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Rumour: Diddy Kong Racing 2 Is Apparently Being Developed For The NX?

Kevin Callahan, the guy behind the original Diddy Kong Racing 2 rumour, is at it again and says that the sequel is now in development for the NX. Callahan says Nintendo is aiming at launching the NX for $149.99. The reason for the cheap price point is that Nintendo doesn’t want to compete against the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Callahan points to the fact that Nintendo has trademarked the word Diddy Kong and that Retro Studios haven’t revealed a new Wii U game as evidence that the game is coming. At this point in time this news is nothing but a big fat juicy rumour.

The Diddy Kong Racing 2 project was moved over to new hardware that will be launched in 2016. The new platform is aiming for a price of $149.99 to avoid competing directly (price wise) with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The company fears that it would be market suicide to release another overly expensive box in the middle of a console generation, when most consumers have already invested in a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Wii U development kits are being used to develop NX software; the NX hardware is technically a Wii U except with higher memory bandwidth and a more balanced CPU.

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236 thoughts on “Rumour: Diddy Kong Racing 2 Is Apparently Being Developed For The NX?”

  1. You had me until he said that the NX would only be 150 at launch. There is literally no way! Even if they don’t want to compete with the other consoles, it’ll be higher priced than that.

    1. Unless they figured out how to make a more powerful system for super cheap I either doubt it would be that cheap (although they have stated that a high price point is what hurt the Wii U [even though we know it was more than that]) or think they are making a big mistake

      1. I’d be very skeptical of the console if they went with this option. It is possible that they found some kind of great innovation, but then it would seem like even more of a possible Android phone kind of system and most of the games would be…very intriguing. I really hope that they aren’t about to make such a mistake with their next console and while the price point would help me buy it right away like the Wii U…..I would be worried.

        1. Not even any use talking about it tbh.
          What credibility does this guy have? Precisely, non.
          The only reason why we know him is because he spread the same rumor before, which turned out to be false.

          This is just speculation, not a rumor. Only reason this got posted is for the clicks.

        2. its possible as hardware is now cheaper, heck if they just put in a nvidia gtx 960m and a decent amd cpu they could sell it for $300, still make alot of money and be better than the xbox one in terms of hardware.
          double the price, increase the hardware, throw in a gamepad and a pro controller with a bundle and you got me sold

          1. what if the gamepad can still run the NX graphics on its screen and all the controllers still work for the NX? Then all you need is the hardware itself, nothing else. Game pad not necessary, but compatible so you don’t have to buy a wii U

            Lots of different ways that this could work actually. It is also why I always question why there wasn’t a bigger HDD in the Wii U considering I can get a 1TB drive for $60 or so

              1. Lol ….it would be nice? i would not buy the NX, if that Comes out to be true! I don`t fucking levelpacks as “new games”. I don`t want Rayman Legends (example) without the Touchscreen-Levels what the game was DESIGNED For!

                See? You cannot make games as “Captain Toad” any longer. Sorry, as big as a Nintendofan i am, i will not buy NX if this Comes out to be true. I am not interested in such a “tech-box”. I don`t Need Tech. I have a PC for tech and i use INTEL and Nvidia there, not shitty AMD for cpus or crappy AMD for graphics.

                1. What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. If the NX was a home console soley, but you could play the games off TV on the gamepad I would like that. I don’t see why not… but that’s fine.

                  I’d also like to see two video out ports but that is something else entirely

                2. Um…ok? Y U NO MAKE SENCE? I mean listen to yourself, “Sorry, as big as a Nintendofan i am, i will not buy NX if this Comes out to be true. I am not interested in such a “tech-box”. I don`t Need Tech”.

                  That alone tells me your not too bright about how this all works.

                  “I have a PC for tech and i use INTEL and Nvidia there, not shitty AMD for cpus or crappy AMD for graphics”.

                  Ok granted on the graphics at least but with out those others, you can have an interface. No interface means no games of any type, just a dumb found idle character starring you in the face…or not even that.

                  You must be trolling to say such things or you are completely stupid…I can’t tell honestly. But hey, no skin off my back.

                3. The WiiU without the Gamepad could’ve been sold at around 200 bucks. So if they cut the Gamepad and don’t really improve the system’s specs, this could be possible.
                  The idea could actually be to start with this low-end setup while preparing the systemwide OS to allow upgrades later on, so they could just announce a new version of the NX 2-3 years after it’s launch that would build on the whole infrastructure we already use. Not completely sure about that, just saying it’s nothing that absolutely couldn’t be possible.

                  1. “Don’t really improve the system’s specs” You do realize that this would be the ultimate disaster right? Nintendo would be like 2 generations behind in the graphics department with that and even if they improve the OS or make a new NX, this will alienate even more fans. I think that would essentially be the end for Nintendo to be honest.

                    1. If the rumor is true, then the only logical explanation for this approach would be to cater for the audience that don’t have a Wii U. Think about it, Wii had an install base of 100 million (users). Wii U has barely 10 million. What happened to the rest of the 90 million? They didn’t have a reason to buy a Wii U because of various reasons. The NX could change that. A very low price-point, probably a new name and therefore more distinguishable than the Wii U, probably a removal of the Gamepad, the hardware is better which in turn leads to a better support from third-parties and also more first-party franchises that sell consoles really well, such as Animal Crossing. A Diddy Kong Racing 2 for the NX isn’t entirely impossible as well, if the NX is to have exclusive first-party games for it, like New 3DS has with Xenoblade, then a perfect game for it would be a kart-racer. But there is already a Mario Kart on Wii U, so a better idea would be to make another kart-racer and that’s where Diddy Kong Racing fits in.

                      If you ask me, all of this sounds really reasonable to me. If this is true, this would probably not even affect Nintendo fans who already have a Wii U. If they want to sell their Wii U, then they would probably get almost the entire amount of money that the NX will cost because of its low price-point. Win-win for both Wii U owners and non-Wii U owners.

                      1. But the hardware wouldn’t be considered better. The Wii U’s specs were essentially obsolete when it first came out. The NX wouldn’t stand a chance with barely improved specs in this day and age. 3rd Parties would completely stay away from it and we’d be looking at the next PS Vita in how soon Nintendo would ditch the console. I’m still hoping that this rumor doesn’t pan out.

                      2. “If the rumor is true, then the only logical explanation for this approach would be to cater for the audience that don’t have a Wii U.”

                        If Nintendo is looking to cater to the non-mobile gaming audience who don’t have Wii U’s, then they’d have to provide a platform that’s more powerful than PS4 & somehow convince 3rd parties to either make NX exclusives that cater to the PC/PS/X crowd, &/or convince 3rd parties to cater to NX’s power w/ out regards to platform parity (which seems impossible @ that rumored price compared to PC’s power, & impossible compared to PS4’s popularity). Otherwise, the vast majority of those gamers have PC, PS3 & 4, 360 & X1 for their AAA multiplatting needs.

                        “Think about it, Wii had an install base of 100 million (users). Wii U has barely 10 million. What happened to the rest of the 90 million? They didn’t have a reason to buy a Wii U because of various reasons.”

                        The main reason being they found their gaming fix elsewhere, whether on PC/PS/X or mobile. Some likely still rely on Wii, but that was for many a 2ndary console anyway.

                        & I’m pretty sure Nintendo’s 1st-party games will not be enough, @ least if N64, GameCube, & Wii U’s comparatively lower sales to the competition’s are any indication. It seems like Nintendo’s IPs & Japanese-gaming philosophy have been in decline for several gens (pretty much drowned by the mainstream in 7th). & re the latter, indies have made that successful, but they are widely available. I think the main issue is that multiplats are already available on several systems (including the still-popular 7th gen PS360), & that @ this point, the majority of consumers have already made their decisions, whether to stick w/ 7th gen for now, or have already gone to 8th gen w/ out Nintendo. If NX mimics PC/PS4/X, Nintendo still has an up-mountain battle to climb; & again, Nintendo IP was insufficient to beat the original PlayStation, PS2, & PS4, even w/ more powerful hardware (although there were hardware flaws, like carts & lack of online commitment).

                        Personally, I think this is a matter of subculture. Nintendo themselves are different as are their fans, & they also still adhere to the more fundamental & Japanese way of gaming, & tje track set by the 1st gen, which drastically diverged in 7th. Nowadays, people look to indies for that, & usually as a small diversion compared to 3rd-party, Western AAA. & most indie games are also multiplats, available on PC/PS/X. I highly doubt Nintendo IP (Japanese, colorful, AA, mostly rated E-T, hardly Hollywood-esque, lacking voice chat, etc.) would be enough of an insentive to raise the necessary sales numbers to exceed PS4, let alone match it. & power runs into parity issues (multiplats are widely available elsewhere, parity is necessary to please the huge PS4 userbase, & competing w/ PC’s power @ such a low price is impossible). & Wii’s true casuals are either still clinging to Wii (even DS), or they’re heavily dependent on mobile, which is something they already have for other things & the “games” there are cheap (again, they’re the type who’d rather have fast food than fillet mignon; gaming as a diversion or addiction rather than a connoisseur’s passion).

                        I’d suggest NX might be an add-on of sorts similar to N64’s Expansion Pak, but that would require a Wii U & the price that goes w/ the console. Unless…the rumored price is higher than what it might actually be, that NX is a really an inexpensive dongle for Wii U that boosts its specs to run as powerful as PS4’s specs. Say $50 or $60. But even there, 3rd parties might simply profit, whereas PC/PS4/X would still provide them the lion’s share, but not just because of their combined numbers, or even PS4’s own numbers, but the differences in subcultures. I think more people found a home w/ the PlayStation brand or Xbox brand than simply left Nintendo; rumored or not, Zelda, Prime, Diddy Kong Racing…these will not appeal to the photorealistic, M-rated, FPS crowds that easily find what they want on 3 other platforms.

                        I think the only way Nintendo’s dedicated platforms can win (beyond mere profitability) is if they cater to a large group outside the PC/PS/X AND mobile sphere. That’d likely be Nintendo, Japanese gamers, &…

                        Meh, this is all a rumor, & both the industry & Nintendo have changed in ways that confound me, my speculations are moot, so I’ll just end this post here.

                        1. Yeah, I still want to add that most of my friends either stopped console-gaming after 5th gen for the occasional mobile game, & the few that remain console-gamers either went to PlayStation or Xbox in 6th gen (loyal ever since). The 1 guy who was just obsessed w/ NES, Super NES, & N64 (& Mortal Kombat) switched to Xbox near launch & hasn’t touched Nintendo since. Another grew up w/ NES, but as soon as he was on his own, became predominately a Sony gamer w/ PS2. I know only 1 friend who was a PC gamer, but I lost touch w/ him in junior high & have only met 1 other person (friend of a friend) who is a PC gamer. & while I knew more N64 owners (6) than PlayStation owners (2), Sony already beat Nintendo w/ sales in 5th gen, & both Sony AND newcomer MS did so in 6th gen (albeit Xbox by a a few million).

                          Just felt I needed to expand on the matter of Nintendo’s relevancy to the industry’s mainstream. Even Wii had many hardcore titles, but its userbase & the PS360 gamer still treated it mostly like a casual box &/or 2ndary console. Super NES seems like Nintendo’s last major win in the home-console arena. Even if Nintendo were to mimic Sony to a T, I doubt that Nintendo would be able to compete against an already established brand. Then again, Sony fans seem comfortable w/ PS’ change into what’s essentially another Xbox brand; & the vadt majority of gamers nowadays follow 3rd parties & the best graphical port, so who knows (I don’t), maybe Nintendo could find success in mimicry. They could be the best damn part of the the PC/PS/X/N super-platform.

                        2. The Problem of that is: You would only have another gamecube then. No Innovation, just another stuipd button and stick-Controller with the same old game-principles which we allready have more than enough of. It makes no sense, sorry i am not interested in another gamecube. I hated the gamecube as it had the WORST 1st-party-games EVER of any Nintendoconsole (my opinion). I only got it when it was like 50 Dollars in the garbage-bin. See?

