent titles like Mario Kart 8.


36 thoughts on “Sparks Fly On The 4th Of July With Nintendo And Super Smash Bros”

  1. I HATE the 4th of July. Nothing but a bunch of crazy weirdos shooting fireworks and firecrackers, not caring about possibly causing a fire. Dumbasses! An annual worry.

    1. What the heck?! Tell me ONE time someone has set a serious fire during the 4th of July.

      It hasn’t happened. People aren’t crazy for fire works, they are celebrating and for a food reason. The fire works are harmless…

      1. There’s always a first time. Any my weirdo neighbors doesn’t seem to care if the falling fireworks hits our house and lands in our yard. I don’t think that anybody uses their brains.

          1. Grown ups dont need to collect toys you need to grow up and get a real job an education a life and quit borrowing money collcting small children’s toys you sorry big grown man.

            1. Some “grown-ups” enjoy collecting. I have a job, a Bachelor’s degree, a house, yadda yadda. And a room for my collectibles. I find it ironic that “an education” is coupled in a laundry list of necessities to succeed in life, coming from someone who misspells “driving”, cannot distinguish between “your” and “you’re”, and doesn’t understand what an apostrophe does to a word ending in ‘s’. If you’re going to insult someone, have some class. I’d recommend an English class, first and foremost.

              1. Joemama393 is just some punk kid trying to make a name for himself. Trolling as hard as he can. He’s been gone since before E3. But is apparently back. Ugh! Probably finally had a chance to use his parents’ computer again.

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>They’ll be even angrier when they find out that the entire US has no legalised same-sex marriage, which is about time considering your constitution gives everyone that right, the days are numbered for the primeval apes>>>

                  1. Dont worry you queers will be able to get married too son….son its ok to be queer just quit talking about it online your embarrassing your daddy

                    1. Wait. You didn’t hear? XD The U.S Supreme Court just now legalized same sex marriage in every state, town and city of the country along with the Affordable Care Act as permanent laws. ^^; Liberty is now rising my friend.

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>Why are you repeating everything I say?>>>

                        >>>But yes, it’s time to move forward on this stupid planet>>>

                          1. I hope that’s sarcasm. There are hundreds of thousands of fires caused by fireworks. 8 people died from fireworks-related fires in 2011, based on these statistics:

                            Also, in the town I was grew up in, the field we watched it in caught fire at least 3 separate years.

                            I sincerely hope you were being sarcastic. If not, simply research “fires caused by fireworks” and/or variations of that phrase.

                              1. Your just a sissy who collects toys theres nothing wrong with poping fire works you big sissy coward

                              2. Fire works are part of life theres death cased by driveing cars too. I feel sorry if you have kids and they cant use Fire works you are paranoid.

                            1. What exactly is this? A big promotional ad for Nintendo? Kind of grabbing at straws.. “And we celebrate Independence Day with fireworks… which are in the original Super Mario Bros. game after you jump on a flag pole… which is returning in Super Mario Maker… a game that releases over 2 months after July 4th… so come celebrate Nintendo™ and your favorite characters, like Mario™, Link™, and ol’ Honest Abe™! Nintendo™ is great…!”

                              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                >>>This is all about promoting the empire, even if I have to once again see that annoying flag>>>

                                1. Don’t forget to play Star Fox 64 3D, the battle of katina. If you know about the reference on that mission hahaha!

                                2. I will NOT be playing video games on the 4th of July! I will be having a BBQ lunch with friends, and then probably a BBQ dinner, and watching the fireworks, and all that good stuff.

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