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Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Minigames Allow For Use Of amiibo Cards

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival includes a number of minigames in which Animal Crossing amiibo cards can be used in some way. Although Nintendo is yet to reveal specifics, the feature is mentioned on the product page for the game. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival will launch during the holiday season as a bundle that includes the game, two amiibo figures and three amiibo cards.


  1. So basically theses are going to be the new Pokemon Cards

    I think Nintendo should have just made the Amiibos into cards to begin with, at least then they’d be able to keep up with demand.

  2. Oh, they ALLOW us to do stuff with the shit we buy?
    Oh, that’s so nice and gracious of them!

  3. Awesome, now I can unlock content that is already in the game with a piece of paper as well. ddd-fff. Great news. I love Nintendo and their amazingly pro consumer practices. /SARCASTIC AS FUCK

  4. Every time I see anything related to this game I get pissed off from remembering its announcement and thinking of what it could’ve been… ><

  5. Wait, JUST Minigames? Why not allow them to be used as characters you controll in the actual game. I’d like to play as Peanut.

  6. //I still think this game is a terrible idea… But then, if It’s fun, I have no problem with it

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