                          So what we would get with the NX is just another casual-machine…wow. And the Support for WiiU would die, trust me. Nintendo can blablablala all they want. But the WiiU will die when this Comes out. And this means: Nintendo will lose even more fans then (me and my girlfriend). I see big Problems heading for Nintendo…

                        3. Because graphics are the only thing gamers care about, right? Because those high end graphics sure made Animal Crossing and Puzzle and Dragons my two most played games the past couple of months. Shovel Knight was a big success because of it’s UE4 rendering, correct?

                          1. A lot of gamers do care about graphics, hence why a lot of people prefer PC to consoles. But that isn’t the point. What would Nintendo gain from showing off graphics to costumers? Nothing, because there are better options for costumers to choose from. But Nintendo need to show off the capabilities of the NX to third-parties in order to win them back again. Third-parties have abandoned Wii U because of the differences between the hardware of it and PS4/Xbox One. If Nintendo can release an upgraded system without those differences, then they could win back the support of third-parties and ultimately have more software released for their system and put Nintendo on par with Sony and Microsoft. The question is whether that will be too late or not..

                            1. “What would Nintendo gain from showing off graphics to costumers?”

                              What would 3rd parties gain? They have Steam, PS3, PS4, 360, & X1, & in some cases, mobile; would they really care to fit NX in? As you put it: “Nothing, because there are better options for costumers to choose from.” & in some cases, that means 7th gen consoles like PS360, so graphical upgrades are somewhat unnecessary for many gamers & devs still multiplatting there.

                              “…Third-parties have abandoned Wii U because of the differences between the hardware of it and PS4/Xbox One…”

                              That’s part of it. But it really comes down to numbers. 3rd parties managed to accommodate Wii into their plans (& w/ out much multiplatting), even though they were investing in costly AAA on the other platforms. 2 RE Chronicles (Wii’s answer to PS360 RE), House of the Dead, 2 No More Heroes, 2 Red Steels, MadWorld, NiGHTS, an alternate Prince of Persia (but TFS was severly watered down, even compared to the totles in the 6th gen trilogy)..but there were multiplats like Rayman Origins, Muramasa, Sengoku Basara…

                              Then again, Wii U had better launch #s than 360’s launch #s, & the few games that actually catered to the Nintendo fanbase were not released under the best of conditions. 3rd parties seemed to still be clinging to 7th gen, & were mostly intimidated by the Gamepad (to their credit, Ninty basically ignored it). But Wii U’s architecture is more dev-friendly than PS3’s; & should be less costly to dev for, IF making AA &/or exclusives.

                              Anyway, I certainly didn’t buy Wii U for multiplats, not every 1, though I did expect some great AA games & 3rd-party exclusives from them. They rarely make those anymore… Even the innovative boom that occurred in DS’s early years failed to move to 3DS. The touchscreen mostly became a 2nd screen, maybe adding a few extra virtual buttons. Atlus could’ve made a new Trauma Center for Wii U, especially 1 like DS; Hel, they found a way to make 1 for Wii using the Wiimote, so Wii U should’ve been a breeze. Apparently not. So many DS games could’ve gotten console sequels on Wii U, but 3rd parties were more concerned w/ bringing their PC/PS/X multiplats to Wii U. Well, that’s certainly easier, & there’s a market for it. But I think that’s a very small market, & most people already had/have platforms, non-Nintendo platforms to get those multiplats. Personally, I’m not into 3rd-party AAA (which only really became a thing in 7th gen), but it’d be cool if Nintendo could successfully accomodate all the types of gamer, I just don’t see that happening.

                            2. I’m so sick of that lame argument. Why should game play be the only thing? Just because someone wants awesome graphics doesn’t mean they don’t want awesome game play. We can and should have both. The games you listed aren’t the best examples, but when you think of great games coming out but with mediocre graphics, think how much better the experience would be with great graphics.

                              1. You fail. You never understand it huh?

                                Think about it: The better graphics are, the longer a game is in development and the more it costs! Half Life 2 has PERFECT gameplay but also nice and good graphics.

                                Guess where your argument fails? Half Life 2 was in development for 5 years. You only get such perfect games every 5-10 years! They don`t grow on trees.

                                Nintendo doesn`T even have the necessary people (you need 400 people today for making games like Assassins Cree 3/4 or Unity)- to make 1080p-games. See? Thats why Mario Kart 8 has missing modes, thats why Smash Bros, as perfect and good it is, still just is the same as Smash Bros Brawl (no innovation, just old game-principle with newer 1080p-graphics and some more gameplay modes thats it). See?

                                Nintendos games ARE ONLY perfect in gameplay, because they CONCENTRATE on that! You cannot concencrate on both since you would need much more time for it! Thats why Zelda comes out only every 4-5 years! And i only mean a NEW Zelda.

                                I don`t want to play old-gameplay from 1980s in 2015. I want NEW gameplay. I want new games like Captain Toad (never seen before), or ZombiU.

                                1. Half Life is the stupidest example ever. That game came out forever ago and they haven’t touched on that series since. I don’t even think the people who made it still make video games (although I could be wrong). Use a franchise that is actually still in existence. I would be more that happy to wait for greatness. You are impatient. More expensive? No. Not to gamers. Unless the big 3 all decide to up the prices. And yes, they did raise prices, I know. But they know that gamers won’t put up with that on a regular basis. Look at the Legend of Zelda. Would you rather we get one every year? We get usually one per console, and have to wait forever. But when they come out, the games are amazing. And so are the graphics! You know what? Go play indies since you are all about gameplay. You act like there’s only a handful of video game series out there. There are so many series out there that would fill in the wait time in between each other. You’re just being ignorant and accepting lower graphics and laying your whole argument on “development time.” I don’t need 40 games a year. I have a life. Patience is a virtue. I don’t want two games a year either, but guess what? As I mentioned, there are so many series out there, that I don’t have to worry about that. And your statement that Nintendo games are perfect in gameplay only is not necessarily true, as some of their games are gorgeous, and also not justification for bad graphics. Am I saying I want games where I can’t tell they’re a video game? No. But I do expect a certain level of graphics in the year 2015.

                                2. A lot of people miss the simple facts. You keep harping on about gamers caring about graphics, but really and truly that only goes so far. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, devs care about graphics too…they really do…a lot more than us. They want to be able to create the ideas in their heads. “Graphics” isn’t just about something looking better, it allows you to implement entirely new physics & systems, HUGE undertakings, all while still running smoothly. What you’re saying is great for Indies, but it won’t land us any 3rd party support outside of the eShop. Regardless of what we think of graphics, a dev won’t look at a system he can’t use to create the game he wants. Open your eyes & think critically. The logic you’re using currently isn’t up to snuff with reality.

                                  1. “…a dev won’t look at a system he can’t use to create the game he wants…”

                                    It’s less about devs & more about publishers chasing AAA or the CoD paradigm. But there are many devs who are sick of the huge teams, several bosses, micromanagement, lack of control, narrow release schedules, releasing broken games @ launch. Most 3rd parties are no longer into the creative aspects of devving, but rather the production line. The industry has been institutionalized, devving is like factory work, & games are merely products chasing the lowest common denominator.

                                    If devs actually want to create a game nowadays, they either work w/ a 3rd party who still adheres to creating games & w/ a more sensible approach (reasonable budget, gameplay a priority, finding sensible profit, etc.; more AA than AAA, & either more variety or focus on improving in 1 area of expertise), or they go indie. There are also the smaller studios on contract to bigger 3rd parties, but their decisions are still based on the commissioning publisher & its shareholders.

                                    Love it or hate it, but CoD made a shot that was heard all over the industry, & 3rd parties have been trying to capture that success ever since. Sure, not every AAA is like it, nor is every big game designed w/ a big budget, but the industry & its consumers are focused mostly on big power (aside from high-end PC rigs) & shiny graphics. I call it the “Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor” effect.

                                    But no, 3rd-party devs are not as free to create what they want as they once were. The projects have gotten bigger, & the devs’ creative control has gotten smaller. The same thing can be said about Hollywood & studio’s chasing after blockbusters.

                                      1. What about the PS6 and PS7? Nintendo has to prepare for those also! /sarcasm

                                        In all seriousness, no one knows what the PS5 or Xbox 4 will be, so all this speculation is stupid. Nintendo will release the NX first, giving them a couple year’s headstart (at least) before Sony and MS release their systems.

                                        I don’t plan on buying a new console until this generation is completely over. I’ve already spent enough money on my PS4 and Wii U.

                                        1. But that’s the point. This will be the next gen console to rival the next installments. Making it only as powerful as a PS4 is not going to work. My brother just got a PS4 so we definitely won’t be buying a new console anytime soon either.

                                        2. Unless NX is the Wii U equivalent to New 3DS. That would kinda fit into the 3rd pillar idea. But I keep expecting NX to be something different altogether, something that warrents all the secrecy. After all, competitors have redesigned consoles before.

                                          1. It could have something to do with their whole quality of life movement. Maybe it’ll have more to do with titles like Wii Fit and Just Dance while still having some Android esque title versions of Mario and Link.

                                          2. I agree, but this is totally happening.
                                            Nintendo is changing it’s business model. They will never be a console powerhouse again. It’s all mobile and casual for them from now on. :(

                                            1. Well, I wouldn’t call Zelda, Star Fox 0, Genei Ibun Roku #FE, Fatal Frame, X, Bayonetta, & Devil’s 3rd casual, or even Super Mario Maker (but that’s more in the player’s hands). Still, no F-Zero, Wave Race, Sin & Punishment, & no aggressive push to help Shadow of the Eternals or Strategy/J-RPGs…

                                              I think if Nintendo is to compete, they’ll have to copy the competition in this way: Sony & MS made 1st party games that were geared toward what 3rd parties were making, acting as liaison for their fanbases. However, Sony & MS were always highly dependent on 3rd parties. If Nintendo is to compete w/ PC/PS/X, they’d have to make @ least a few 1st-party games emphasizing big budgets, Western leanings, photorealism, cutscenes, a T or M rating, & massive online support, all while holding back on the quality so as not to outshine 3rd parties. Nintendo also can’t leave their launch lineups soley to 3rd parties as evidenced by 3DS & Wii U. But maybe all their titles would have to @ least hold back on quality. But, depending on the power, Nintendo would likely have to reduce the number of their releases so as to keep development brief, & as much ¥ as possible into feeding AAA. Annual releases & microtransactions would likely play an important role in their games. Topping the charts will not be enough, as AAA & the business models surrounding them has made that clear.

                                              1. Why would Nintendo have to make M rated games? You don’t see anyone asking Disney to make R rated movies. Nintendo is a family friendly company, just like Disney. Keep your expectations in check.

                                                1. Part of the reason why Nintendo has been losing the majority of gamers is because of its “kiddie” image. This seems to have started w/ GameCube, despite Eternal Darkness (released early & published by Nintendo), MGS TTS, geist (Nintendo), 2 Resident Evil exclusives (REbirth & Ø), an RE timed exclusive (4), Killer7, Dead to Rights, PoP Warrior W/ in & TTT, all M-Rated; & T-rated games like 2 Primes, Fire Emblem PoR, Timesplitters 2, 2 Viewtiful Joes, Soul Calibur II, etc.; & having the most powerful hardware of the 6th gen consoles. There are many reasons why GCN came in 3rd place, but it was deemed “kiddie” nonetheless, & many consumers stayed away because of that.

                                                  Wii had plenty of M-rated games, too: MadWorld, 2 No More Heroes, House of the Dead, 2 RE Chronicles, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Dead Space Extraction, etc. & while the “kiddie” image persisted into their 7th gen, Wii was also deemed too casual (despite games like Zelda TP, Fire Emblem RD, Sin & Punishment SS, Muramasa, MadWorld, Guilty Gear, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom; backwards compatibility w/ GCN; & “traditional” controller options w/ the likes of the Classic Controller & GCN controller.

                                                  In 5th gen, the only main issue hurting N64 was the cartridge system, which did lead to lack of comparable 3rd-party support. I don’t recall any comments about N64 being “kiddie”, despite the kinds of games that’d later be deemed as such (Super Mario 64, 2 Banjo-Kazooies, 2 Pokémon, Buck Bumble, etc.).

