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Nintendo Zone Viewer Service Discontinued

The Nintendo Zone Viewer service has been discontinued. The service provided location-specific content for Nintendo 3DS users via Nintendo Zone hotspots. Nintendo says the change does not affect any other services available through Nintendo Zone. 3DS users can still use the 29,000 plus Nintendo Zone hotspots across North America to access several network services.

35 thoughts on “Nintendo Zone Viewer Service Discontinued”

      1. Nothing of value was lost. Seriously, when did I ever use that thing? As if anyone ever took out their 3DS in a McDonald’s just to access Nintendo Zone. I only did that once to get access to the Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire special demo and that was about it.

        1. Lots of ppl take there 3ds to McDonald’s your comments are very ignorant and stupid….Mcdonalds is a very ,very popular place for 3ds consoles to be used.

      2. It has not worked for months anyway, where I am. I tried to access it at the McDonalds where it USED TO work to get a free 3DS theme you could not get any other way, but it did not work … yet I still got the streetpass data from the last 6 people to visit that location.

        Yeah … Nintendo Zone was useless. The Streetpass cache was and is the only reason to bring a 3ds to those locations.

        It is no loss.

      3. I have tried to connect once in an area it said there was connection. If I remember correctly it timed out and didn’t connect again.. [>.<]

        1. I did! & it creeped me & my best friend out. We typed our addresses in & a picture of our houses appeared. If some weirdo was after you the Wii U could give him a sure fire visual of your residence. Lol

        2. The only Nintendo Zone that ever worked for me was at a McDonalds in Japan and all it was, was a bunch of ads for McDonalds with no Nintendo content, so as far I’m concerned they need to get this service working better before they start changing it.

        3. I’m just glad the Nintendo Zone spot pass is still in effect. It’s how I get my street passes. :P

              1. Thats the same thing i get coke zero i buy a tea for a dollar and fill it up with coke zero and use the wi fi about 2 hours

                  1. Im in the south and i got a pass from President Reggie and a lady who worked at nintendo at the same time while siting at McDonalds browsing the eshop and i was shocked.

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