                                                  W/ GCN, Nintendo used smaller discs to help keep dev costs down, to set a limit (so they said), & encourage creativity & emphasize gameplay. Diminishing returns is also evident. Obviously, most 3rd parties & gamers want none of that. Nintendo has been losing relevancies since 5th gen. They relinquished their grip on 3rd parties in 5th gen, but the carts & indignation kept many away. GCN was easier to dev for & the most “powerful” of 6th gen consoles, but 3rd parties wanted bigger games (despite PS games being on up to 4 discs, & REbirth & RE4’s technical achievements each on 2 GCN discs), & there was that “kiddie” image, especially against PS2’s new slick image & DVD capabilities.

                                                  But I don’t know what Nintendo should do. Seems they should shed their “kiddie” image (no matter how inaccurate), release the most powerful home-console of its gen, make zero controller “gimmicks”, take a backseat w/ their IPs &/or quality, & just let 3rd parties have their way (it’s evident to me that 1st party & exclusives are irrelevant in this current climate, brand-loyalty is not enough, individuality is worthless). But again, people claim to want Nintendo games, but also want Nintendo make something else. People claim they want 3rd party, but 3rd party don’t sell Nintendo consoles, just Sony & MS platforms. Generalizations, perhaps, but unless Nintendo does everything exactly right for every gamer, they’ll be doomed to profitibility rather than popularity.

                                                  Personally, if Wii U had more turn-based Strategy/J-RPGs, 3D platformers (Rayman, PoP, real Tomb Raider); interesting Shooters (Buck Bumble, Red Steel, Killer7, Timesplitters); Arcade Racers (Burnout, Ridge Racer); Open World Racers like Crazy Taxi; Survival Horror (real RE, Silent Hill, Alone In the Dark), & Nintendo IPs like Prime, Shadow of the Eternals, Sin & Punishment, F-Zero, Wave Race, 1080°; pre-7th gen SEGA, Capcom, Squaresoft (er, Square-Enix)…well, I’d be a happy, albeit broke, gamer. But apparently Nintendo needs to promote huge budgets, cutscenes, &, yep, M-rated games in order to ride high on a mainstream wave. Basically, there’s a darkside to every 1 of Nintendo’s strengths; they’re praised 1 minute for their innovations & quality, then spit upon for something they did “wrong”. Nowadays, their problem is that they continue to be Nintendo & not aligning w/ 3rd parties’ PC/PS/X shift. Again, generalizations, but gamers have been leaving Nintendo in droves for something else since 5th gen. Seems like Nintendo was just a forced option to many, something that looked good @ the time until something they liked better came along. & I bet, if NX conforms, I’ll likely leave. I’m already disappointed w/ Wii U’s offerings, or lack thereof, but more disappointed w/ 3rd party offerings on any platform.

                                                  Anyway, maybe Disney games sell better on non-Nintendo platforms, but I’m guessing they are not the deciding factor. Based on the charts, M-rated games are the majority. & FPSes, Open Worlds, & photorealism reigns supreme. While many genres have been ignored, & many IPs are dying in a scrap heap (some mutilated, only their names recognizeable).

                                                2. Yea this sounds like a bad idea if its true, they could probably get away with a 200-250$ price because that’s what ps4 and Xbox one well probably be by then. At that point I think they would be competing price wise. I think they need to move to X86 if not they aren’t just alienating customers but also more developers which well make it harder for them to get games (which is already a big problem)
                                                  also making just slightly more powerful Wii U sounds like a issue as well, by the time this comes out its not just competing agenst the well established Xbox One and PS4 with tones of softwear updates, and games and customers who have grown into that investment but it sounds like they would be setting them selfs up for failer already if they make the system still weaker then xbox/PS and still not move to x86. but I would like to see all new versions of they’re controllers with new branding, (view pad, motion remote, classic controller, fit board, fit meter, sensor bar, nunchuck)

                                                  1. x86 is dying. Intel confirmed that the last months. x86 is going to vanish the next years. No one will care it its gone. And for me that means: No longer buying any x86-cpu, not even Intel now. See? Theres no point in buying a new 300-dollar-cpu if the cpu itself is just 5% faster. Right?

                                                  2. Yeah, 150 makes no sense and would sell at a lost beyond the companies tradition models of past-gen systems. I’m also presuming that system would be stronger, as many developers are waiting for the NX as if it was expected that it would be stronger or on par with the PS4 and Xbox One.

                                                  3. Maybe the NX is a steam like box? Pack as much power into a little box on the front end and let the back end servers do the heavy lifting. No physical hardware at all, purely downloads and games can be stored partially local with majority being hosted online. 3rd parties would love it as they wouldn’t have physical disc costs and could update code on the fly. This could be Nintendo making the first jump into a cartridge/disk-less era. They’ve been tweaking their eshop for quite some time now, and the ending of club nintendo leading to the unification of accounts. Will be interesting to see what they have up their sleeve. It WOULD be an entirely new way to look at gaming.

                                                    1. Interesting idea. However, Nintendo currently sells way more physical copies of games than digital. I’m unsure if they would risk their primary source of sales. Then again, if they’re trying to appeal to the Steam crowd (& download-only PS/X crowd), perhaps it’d work. I guess they could always port NX exclusives in a physical form on another console if it fails.

                                                      1. Thats why I feel as though they will keep WiiU games rolling out and not jump ship completely to NX. NX could be more experimental than anything, hosting a bunch of online focused software to see if there is indeed a desire for it to run that exclusive route. It could just be part of the “pillars” Nintendo was talking about, not necessarily scrapping the WiiU, but engaging a new and different area. Which could in theory drive more sales to the WiiU.
                                                        It would certainly make a MUCH cheaper device to not have a disk drive and essentially no moving parts. I would assume its similar to a PS Vita TV, but really a much more connected device than vita tv could hope to be. Allow for older titles to be bought/played, but expand that greatly. This would allow casuals to get their easy fix on the big screen, while HOPEFULLY allowing heavy online gaming.
                                                        As I just typed that last sentence, I really hope this isnt just a casual only device that runs “apps” if you will. We heard the Amazon rumors and hopefully this isnt a vita tv clone or a ouya type box and has some actual weight behind it aka a steam like box/ ps vita tv fusion device. Guess we will have to wait and see.

                                                      2. Doesn`t work since NIntendos games rely much more on latence-critic gameplay, than having a typical Shooter with some explosions and other typical things going on which aren`t so dependent of latency.

                                                    2. At 149.99 what kind of system would we be getting exactly? Like… WHAT? Cheaper than a new 3DSXL, way cheaper than a Wii U… I am confused and worried.

                                                      1. Another theory: They’re aiming for 150 bucks so they can live with it, getting sold for 200 bucks after the real world has finished hitting them. Which would still be better than going for 200 to find out it’s only possible at 250.

                                                        1. no, that is OK… as long as it is good I don’t care… I’d actually rather have “great” but if Nintendo fit PS4 power in a 149.99 “micro console” that may or may not be more hand-held, that would be insane.

                                                      2. Honestly, Nintendo doesn’t even know what the NX is, and this guy knows the price? Let alone implying the console will launch next year?
                                                        Please….and I suppose Metroid Prime 4, F-Zero UX, and Pikmin 4 are all confirmed too right?
                                                        Why do people pay attention to people like this……

                                                        1. Nintendo knows what the NX is, as they have been designing the console and working out the feature of the NX since the launch of the Wii U. But I agree, everything else seems a little bit of a stretch, especially the launch year. Here’s how it usually goes. Console gets announced and shown off at E3, the next year it get’s shown off some more and then get’s released the year of the 2nd E3 it’s shown off at. Also, what’s next, Nintendo announces that for the next Mario Kart, they are going to do what Microsoft has done with Windows and skip 9 and go straight to 10?

                                                      3. There is no way that this is true, there’s a rumor going around that they showed the NX to third parties at e3 behind closed doors and it was well recieved. If that’s true then this rumor is def untrue!

                                                      4. If they remove the gamepad, this sounds perfectly reasonable, the pad itself added like 100 dollars to the cost afair

                                                        1. That wouldn’t be another system why do people keep saying that. Taking away a gamepad doesn’t turn a Wii u into an NX

                                                          1. no, but with advances in tech and lower cost (remember this is coming next year or later), they could make a gamepad less Wii U at par with PS4. If it uses the same architecture 3rd parties would be happy. Even if it’s just on par with Wii U but porting is easier they’d be happy.

                                                            1. The NX isN`t using stupid x86-tech. Its using ARM and or PowerPC (as usual) as they clearly stated recently. Nintendo gives a FUCK about what Thirdparties do for N. Its just that Thirdparties can put their games on N-hardware, it doesn`t matter to N. Nintendo goes its own way. And that is the BEST for them since they have no chance with going the “most powerful hardware” thing. Sony bleeds money since their games sells like crap. How many games do PS4-owners have in average? You guessed it! Only 4! How many games do WiiU-owners now have in average? Right! Its over 8 now!

                                                          2. It would be cool if this was true and a launch title. And if F-Zero is in development and was also a launch title for the NX. That way, that would already be an extremely strong start to the NX’s Lifecycle. Coupled with a gane that makes use of one of the major features of th NX, whatever that might be, then that would already be a formidable Trio.

                                                            1. I don’t think Nintendo would add F-Zero to launchgames. Might be happen though, I’d be positively surprised. But in terms of strategy it woudln’t be so smart as it’s not a franchise that generates too much sales momentum, so it would be a game like Star Fox to release a bit later when something like Mario Kart and Smash Bros have already been there to increase the userbase.
                                                              But well, creating a perfect launch lineup is a science of its own. And with the WiiU, Nintendo showed how not to do it. Maybe they’ll do better with the NX.

                                                              1. F-Zero was a launch for the SNES when it first came out. Don’t dispose the possibility that they would do it again.

                                                              2. I wouldn`t automatically buy an “NX” just if it has F-Zero for launch, dumbass. I care for features.

                                                                So the first thing i would do is check if this “New console” has complete BC to WiiU. If it hasn`t got => No thanks. Then i would check what new ways to play are there. If its just a gamecube, or just being able to stream Android/Mobile games/3DS-games to the TV => no thanks i don`t need want (nor do i want that). I would check if it can play Blurays or other things like that (or if it has a perfect working Internetbrowser, which is not the same or even comparable to PS4s or Xbox Ones-Shitbrowser). See? Thats what I WOULD going to do! See which features are there. No features? No buy!

                                                                Thats how it goes for me. Just having one good game isn`t going to cut it for me. Also i doN´t need F-Zero (and i wouldn`t think some Platinum or other developer would be able to make another one as good as it was in 2005 from Sega- if Platinum is going to make it they are just adding some new levels and thats it, there you go- new F-Zero and it will bomb again since not many people are interested in playing the same game-principle since 20 years) since i allready get Fast Racing Neo which is going to suit my need very well.

                                                                I do only care if there are really new games with new ways to play- on its way. So if theres just another “levelpack”-F-Zero…no thanks.

                                                                If theres just another Mario Sunshine 2.0- no thanks. If theres just another Mario Kart with nothing new to add….no thanks, i allready have Mario Kart 8 i don`t need Mario Kart 9 with 1080p-graphics or other shit. I want NEW games.

                                                                I want games like:

                                                                – Lego City Undercover U
                                                                – ZombiU
                                                                – Rayman Legends (only counting WiiU-Versi0n since its the ONLY one which has ALL CONTENT in it and its the only version where the game is how Ubisoft aimed for it)
                                                                – Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
                                                                – Splatoon

                                                                See? THOSE are the games i want. Games which combine perfect-working smartphone-tech (gaming-touchscreen, not that capacitive shit today smartphones use)- with the tech of good Console-gaming. Thats how it goes for me.

                                                                I dont want or need another stupid F-Zero with the same old button and Stick-aiming from 1980s. THAT is where Splatoon comes into the discussion. See? No Auto-Aiming. Stupid Casual-gaming has no chance to win this game. And thats what i want. I want new ways to play. Make new games, with new characters and if it HAS to be a Mario/F-Zero, or other known mascot, make sure the game ADDS SOMETHING new. Not just new levels, new worlds or other stupid shit like that.

                                                            2. Also if they would be able to put a system that is “basically a wii u with higher specs” out at this price point, then why the hell wouldn’t they lower the wii u’s price?

                                                              1. “then why the hell wouldn’t they lower the wii u’s price?”

                                                                Since they are not able to shrink the WiiUs-chips. 500 GB/s eDRAM (made by Renesas) cannot be made in smaller nodes than ~40nm right now. NO ONE is able to do that. No one ever produced a working eDRAM with 32 MByte of capacity and a bandwidth of over 500 Gbytes/s- with the 28nm-node!
                                                                The GPU of WiiU itself also cannot be made smaller than 40nm (AMD also can only do 28nm, that is just one node smaller, nothing to write home about xD) since they don`t rely only on AMD-parts for the GPU but also use own parts, some Nintendo-known shaders which only Nintendo itself produces- the cpu of the WiiU- which is just ~30mm² big- wouldn`t be cheaper if you would produce it in 28nm instead of 40nm (which its right now). So whats the point of producing a 20 dollar-cpu (in 40nm) in 28nm, which would just make it more expansive since IBM has to use its new machines for?

                                                                Remember IBM produces allways ONE STEP bigger than its concurring companies. So when Intel/AMD produce in 28nm, IBM still uses 40nm or 32nm.

                                                                See? The shrinking of chips has ended now/slowed massively down.

                                                                You won`t be able to produce the next-gen-graphics-GPUs in 22/14 nm or even smaller in the next 2 years!

                                                                Why do you think PS4 is still 400 dollars? If Sony would be able to make AMD using 22/14nm-chips instead of old 28nm, then of course you would get it 100 dollars cheaper! But that isn`t the case!

                                                                So thats why Sony decided to spare parts of the PowerSupply of Playstation 4 (which is now 230 Watts instead of 250 Watts), which could save 5 dollars or so…and they also saved on the mainboard, used cheaper parts and the console itself comes now with a bigger harddrive instead (which is cheaper to produce) and therefore => no price cut.

                                                              1. Its practically impossible to upgrade WiiU like the case was with N64,GC,Snes,MegaDrive etc. because of lack of an attachment/cartridge slot. USB ports for attachment like that wont cut it.

                                                            3. This must be one of the biggest pile of horseshit I’ve ever read online! First of all, the NX will be released around 2017 and not in 2016. Second, Nintendo already said, that the NX will start at zero and now this guy claims, it will be a WiiU with better RAM and a “more balanced” CPU (whatever that means).
                                                              I hope nobody believes this crap!

                                                            4. “the NX hardware is technically a Wii U except with higher memory bandwidth and a more balanced CPU.”

                                                              Im all for DKR2, but the news about NX seem to point out that its basically “NewWiiU”, kinda like “New3DS” is to 3DS. Minor upgrades, with ditching the gamepad could potentially make Nintendo able to sell this system for 150 bucks.

                                                              What i dislike though, as a WiiU owner is that if DKR2 would be exclusive for this NewWiiU, i mean, the idea to just make a minor upgrade instead of going fully next gen sounds so lame, the very reason why i never bothered with New3DS. Would there be any relevant point to make such a minor upgrade, why wont they just release regular WiiU without gamepad and update the OS to work without it or some shit like that?

                                                              The only way to get me interested for NewWiiU would be if it has cartridge slot and support for 3DS games, that way i might give it a chance but otherwise its just too pointless upgrade from Nintendo.

                                                              Or are they saying its pretty much what Wii was to Gamecube? System with minor upgrades but under the different brand and design? That would be pointless too and not by any means better solution.

                                                              Why not just wait till, 9th gen and stick to WiiU and release actually powerful system that is able to compete, geez Nintendo, i hope this outside of DKR2 stays just a rumour. Sounds too stupid idea to be true.

                                                              1. Ugh…you know that Nintendo allready confirmed that New 3DS gets a “lot of exclusive” games right? Xenoblade Chronicles is just the beginning. We allready have confirmation of coming – eight new- yes- EIGHT- new 3DS-exclusive-Indie games which aren`t anywhere else playable (not on PS Vita, not on Smartphones and also no on PS4/Xbox One/WiiU/other consoles).

                                                                Don`t forget: New 3DS came out in just february. That is just 4 months from now on. So of course more new games aren´t announced yet, since the time isn`t right since its still too early in the “New 3DS gen”. They will wait for the next directs to announce those next New 3DS-exclusive-games.

                                                                You ever saw “Lightspeed”? Yep, its coming for New 3DS exclusively. You won`t be able to play that on an old 3DS or 2DS. It will be nearly the same as Mario Kart 7…but with better graphics…interesting weapons like rockets and such things…and made by an Indie-developer. And the graphics are of course much better than Mario Kart 7. The graphics might in fact be better than PS Vita in comparison (but with less higher resolution of course).

                                                                And that my friend is just one of those exclusives. Another one is “Pinball Arcade”, which is also being made right now for New 3DS. Then we get a port of that typical PS Vita-Game…how was the name? I forgot it. It was a mature-game where you have to deal with death and other “mature” things. 6 more Indie-exclusive games are on its way for New 3DS-owners the coming 6 months!

                                                                Nintendo said 3 months ago, that i quote them “New 3DS exclusive games are on its way – we have a bunch of them in development”.

                                                                And if you remember when 3DS came out…guess what? You also didn`t get much games in the first 6 months when it was out. It takes time to do so. You only got a Zelda-Port of Ocarina of Time 3D in July (3DS came out in March, so its just one big Remake in the first 4 months) and some very cheap Ports of old Thirdparty-games like Rayman 3D, Sims 3D, Ridgeracer and other typical shit like that. Thats it. The 3DS didn`t get its 1st-Party-rocket-announcements before September/October/November, when they announced:

                                                                – Mario Kart 7
                                                                – Kid Icarus Uprising (but it took another year until it came out)
                                                                – Super Mario 3D Land
                                                                – Monster Hunter 3G (only Japan
                                                                – And then there was also Starfox 64-Remake

                                                                But thats it. 3-4 good games in the FIRST YEAR of 3DS! And some smaller projects like “Steeldiver” or “Pilotwings” (which is a remake of the Wii-Version). Besides those games we got a Port of “Resident Evil Mercenaries” and lots of other ports. Ports, Ports and Port.

                                                                You won`t get those New 3DS-exclusives before the first 9 months are over. Well, we got so far:

                                                                – Xenoblade Chronicles (which is comparable to the Port of Ocarina of Time from 3DS)
                                                                – Some Indies made patches for better framerate when running their games on New 3DS (games run with 60 fps instead with slow 30)
                                                                – We got better Monster Hunter 4-graphics and framerate and loading- with Miiverse-Support etc etc, better Smash Bros since also being able to post while gaming and much faster loading

                                                                – MUCH BETTER WEBBROWSER (H.264-support, nearly every video works on New 3DS-browser compared to NONE on 3DS which is very BIG advancement)
                                                                – Much faster eShop and other things like Miiverse (going to eshop now only takes 10-15 seconds instead of 40-50 seconds)
                                                                – Better Cam and C-Stick for a few chosen games…

                                                                And all this in the first 4 months! The New 3DS came out in February! And now its JUNE! Just 4 months are over. USA still doesn`T have the regular-sized New 3DS since Nintendo said they cannot produce them fast enough and have to make sure the piles are big enough before bringing it out in the states! USA only has the New 3DS XL! So Nintendo won`t announce the next wave of New 3DS-exclusive games before the end of July/August, when its time to do so.

                                                                See? They have LOTS Of time to announce those next New 3DS-exclusives. Of course a few ports might also be done, but it will be mostly new 3DS exclusive games. And new games, not Ports. But yeah, i think some Ports of Zelda from Wii or other games might be considered to keep the costs down.

                                                                So take note: When New 3DS is ONE YEAR out, it will be February 2016! That is 8 months from now on! This means, they still have 8 months to announce those next waves of New 3DS exclusive. And you can be sure they will be announced soon. I think the next direct will be in late july and another one is going to come in September. And thats where they usually announce their games not on e3.

                                                                You can be sure- Nintendo has plans to bring some very interesting New 3DS-games out for this autumn/holidays and Winter-season.i cannot wait for the announcement. But yep, thats it.

                                                                I bought my New 3DS in last december, so thats only 7 months now.

                                                                But officially it only came out in February 14th in my country! Thats only 4 months! Nintendo will soon show the first glimpse of whats going to be heading for New 3DS-owners…

                                                              2. You cannot “Update” a game like Captain Toad or ZombiU or the hell Rayman Legends on WiiU…to work without a gamepad. Those games wouldn`t EXIST without the gamepad dumbass. Rayman Legends on PS4/Xbox One/PS3/Xbox 360 isn`t the same like on Wiiu! Rayman Legends was DOWNGRADED SEVERELY to being able to run on those other consoles.

                                                                You can dream on, but the reality is: With a touchsreen you can do sooooo much more in todays games. Why do you think Smartphone-gaming is heading towards overtaking consoles? Its because => Smartphone is MUCH BETTER for strategy-games.

                                                                Smartphones are equal or better in most games-genres than typical button/stick-controllers.

                                                                And WiiU is the one to combine all those controllers. Touchscreen + 0815-controller with 1980s tech + Gyrosensor like modern day smartphones have them. Alltogether that allows you to do games like Splatoon (which doesn`T work without the touchscreen since the game is a HARDCORE-game not a casual-game like Call of Duty).

                                                                You cannot patch games and hope that you will be able to play it the same with the touchscreen…without it. It simply doesn`T work.

                                                                Guess what Ubisoft said over Rayman Legends? They said “Without the WiiUs gamepad we would have NEVER INVENTED Rayman Legends! It was thanks to the gamepad we invented new ways to play Rayman. We therefore started to think about what we could do with a touchscreen.”

                                                                So to make this short now:

                                                                Following games would never exist without a touchsreen:

                                                                – Lego City Undercover (thats why its exclusive to Nintendo-platforms, 3DS also has a touchscreen! => PS Vitas touchscreen is not usable for games like this!)
                                                                – Splatoon (makes heavy use of the touchcsreen)
                                                                – Starfox ZERO
                                                                – ZombiU (just getting a downgrade now like Rayman Legends for other consoles => people don`t understand that the whole MAGIC about the game was that it invented a NEW WAY TO PLAY A GAME! Thats what makes it special. If you don´t have a touchscreen, you just have another Horror-game like they were being made since 20 years now)
                                                                – Even Captain Toad only was invented for the touchscreen. You cannot just patch it and hope it works without a touchscreen. You play the whole game with that touchsreen.

                                                                And so on. The most of WiiU-games wouldN`t work without a gamepad- exceptions would be- the typical Mass-games like Mario Kart or Smash Bros (but you would have a much worse Level-Editor in Smash Bros and thus cut-down feature).

                                                                There are many Indie-games too- which were only invented for the touchscreen-usage on WiiU. Like “Affordable Space Adventure” or others. We also have a clone of “Rollercoaster Tycoon” on the WiiU which isn`t on other consoles- since they don`t have the ability to use a touchsreen and being able to adopt that controlling!

                                                            5. I guess this is a New Wii U. Will be sold without gamepad, you can buy the gamepad separately if you don’t have one.
                                                              It will have exclusives that Wii u can’t handle, but Wii u games can be read and NX cpu and gpu will take advantage of those games.
                                                              It’s just like they did with the new 3ds.
                                                              So… The NX is 150 w/o gamepad and 250 with the gamepad
                                                              But maybe they are doing another gamepad design that can be buy separately in case u already have a gamepad. Or NX games won’t use a gamepad and instead a new idea that can work similar or better than the gamepad.

                                                              1. Yeah, because WiiU is such a successful product, that they need to create a new one :P
                                                                Nintendo might have done some mistakes with the WiiU, but they aren’t that dumb for sure. The NX won’t use the Wii brand anymore and of course won’t continue anything the WiiU started, except spreading joy & fun, but Nintendo has always done that.

                                                            6. One way i could see this happening though is if its really “3rd pillar” like Nintendo said and would be somesort of microconsole like PsVitaTV is.

                                                            7. While he’s at it, i hope he CAN tell us about the NX’s new concept. Did the guys at nintendo say they are building the nx from 0?. If they kept the same specs as the wii u, i do not see 3rd parties coming back to nintendo. I think it’s bullshit but anything is possible.
                                                              Only time will tell

                                                              1. NX will have mobile connectivity as an its concept. It´ll be both mobile platform and microconsole like PsVitaTV is except with slightly better WiiU specs and Android emulation and all kinds of stuff like that. NX is their new venture “3rd pillar” that is not simple replacement until it becomes success like DS was (remember DS started out as an “3rd pillar” too). With Nintendo´s mobile ventures and DeNa partnerships, wouldnt be too surprised if NX would be something like that.

                                                                1. I’m sorry but I’m not buying your theory. You are saying that the NX will essentially be another Ouya and I don’t see Nintendo going in that direction unless they want the NX to fail……hard. I think the NX will end up being that rumored handheld/home console hybrid system but both platforms will be sold separately but you will have the ability to integrate one platform to the other and this is how. Let’s say for instance you buy the NX home console version and then down the road you decide to buy the NX handheld version. You will have the ability to sync the NX handheld to the home console version and play your home console games on the go or play your handheld games in better resolutions on your NX home console. This will be a great way for Nintendo to end those long droughts. Nintendo will also announce a unified account system that will be accessible through various devices that includes smartphones, tablets, and PCs

                                                                  1. I do agree with you however on the NX being a ” third pillar ” but Nintendo will still have it far more powerful than the PS4 & Xbox One or at least I hope so and this I think will improve their business relationships with 3rd parties or at least it will be a hell of a effort

                                                                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                      >>>I still have my theory ever since they mentioned the “NX” about what kind of system it can be, but this article is pure nonsense and whoever believes in it should be erased>>>

                                                                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                          >>>I hope it’s true in some ways because it would mean that a main team will be fully dedicated to gaming only>>>

                                                                          >>>But my theory only applies to the gaming side and my theory is different but it applies only to the NX>>>

                                                                          1. do you think it wouldd be a “new wii u” or a totally diferent machine like the game boy advance and the original ds?

                                                                            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                              >>>It will not have any connection to the Wii brand that’s for sure, they will however incorporate backwards compatibility in some way though>>>

                                                                            2. Nintendo can´t go on x86 for its games. Mario doesn`t work on x86.

                                                                              See? Thats why Emulators are so hard to make today. You need a 4-5 Ghz Core i7 monster to even be ABLE to startt a Wii-game with 30 fps! Nintendo does not rely on stupid SIMD-performance on its cpus or gpus. Core i7/Core i7/AMD/whatever are just STRONG in SIMD! Core i7/Core i5/AMD/Whatever industrial cpus are fucking slow, when it comes to latency/bandwidth in Gigabytes/s or other things which Nintendo relies on its games!

                                                                              Nintendo gpu and CPU are made to have as LOW latency as possible!

                                                                              See? thats why Nintendo doesn`t rely on shooters.

                                                                              Splatoon uses fluid-simulations. See? Thats heavy calculations. But thats all it differs from the typical shooter. The real difference is that it runs at 60 fps (compared to average 30 fps of todays 0815-shooters), has much more fluid movements (you can turn in the fraction of a second), you can dive- you can kill others in milliseconds…and you can respawn in just 3-5 seconds. See? its FAST baby! You can be killed TWO TIMES in 10 seconds in Splatoon! You can´T do that in Call of Booty today since in Call of Duty your charater runs like its slow-motion!

                                                                              Nintendo games were invented on RISC. And they will allways have to use that. The only thing Nintendo can do is using ARM-cpus- but theyn they would have to SEVERELY downgrade their games to ARM-cpu-standard. The Mario and Zelda-games would run like on 3DS. Just with 30 fps and other typical downgrades visually since Nintendo can`t use SIMD for Mario or other calculations.

                                                                              Thats why you have not that many explosions on todays Nintendo-games. See? Explosions work with SIMD. But Nintendo-games doesn`t rely on stupid explosions.

                                                                              Fluid-Calculation isn`t done with SIMD alone, its a mixture of SIMD, Integer and latency. Mario and its 60 fps-adventures work with Integer and having as low latency as possible.


                                                                              Just look what the typical games from Thirdparties rely on: Its very simple! Its SIMD!

                                                                              Every graphics-card can have as much as 1000 shaders today, enabling Tflops of SIMD-performance.

                                                                              The problem is: Nintendo can`t use that. Nintendo-games doesn`T only feature lame explosions and the game itself is just a movie with no animations or missing gamplay! They need bandwidth on their cpus and GPUs, thats why Nintendos-GPU is able to put through over 500 GB/s of data, while others on typical PCs can`t even get 200 GB/S (well typical mainstream cannot, only high-end gets 200 GB/s and more).

                                                                              Thats why the WiiUs cpu is able to handle 60 GByte/S of data, while AMD Jaguar 8-core struggles to get even stable 30 GB/s of data with its 8 cores (remember 2 cores are cut away for OS on PS4, that leaves 6 cores).

                                                                              See? its just SIMD, SIMD, SIMD today! SIMD is exactly what i would call => lazy programming- because SIMD leads to => much more bugs in the game. SIMD works like this:

                                                                              You don`t program a cpu to use its real strenght which it was made for. You just tell it to calculate your game using that simple designed SIMD-engines and not rely on Integer/Latency or other things. Thats it! See? Thats how you get more explosions…

                                                                              Think about how an exposion works:

                                                                              1st:) You walk around in a typical shooter. The explosion is then being calculated in the background. Even if there is 5 or 10ms of latency you wouldn`t recognize it since most shootesr only run in 30 fps!

                                                                              2nd:) See? No matter how fast the explosion is there will never be a problem with latency.

                                                                              3rd): Think about it: In todays games you just have a lame music running in the background. Its just very cheap to make. No music ist tied in ms-behaviour to your cpu! It just runs as an MP3-file in the background! Thats it! Thats how it goes for GTA 5 or others.

                                                                              4th): And now think one step further. Saw Mario Kart 8? Saw how each Ms DIRECTLY feeds to your behavior? There isn`t just an MP3 running in the background of the game! A whole own Sound-processor is doing that stuff, not the cpu. And that means => the soundprocessor can do far more things than a cheap cpu-core like oN PS4/Xbox One can- when it comes to sound. You can do dancing people…just dancing in ms-accurate signs to your music!

                                                                              See? You have people in MK8 dancing exactly to that music!

                                                                              Guess why you never saw that before in any other game? Because => other games from PS4/Xbox One just play back an MP3-file. Those cpus aren`t able to do that “latency-critical”-gameplay elements like that! They cannot make dancing figures/characters to that music!

                                                                              All GTA 5 has is having a sound-task running in low-priority in background…and when the game begins to stutter…the sound will also begin to stutter! You don`t have characters in GTA 5…dancing exactly to your music!

                                                                              Back to Mario: If i want to run Mario Galaxy on a modern PC..with 60 fps…forget about it. Even a Core i7 is not possible to get 60 fps!

                                                                              Guess why? Because the core i7 has much worse latency and NO eDRAM to help it with that which WiiUs cpu has- The SIMD can`t help the Core i7 with it since Mario doesn` run with stupid lazy SIMD-functions!

                                                                              Mario Runs on Integers, for some explosions of course SIMD can be used, but Mario relies on bandwidth/s and having superfast latency…

                                                                          2. I don’t believe this at all. If the NX is $150 and it’s still a Wii U repackaged and “balanced”, how is that starting from 0? And starting from “0” already means eliminating the use of the Wii U Development Kits.

                                                                            It could be just that, a redesigned Wii U with an optional Gamepad use.

                                                                            But if it’s a beefed up Wii U to match the competition, wouldn’t it suppose to qffect the price point? So the $150 price is still doubtful.

                                                                            I’m not into Diddy Kong Racing, but would it really sell consoles?

                                                                            1. Well Diddy Kong Racing sold like 4.4 million on N64, making it 6th best selling game for the system. I think it would potentially sell systems for 1-2 million people if they market it right.

                                                                              When you really think of it, it sounds like microconsole.

                                                                            2. They ain’t keeping all secret hush hush over a new system that is just a wii u without a gamepad. What is wrong with you morons. You actually think that would sell? You seriously think THAT is what they are working on? Jesus some people are dense.

                                                                          3. I don’t trust the $150 price-point. The excuse from third parties is that their fans didn’t buy into Wii U because of its weaker graphics. At that price, I find it hard to believe that the NX would be an improvement on the Wii U. If they want to get a hold of third party games, they have to grab more customers with a higher performance console. Why would a PS fan decide that they need to buy the NX? Doesn’t make sense to me….

                                                                            1. They have talked the way that NX is their “3rd pillar” system, making it possible to be somesort of microconsole, considering Nintendo/DeNa and rumours about them “emulating Android” and all that mobiles shit news surrounding Nintendo, its a highly possible chance for it being simply a microconsole.

                                                                              Although this current rumour does sound like BS.

                                                                              1. It is not a microconsole that is not going to do them any good at all. The wii mini didn’t do shit, and a wii u mini won’t either.

                                                                                1. Actually Wii Mini sold PRETTY good! The problem was: it just came out very late, when Wii was allready considered “dead”, since 1st-Party-support ended early.

                                                                                  1. Well that is what Nintendo is heading for. Nintendo doesn`T want to get the games PS4 or Xbox One shares. They want to get new ones. Exclusive Deals and maybe some ports here and there… Don`t you think thats better? Nintendo doesn`T have the money to make one 500-million-dollar-game after the next.

                                                                                1. “the NX hardware is technically a Wii U except with higher memory bandwidth and a more balanced CPU.”

                                                                                  *Irony mode on*

                                                                                  That made my day.

                                                                                  1. Why is that irony? Thirdparties say “The cpu is a bit slow i cannot use my lazy-ass-engine on it blablala”…they also said that about 3DS (they said that because they are lazy and don`t want to adopt their stupid engines to WiiU-architecture like they did with PS3 when it sold like crap 7 years ago!). See?

                                                                                    See what happened with 3DS? The cpu simply was too slow to handle with the good graphics! The Arm 11 with no cache-segment (L2) kept the 3DS back from getting many Ports which PS Vita got. A slow-cpu can hold your gpu back! Its the same case like with Ps4 and Xbox One, its the point why they STRUGGLE to hit 60 fps in Witcher 3, which a PC can get easily, since even a 3 Ghz Core i3-cpu is much faster than an 6-Core (6-cores can be used for games) AMD Jaguar with just 1.6 Ghz. Slow tablett-cpu.

                                                                                    If they use a 6 or 9-core-powerPC instead (the exact same as in WiiU or a bit modified with more cache and/or a bit more mhz), they can get BC to WiiU-games (but no Wii-games i guess, that alone would severly hinder me from buying the NX but just my opinion)- and well, they could make the multicore programming easier since many also complained about that on WiiU since its actually pretty hard to use all 3-cpu-cores on WiiU. Yeah, you see? x86 is dying, PowerPC is growing my friend. Intels newest Core i7 cpu Skylake is only considered to be ~5% faster than HASWELL! x86 isn`t ready for 8-16 cores. AMD Jaguar isn`t exactly x86 since it isn`t in the same performance like an AMD Athlon 8-core cpu with 4 Ghz! See? You can only compare them when you have a running 8-core AMD Athlon with 8 Cores running each with at least 4 Ghz, since thats why modern day cpus run with!

                                                                                    While you can only GUESS how much faster this new PowerPC-cpu in NX could get since IBM still makes heavy advancements in cpus, not like Intel or AMD.

                                                                                    And like i said: You can easily put that 40nm 30mm² chip of WiiU (expresso) into a machine and make 3 dies of them and make it therefore 9 cores (3×3 cores => the first segment is then being used for WiiU-only-games). By doing that you not only get much more power but also profiting of not having to remanufacture complete new cpus or having to pay heavy R&D-costs for designing a complete new console since 3 Cores just take a few watts and by adding 6 more cores you don`t have to design the case of the console new…just putting in a better cooler, which can help colling the device by shuffling out a few more watts.

                                                                                    Thats it. If they can get that done…i see good times ahead for NX. 9 Cores with (instead of 1,25 Ghz maybe 1.5 Ghz or even 1.6 Ghz (but that would mean much more consumption then) and to the last point:

                                                                                    Why higher memory bandwidth?

                                                                                    Well they mean the main-memory-bandwidth of WiiU, and that is only about ~12.8 Gbyte/s for its DDR3. Its a bit slow you know? And that is because WiiU was never intended to just run simple Xbox 360/PS3-ports. It was intended to run Nintendo-own games not Ports coming from other consoles, which the console clearly wasn´T really designed for.

                                                                                    They can easily use a higher clocked DDR3-ram or even 4 GB of it or 8 GB (just theory) to enable higher bandwiths…Maybe they are going to just do the same with “Wiimode” in WiiU? Just put in “WiiU-Mode”? Then then can use 4 or 8 GByte of Ram to help thirdparties put their crap-games on the box. Even if its still 2 GB of Ram (1 GB for games), you will get easily a 300% higher performance or even more in the cpu-regard if you do it right. That is without considering each cpu-core migh have more cache and/or more mhz/core!

                                                                                    See? That way, they don´t have to produce complete new cpus/gpus and can still use most of the parts of WiiU, since the graphics-chip ist the exact same of WiiU (since developers never complained about that specific part). They can do the same cpus and or/modify them just a bit and get them done by IBM. ANd they don`t have to put huge R&D into NX again…

                                                                                    The eDRAM of WiIU (32 Mbyte) cannot be made cheaper nor shrinked nor modified). They will use that for the GPU…and instead of heaving 2 GB of slow 1600-classed DDR3-Ram with 12.8 Gbyte/s they could use well 2400 DDR3-Ram and thus have much better bandwidth.

                                                                                    Or maybe they will use quadchannel now which would put the same 1600-classed DDR3-ram to 25.6 GByte/S throughput.

                                                                                    Many thirdparties complained that the slow DDR3-ram of WiiU was hindering them from putting ports on WiiU.

                                                                                2. I don’t see why 2016 launch isn’t plausible, especially as it’s a minor hardware upgrade. Did you guys not see their barebones E3 that only focused on games up to Q1 2016? Ever wondered why that was?

                                                                                  As for the starting from 0 comments, it will be starting from zero. It’ll be a new console, with a new name, a new OS and a brand new library of games. That’s what they mean by it.

                                                                                  Nintendo don’t care about raw power, but even if they did, releasing a PS4 style console mid-generation would be idiotic.

                                                                                  1. Rebranded Console with the same OS but with a different name doesn’t screaming “New Concept”… also, you clearly don’t know your Nintendo history because Nintendo was all about the Power until the Wii and Wii U.

                                                                                    1. But Nintendo focused on power and being the best was Yamauchi’s Nintendo. Nintendo focused on gimmicks and quick cash underpowered consoles is Iwata’s Nintendo.

                                                                                        1. Releasing a minor upgrade console in the middle of a gen when their current console isn’t doing good would be even more idiotic. What is with you people thinking it’s gonna be a minor upgrade or a mobile dedicated console. Those both sound stupid as hell and neither will appeal to anybody but the stupidest fan boys who actually think these are good plausible ideas.

                                                                                      1. So he says No Retro game at e3 and trademarked Diddy Kong = Diddy Kong racing 2 on a console(were we know nothing about besides it’s a home console with a brand new concept) with the rediculous low price. I want facts

                                                                                          1. It can be an x86 microconsole with specs equal/slightly better than on WiiU. It´ll be a “3rd pillar” and microconsole would fit in that category.

                                                                                              1. Yup what is with these idiots thinking that a microconsole would actually do well or be a good idea at all. Wii u ain’t selling so why would this microconsole sell at all. I don’t get how one could think that is a good idea.

                                                                                              2. Nintendos games don`t run with x86 nor could they. Nintendogames like Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World or or Pikmin 3 rely on heavy Integer and superfast-latency and high bandwidths of the cpu…not having six 128bit-SIMD-engines idiot! Thats why a Wii-emulator on a PC has to run on a 4-5 Ghz PC, otherwhise you wouldN`t even get stable 30 fps!

                                                                                            1. Peanut Butter KitKat

                                                                                              “Nintendo doesn’t want to compete against the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”

                                                                                              How many times does this have to be repeated before people realise?

                                                                                              1. Thats why with NX they are trying to leave regular homeconsole market and instead are opting with microconsole, which would make sense as its not gonna be simple replacement. It´ll probably use cartridges to save on costs since discdrives are actually more expensive with their moving parts compared to simple cartridge slot, it would open them up possibilities with cross platform games between micro/mobile NX systems.

                                                                                                Also to be clear with ya NX=Nintendo Cross.

                                                                                                  1. Well you could probably get NX from sale at the end of its lifespan at like 50 bucks, considering these legit and truly truthfull rumours of its supposed 150 bucks launch price.

                                                                                                    1. Really? You believe in this?
                                                                                                      Nintendo have stated time and time again that they aren’t ditching the Wii U, and if this is going to be a “3rd Pillar” than is must be a new system…

                                                                                                      Wow.. I know fanboys are blind but you take the fucking biscuit of stupidity.

                                                                                                      Nintendo’s codename “NX” will be DOA if this is true that it’s only a minor upgrade, because this time they can’t fuck up because they NEED third party developers because I see that if this is true… they’re going to lose millions and will probably end up having to close shop and start developing software like SEGA.

                                                                                                      1. Im not blind i just know legit sources when i see them, this is clearly one of them.


                                                                                                        1. How is this clearly one of them you fucking idiot. You are stupid as fucking hell wow this is the level of stupidity that fanboys have come to. This is obviously a rumor.

                                                                                                        2. Im sorry for my earlier idiotic comment. Coming to think of it, im the idiot here, your comment makes the most sense, its a genius idea that will revitalize Nintendo to have them launch microconsole, again im sorry for my harsh comments. I believe now that NX is microconsole.

                                                                                                          1. Haha he is indeed stupid as fuck to think any of that is true. How is his idea even remotely appealing to anyone. He’s been making stupid comments all over this article.

                                                                                                          2. So, I totally agree with what you’re saying, and Nintendo CANT fuck up again. But they did mention that the WiiU’s issue was Price and Tablets being on the market…so Reduced price and no tablet kinda sounds like what they’ve been talking about… I am legit afraid it’s going to be an Ouya, that can play WiiU games.

                                                                                                            1. You cannot play WiiU-games without the gamepad. Well, at least not the most of them ;) No Captain Toad, no Splatoon, no Starfox Zero, no Super Mario 3D World, no Mario Maker etc etc. I think also that the NX will get its own tailored games.

                                                                                                              Thats why they said “It starts from zero”. Means => Having BC to WiiU- but that might only be if you have to buy an New 3DS or other coming handheld for it to be compatible to the gamepad…and it doesn`T share the same games. Means you won`t get Mario Kart on the NX i guess.

                                                                                                              Thats why they mean with => 3rd Pillar: having own specific games. And since this will be a cheap machine, about 99-150 dollars…so of course you cannot expect much from it.

                                                                                                              Nintendo never said they are going to make another powerful machine, that what just the stupid graphics-whores who wished for that.

                                                                                                            2. Nintendo doesn`T care about pure SIMD-specs, dumbass.

                                                                                                              Go back to your Ponies which are going to miss you.

                                                                                                              Nintendo clearly stated that NX is NEITHER going to be a classic console (with Power specs) nor is it going to be a handheld (since New 3DS is the new handheld and will soon get its next wave of Exclusive games announced and therefore there is no need for a new handheld since you would first have to max out that New 3DS-power (no game on New 3DS does this so far since New 3DS is just out for 4 months now)…

                                                                                                              So guess what? WiiU is a highend-machine. 300 Dollars with the gamepad. Has many exclusive games.

                                                                                                              New 3DS is the 3DS-successor (well Nintendo clearly stated that they are going the “Apple”-way of handhelds now, which means, not having each 5 years a big monster-spec new handheld, but going slower steps with just a bit more powerful hardware like Apple Ipads/Ipods/Iphones etc). Thats why they said! And thats why New 3DS was just logic.

                                                                                                              And the NX is just going to fill the gap between those.

                                                                                                              Cheaper WiiU, with no gamepad and a bit better tech…which will maybe get some exclusives, but also has no more Wii-BC (only WiiU) to cut down costs (might mean no more SD-Card Slow, just USB storage now) and no gamepad…and thus => appealing to the typical “I want a 200 dollar-or-less-costing-console”. See? With the NX just casual-gamers are adopted like Wii was doing when it came out.

                                                                                                              Wii was 250 dollars in its 1st year. Later it got 5 dollars cheaper, so about 200 dollars (which is MUCH Cheaper than WiiU now which is more than 300 dollars for the cheap version!) since it had no more Wii-BC.

                                                                                                              Later on the Wii mini further got downgraded and was bought by many casualplayers who only planned to buy ONE or a max of three or 5 Games for this console forever.

                                                                                                              Thats it.

                                                                                                              And thats exactly how it was going with New 3DS.

                                                                                                              3DS for the early-adopers (high-end materials, you can put that 3Ds into your pocket each day and it won`T get tearing and having scratches after putting it in your pocket carrying it around for the next 2 years! I tested this! Its like the PS Portable 1000! the 1st-3DS-version is => Scratch-proof!).

                                                                                                              Later the 2DS came and adopted for those you wanted to go cheap. Just 99 Dollars instad of 149 Dollars for the normal 3DS. Sure, there was also a 3DS XL but that only was bought by those who thought it was necessary to have a bigger screen. I never cared about that!

                                                                                                              And then the New 3DS came and Nintendo clearly said “Its meant for Highend-Users which don`t want to make compromises”. Thus why you can´t use your old memory-card, you have to buy a more expensive, but faster and better Micro-SD one.

                                                                                                              See? And with the New 3DS also came functions like:

                                                                                                              – H.264-compatibility (Smartphone-tech says hello)
                                                                                                              – better camera
                                                                                                              – Lighting-sensor
                                                                                                              – Better 3D
                                                                                                              – 2nd Stick or should i say “C-Stick”?
                                                                                                              – Much higher performance. The New 3DS is 3x faster in doing things like Miiverse, Messages, Eshop or simply browsing the web. Everything is just 3x faster!

                                                                                                              And remember: All those “Apps” just can make use of 1 cpu-core (like on 3DS because they have to be 100% compatible to 3DS). And thus you can be sure:

                                                                                                              More functions are soon going to be announced. The more functions are announced for the 3DS in the beginning of 2014 for the normal 3DS, the slower the 3DS got since it couldn`t handle with that slow cpu, since the cpu just couldN`t deal with all that data in time…and the ram wasn`T enough thats why Smash Bros was cut-down on 3DS to make it run at all.

                                                                                                              Now thanks to 3x faster cpu, its also possible they are soon going to announce some New 3DS-exclusive Chat-function or Voice-chat or Downloads for the background or other things.

                                                                                                              You have 4 cpu-cores now. Not 2 like on old 3DS. That means you have about 6x more performance than on 3DS- and that is only for TWO cpu-cores being used in games. Counting that on 3DS you also had to sacrifize CPU-time for using the 2nd-Stick-Addon (Circle Pad Pro), you can add another bump of boost while using that.

                                                                                                              So right now it stands on the paper:

                                                                                                              2x 268 Mhz (Each with 1/3th of New 3DS performance)
                                                                                                              vs: 4x 268 Mhz (each with full New 3DS performance.

                                                                                                              So that adds up to:

                                                                                                              12x regular performance = New 3DS cores x 4

                                                                                                              Since you can only use one core in most 3DS-games that makes the New 3DS about 9x faster in coming games which might use all three cores of New 3DS when they really need it! And: The OS still can be 3x FASTER…or – 3x more complex and having the same performance. Since the OS now also has DOUBLE the Ram (64 MB instead of 32 on normal 3DS) it can be also much more complex and functions are going to be added to use that ram in the future.


                                                                                                              Since games also now have double the ram-amount (192 Mbyte) you can make drastically more demanding games, compare them with PS Vita and you will get a glimpse of whats to come for it. See Lightspeed heading for New 3DS soon. Thats ONE big Indiehit coming exclusively for New 3DS in a few months…

                                                                                                            3. Iwata actually said after wii u started sucking that they can no longer afford to not compete with sony and microsoft so I don’t take anything anyone says as fact anymore.

                                                                                                            4. Diddy Kong racing as a launch title, especially when Mario Kart is better and there was one made not too long ago, would be the dumbest idea ever. There are so many other BETTER franchises Nintendo could invest in for the NX launch

                                                                                                              1. You must have never played Diddy Kong Racing to write it off so quick and to assume mario kart is better than it. Diddy Kong Racing is up there with the best of mario karts, and beats out almost if not all of them. And it’s adventure mode just straight makes mario kart look like a joke.

                                                                                                              2. But those better franchises take time to make so they probably won’t be able to complete those games in time for the NX launch. And MK8 was released last year so it would be too soon for a new one even if it’s on another console. Something like Diddy Kong Racing would be good and fresh for the new console especially since the last one was released almost 17 years ago.

                                                                                                              1. It´ll be an microconsole that turns your car into blue falcon also 200 Cheeses epic journey will be one of the very first WRPG titles.

                                                                                                              1. Doesn`t work. You cannot play handheld-designed games (e.g. Pokémon) on a console because its missing tech the 3DS-games make use of.

                                                                                                                To 100% a game on 3DS you have to make streetpasses today. See? Thats how it goes. A console doesn`T have streetpass as you cannot carry it around with you…and thus => no streetpass, only spotpass which is just => internet. Streetpass isn`t internet.

                                                                                                                Many 3DS-games makes heavy use of streetpass. The hell, you cannot even complete a Lego 3DS-games without having enough streetpasses. Well, or to make it 100% clear: You would have to play 100s of hours to get the same result (50.000 bricks in the game) which you could get with one simple streetpass, which means you carry your 3DS in your pocket go outside with it and bam you got a streetpass as you met someone outside also carrying around a 3DS with having streetpass switched on.

                                                                                                            5. Why i think this is maybe treu, that’s because i think you can use youre 3ds or wiiu gamepad wit this system. They can make a ps4 specs console For that price now, cause it is waaay cheaper right now.

                                                                                                              But i got one reason i think it Will be not that cheap, a console with a new concept mmmmm. I think it Will be cheaper then wiiu, price i think it Will be is 250.

                                                                                                            6. I agree with what a lot of you guys say…but I think there is some substance to the hardware being similar to the wii U…ign and a few other media outlets project that a little bit…we are all Nintendo fans…my wii U library is one of the best I have had…even with droughts…the problem is the other systems are finally getting really good line ups, and the U has some stuff, but we have known about it for a while…10 mil wii Us, 5 mil Mario kart…that’s dang impressive…I feel like the Nx will be similar enough to the Wii U to play these amazing games that only 10 mil of us have a chance to…what if CPU balancing is simply a redesign and it’s faster…and you go from 2 ram to maybe 6 or 8….what if it comes with a new gamepad that allows ou to download the current game you have and take it on the go…what if it’s fast enough to have two? We really don’t know…but a stronger wii U that brings it closer to the other two does not sound that far fetched

                                                                                                            7. you know when a piece of news is SHIT when nintendominati0n mentions mynintendonews as it’s source, two hungry for clicks morons.

                                                                                                            8. I would think Retro would be working on something not Donkey Kong related after just completing Tropical Freeze. It would be more smart to drop the Wii U price to $150

                                                                                                              1. no it wouldn`t be “smart” to do that, since Nintendo doesn`T want to bleed out money, idiot. If you can`T afford those 250 dollars for the cheap version, bad luck. People had their chance, when WiiU was going for a short time for 200 dollars. And they decided to not buy it. Bad luck next time. Chips cannot be shrinked any more each 2 years.

                                                                                                                One 32 MB eDRAM-chip of WiiU costed them 50 dollars to make. Pile that up to 20 Mio. chips and you get around 20 Mio x 50 Dollar = 1 Billion dollars!

                                                                                                                See? thats how it goes and thats why N doesn`t make it cheaper. No one wants to bleed out money. Not even for morons which cry all day “Ooooh my god WiiU is so expensive and it has no games” and when it finally was down to 200 dollars, they still don`t buy it since…you know no games which are mass-appealing right? You know the behavior of idiots like you is “If my neighbour doesn`t buy this game here i also won`t buy it”.

                                                                                                                And the problem about people like you is: Someone like Nintendo can only earn money of people like you when you start buying games for it. Nintendo doesn`T make much money with WiiU since it was SUBVENTIONED- it was the very first subventioned console ever from nintendo. And right now it seems it might be the last. You won`t ever get that high performance and good quality ever again for that money. I think right now its safe to assume, that NX will a “Low quality, Streaming/ and or Low-cost-gaming-box”. Thats it. An Ouya, if you want to say so. Not anymore subventioned, just using mostly allready printed out WiiU-parts and having no high R&D costs.

                                                                                                                So again: The problem about people like you is you keep whining and whining and you want a cheap-as-fuck WiiU…but you wouldn`t buy a single game and thus Nintendo would bleed out money left and right if they would cut the price down to 100 dollars like they did with Gamecube. Why should Nintendo do that? Just that you can get your games for cheap?

                                                                                                                See? The gamecube ended the same: No games, Mario Kart was shit. Mario 3D was shit…not enough games for anybody to buy that piece of crap for 200 dollars. So of COURSE they had to cut down the gamecube to 100 dollars or less. Since it was just a few chips in a box. It had no internetbrowser, no Tablett, no features. No BC to N64-games! No Internet-compatibility (like PS2 had it) and no possibility of playing back DVDs!

                                                                                                                But the WiiU has all that, nice BC, a good working Browser, nice internet-connection and a Tablett to enable things which other devices cannot do or can do just much worse/slower. And it has much better- and more games than Gamecube had in its days when it was just 2.5 years old. The only thing the WiiU is missing this gen is again- no playback of Blurays/DVDs.

                                                                                                                So its your own problem. If you don`t buy games, Nintendo won`t cut the price even down by just 50 dollars.

                                                                                                                Nintendo saw that Gamecube didn`t get more than 2-3 million units more sold because of that heavy price cut and so of COURSE they are not going to do that with the WiiU anymore. That days are over.


                                                                                                            9. It’s very possible that NX console will be sold for $200 but not $150. That is just so cheap.

                                                                                                              $200 – NX Console only. No accessories.
                                                                                                              $50 – Controller
                                                                                                              Optional controllers:
                                                                                                              Wii U Gamepad
                                                                                                              Smartphone/Tablet just download the NX app that acts as controller

                                                                                                              1. But it’s a bad move to have slight upgrade on hardware and do not change the underlying platform for development.

                                                                                                              2. The problem about your “facts”.

                                                                                                                a) Not everyone has a Tablett/and or a smartphone. And no, those people won`t buy one since most games aren`t going to make use of that. The hell, you cannot even compare the possibiliies of a stupid “companion”-app like Assassins Creed Unities (which support ended btw xD so you cannot use it anymore…oh my why is that can you explain to me why that happened?)- with the possibilities of a gamepad.

                                                                                                                b) Microsoft allready said, that “Glass” is not working with 3D-graphics. It simply doesn`t work with smartphones. You can only do cheap 2D-graphics like having maps displayed etc on a smartphone. And it would be a lot of…messing around…No one uses it on PS4 and thus the support ended long ago.

                                                                                                                And of course it can be 150 dollars since:

                                                                                                                WiiU is 300 dollars- or 350 dollars- but it has lots of accessoures in the box (like HDMI-Cable, big manual in papers, stand, Wiimote-Sensorbar (which is alone sold for 10 dollars) etc etc) and its high quality, so NX will be like (if you cut things like stand, the big papers-manual away (bye bye nice manual, deal with “Telephoning for each stupid question since there is no more manual in the box”like on PS4 xD:

                                                                                                                – Low-quality console (no good and/or expensive parts like in WiiU, for example solid caps missing, just using cheaper 85°C Cheap-cheap condensators or even cheaper ones instead)
                                                                                                                – Low TDP, integrated Power Plug instead of using high-quality outer PowerPlug which is alone 30-40 dollars! They can use a 10-dollar-power-Plug made in “China” of cours they can like its done and used in PS4. It will be low-quality…but hey who cares right? People want a cheap box and they are going to get it ;) Even if this means, the box will explode if a lightning strikes into your house
                                                                                                                – No controller or at max a cheaper Pro-Controller (not that 50 dollar-thing, just the downgraded version of it)- they might soon announce that “Pro Controller Light”
                                                                                                                – The Box itself is 99 dollars only. With only a few accessoices, the dealers money etc etc it all comes down to 149 Dollars.

                                                                                                                So how is this not possible? The gamepad alone costs 150 dollars to make! 150 Dollars!

                                                                                                                Thats 50% of the WiiUs price. And that leaves 150 dollars for the WiiUs hardware-itself. It was suventioned by about 50 dollar in its first year but now that is over and its 150 dollars for the hardware like you have it. Thats about 100 dollars for all the chips (GPU, eDRAM, CPU etc) and 50 dollars for the manufacturing etc etc and for the other parts in the box.

                                                                                                                And that controller is EXACTLY what makes the WiiU a WiiU and not another “Gamecube 2.0” or “Wii HD”, see?

                                                                                                                So if you cut the most expensive things away, and or cut things like Wii-BC away…of course you can come down to cheap 149 dollars. And better say byebye to high-quality. No SD-Card slot means => 5 dollars saved.

                                                                                                                Better expect lowest quality like in PS4. Low-quality condensators, low quality coils, low quality resistors, low quality motherboard, low quality manual (PDF, no more money spend on printing 500 pages on papers, print it your own is the new motto), low quality controller, low quality everything. Its a Low-Quality-Box.

                                                                                                                Thats what NX is heading for, if its really 150 dollars. But of course it IS possible. The question is more like: Will Nintendo really do this? Are they going to risk it?

                                                                                                                NX might also come with the fact => Guarantee only 12 months now since you know…you didn`t pay for it => low quality like on PS4. Just one year and after it breaks => bad luck not having to pay for it. Hahahahahaha- NX. The Future of gaming. Low Cost, Low Quality and well- no guarantee. If it breaks. byebye gaming. So better buy two of those things then.

                                                                                                            10. Pingback: RUMOR: NX Will Be $150 and Will Have Diddy Kong Racing 2 as Launch Title

                                                                                                            11. I really hope this is fake. There is no way I am buying the NX if this is true. I feel like releasing a console with the same specs as the previous would be market suicide because not only will nintendo fans not buy it but it won’t bring over any PS4 or Xbox One people as well.

                                                                                                              1. Thank you for having intelligence enough to realize this, and to not support it if true. You are not part of the problem, the fans who think this actually sounds like a good idea. I commend you.

                                                                                                              2. Nintendo doesn`t care for “MS/Sonyfans”. They intended the WiiU for Nintendofans.

                                                                                                                Don`t you see it? The NX will be a casual-console like Wii was: Having one big gimmick, worse hardware everywhere, many limits and no features. The hell. The “Casual-Wii” (the 2nd and 3rd versions) didn`t even havy any more BC to Gamecube-games!

                                                                                                                Now consider that:

                                                                                                                This aims for people which are considering a WiiU, but don`t want to spend 300 dollars on it. 150 Dollars i just the same amount which WII was in 2008, when it got far cheaper! Wii started with 250 dollars in 2006 and got 100 dollars cheaper 2 years later.

                                                                                                                Thats what NX is going for. Its not another console coming with high-end parts. Its a casual-console, between 3DS and WiiU. For those who doN´t have the money to spend on expensive consoles. So yeah, its a cheap-box. What do you expect for 150 dollars? xD?

                                                                                                                The PowerSupply of WiiU alone costs 30 dollars! Thats nearly 1/3rd of that budget! Think about it: The 500-pages printed manual, the stand in the box, the HDMI-cable, the Wiimote-Sensorbar and even more accessoires…this all costs money.. Of course the 2 year guarantee (by standard) also costs money.

                                                                                                                They can cut all these things down now to say:

                                                                                                                – Only HDMI-cable in the box. No more 500-pages Manual. You want to have the manual? Print-it-on-your-own!
                                                                                                                – No more Wiimote-Sensorbar since no Wii-BC! NX will ONLY be WIIU-compatible. No more Wii-games then. Of course that further cuts down the costs…
                                                                                                                – No big external and high-quality powersupply. Just using an integrated 10-dollar-low-quality powerSupply. If your new NX breaks…byebye gaming. You have to send it in just like Playstation 4 xD
                                                                                                                – Only 1 year guarantee for low-quality devices which only costs 150 dollars. Sorry. Deal with it. If you want to have still 2 years, you have to pay an extra-fee for it since NX won`t any longer give you that advantage.

                                                                                                                I have a THEORY what Nintendo is going to do with NX, to get that price down to 150 dollars max. Well, since WiiU uses 160 shaders from AMD and having 32 for their own games…they could cut those 160 shaders away by AMD and just using their own 32 TEV-like shaders to enable playback of most (but not all) WiiU-games. No one said they have full 100% compatbility to WiiU-games. It might just be partly compatibility and thats it since there aren`t many thirdpaty-games on WiiU which needs those 160 shaders which were only there for Thirdparties which doN´t want to use TEVs to program their games…

                                                                                                                So you see? We all know the size of the GPU of WiiU is about ~100mm² big. Add another 50 mm² for that eDRAM and you have about ~150mm².

                                                                                                                If you cut away those 160 shaders and make a new chip, that would get the chip down to about 100mm². So you have now 50% less transistors and still be able to play most of WiiUs games via Emulator/WiiU-mode.

                                                                                                                Now consider that they also might shrink that chip further down from 40nm to lets say…28nm…And you can therefore save more money.

                                                                                                                That way that chip all in all with cpu, GPU and the soundchip and all other necessary parts (except Wii-BC-parts) might in the end just cost 50 dollars then instead of 100 dollars upwards!

                                                                                                                And that means, they are easily able to deliver a 150 dollar NX-console for the “Low-cost-friends”. And since there is no gamepad and maybe only a very cheap, a downgraded Pro-Controller-version…there are no additional big costs to add to that pile. Just a Smaller manual (5-10 pages), the stand, and maybe the HDMI-cable and a Download-game. Thats it.

                                                                                                            12. A cheap console that is just a slight upgrade has to be the dumbest idea yet. Anyone who believes, wants, or supports this is not doing nintendo any favors.

                                                                                                            13. Retro studios was working on diddy Kong racing but dropped it and some ideas for that game ended up on Mario kart 7.

                                                                                                              1. Another lame old Ports/Remakes/Remasters-Station. No sorry, i don`t need that. I want NIntendo to make new games, not Ports of old ones like on PS4.

                                                                                                              1. Actually it adds perfectly up. You just have to put the sums together:

                                                                                                                – Nintendo clearly stated its not goint to be a classic console rivale like competing with PS4 or Xbox One (which doesn`t leave room for more than a Ouya-Box or a cheaper console or the like, only other possibilities for this were => Streaming-Only-box or They are making an own smartphone, but we can rule these possibilities out allready)
                                                                                                                – Nintendo said they give a FUCK about graphics/power. They concentrate on making games special (thats why i like about them), They said they doN´t need SIMD-power for their games (guess that explanes why they don´t have 100 explosions in their game in every second and why they don`T make any more traditional shooters)
                                                                                                                – Nintendo said: Its going to “adopt the WiiU-tech”. Which means, its going to be similiar to WiiU-tech (which enables BC again, probably just partly but who knows?), no x86-usage, no ARM is being used for games (or at least just for NX-considered games), no change in architecture.

                                                                                                                See? Doesn`T that make sense? For me it makes perfect sense, since the New 3DS will also get a lot of exclusives the next years, just wait until they are going to be announced. New 3DS is just out 4 months now. 3DS didn`t get many games when it was out just 4 months. 3DS lived off ports and remakes and old games the first 9 months!

                                                                                                                The 3Ds began to HYPE when it was in its 9th month. When Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and Monster Hunter 3G were announced! Then it began to boom. Everyone wanted one.

                                                                                                                See? The New 3DS came out in February this year, this is just 4 months from now. 3DS only got ONE good Remake in its first 4 months and that was Ocarina of Time 3D.

                                                                                                                New 3DS got Xenoblade Chronicles X, which is comparable to OoT3D!

                                                                                                            14. Yeah, this is more than likely super Fake, as other have point out the $150 price point is too low for a console and to add from a marketing standpoint $200 (or $199) has alway been the sweet spot. Also the big tip off for me is the comment about the RAM, its not the bandwidth that is the problem with the RAM, that is actually wider than the PS4. Its the amount of RAM that sometimes becomes an issue, cause extra RAM means higher res textures and better draw distance. If anything they would looking into higher amounts of RAM cause that is was visual graphics and programmers tend to ask for. Also a more balance CPU, that makes very little sense, the third parties are constantly pushing for everything to be x86 so they can use less resources.

                                                                                                              1. The 150 DOllars is too low for a console? YOu didN`t see how cheap the Wii was in 2008 right? It was 150 dollars my friend!

                                                                                                                After Wii Mini came out it was even 120 dollars! Wii Mini was ~99 Dollars!

                                                                                                                Cannot be done? It doesn`T exist! It CAN be done and it will be done because thats clearly what people want:

                                                                                                                A cheap as hell box. Sure, they will get that…but they will also have to deal with the consequences which happen to come with cheaper prices :D

                                                                                                              2. “its not the bandwidth that is the problem with the RAM, that is actually wider than the PS4. ”

                                                                                                                What? no sir. The WiiUs eDRAM is over 500 Gbyte/S. Thats what YOU mean. That is faster than PS4, yes…

                                                                                                                But with “Main-memory” people speak of the slow DDR3-ram in Wiiu! Its only 12.8 Gbyte/s. Slower than Xbox 360. And a LOT slower than PS3.

                                                                                                                PS4 has just one 100 Gbyte/s gDDR5-ram for everything about graphics. And another 30 GByte/S for that is added for cpu-purposes and other things.

                                                                                                                So what they mean is => They are going to exchange that slow 1600 Mhz DDR3 with just 12.8 Gbyte/s bandwidth and put instead an DDR4 in there…or put it a DDR3 quadpumped in there so that would double the DDR3s-bandwith to 25.6 Gbytes/s) since you now use 4 DDR3-channels instead of two like its done in Wiiu! or they would just use standard 2400 Mhz DDR3, which is cheap now! That also adds up more bandwidth/s.

                                                                                                                Btw: “Also a more balance CPU, that makes very little sense, the third parties are constantly pushing for everything to be x86 so they can use less resources.”

                                                                                                                Makes perfect sense, since Nintendo can´T use x86. They can´t just go to x86 since MARIO and ZELDA and F-Zero doesn`t run with x86. And they will never run with that. So all NIntedo can do is => use the same cpu (powerPC) having more cores or use ARM insead and dealing with those consequences (ARM-cpus are MUCH Slower when it comes to bandwidth/s and having much worse latency => thus using ARM for a console would mean you have to downgrade Mario-Games, Mario Galaxy wouldN`t run with 60 fps on a console with a cheap ARM-cpu!).

                                                                                                                The NEW 3DS also comes with a “More balanced” CPU btw- and they guessed it long enough before it actually happened (well thats of course just one part of it what was new in it). They might just add some more cores in the NX…or bump up that clock to say 1.5 Ghz or 1.6 GHz (max) – or put in some more cache…and boom there you go. More power/mhz and buck.

                                                                                                                The GPU will be completely unchanged of course since you would have to design a completely new GPU to fit the NX. They aren`t going to pay another billion dollars for R&D like they did for WiiU and thats why they bleeded money!

                                                                                                                The max i see them doing for NX to cut down further the costs is cutting away the 160 Thirdparty-Shaders for NX. Thats what they might do at max. Cutting some features out to enable even cheaper chips.

                                                                                                            15. I believe the part about DKR 2 and the NX releasing 2016 but not the part about the NX being an upgraded Wii U. Iwata said that the NX would be a brand new concept so no way is it going to be another Wii U.
                                                                                                              This is what Iwata said: “Though I cannot confirm when it will be launched or any other details of the system, since I have confirmed that it will be ‘a dedicated video game platform with a brand new concept,’ it should mean that we do not intend it to become a simple ‘replacement’ for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U,”

                                                                                                              1. Iwata also said “NX is going to adopt the WiiU-Architecture”. And thats what People mean with “Its another Wiiu”. They don`t mean the Gamepad (which isn`t there), they mean its just using a similar/ideatical architecture, since its the ONLY way to play WiiU-games on the NX. Well of course if you have a gamepad and or – maybe a possible New 3DS which is similiar to the Gamepad- suited for it!

                                                                                                                So if its really 150 dollars, i wouldn`t expect much from the “gimmick” of it. SInce it can`t be an expensive gamepad…it can just be something very cheap. Maybe a Minicontroller with built-in-tiny-screen? Maybe no controller at all like Kinect? Who knows?

                                                                                                            16. Pingback: Dossier : Que nous dit Miyamoto sur la Nintendo NX ? -

                                                                                                            17. It was revealed that 3rd party developers took interest into this NX, I don’t think think they would be interested in a system that is like an upgrade to the Wii U without the Gamepad.

                                                                                                            18. Bullshit. $150 is way to cheap for a NEXT gen console, plus NX won’t be competing with Xbone or Ps4, it will be competing with the PS5 and … Xbox two?

                                                                                                              1. The NX clearly ISN`T a Next-Gen console dumbass. Its a “Wii Reloaded”.

                                                                                                                Wii was 250 Dollars when it came out. Sure you can do make another Wii today..with less expensive hardware and for 150 dollars instead since Wii got down to prices of ~100 dollars at the end of its life!

                                                                                                                Forget about Nintendo making another “Next-gen” (stupid word) console. Not going to happen. Dreams ended.

                                                                                                                1. Btw: “plus NX won’t be competing with Xbone or Ps4, it will be competing with the PS5 and … Xbox two?”

                                                                                                                  Wrong: Nintendo said they are going to compete with NO ONE any more, idiot. And that was something they said years ago. Nintendo doesn`T want to attract lazy thirdparty-developers…shitting out their games here and there, having millions of bugs, thousands of patches etc…

                                                                                                                1. Nope not even. The best of the best mario karts compete with Diddy Kong Racing but none are “much better” if any are better at all. Diddy Kong Racing has planes, hovercrafts, an adventure mode, badass weapons, and great music. Have you even played Diddy Kong Racing or are you one of the newer nintendo fans who hypes up games still around cause they never played the classics and wanna act like they are relevant?

                                                                                                                1. Well, Thirdparties DID LIKE the Wii! And that WAS just a 150-dollar-box (since it wasn´T suventioned, it was even sold for much more than it was worth for!). It was a 150 dollar-box (the Wii) and sold for 200 dollars.

                                                                                                                1. Cost to build => 100 dollars. Isn`t that clear? It can´T be higher of course. Read above what i said over it.

                                                                                                              2. Not buying this, I would pay that much for a handheld. I want a home console thats going to compete and progress as the systems do. Really, it’s best to not believe any of this until Nintendo officially drops word on what NX is about.

                                                                                                                1. Nintendo doesn`t want to compete, idiot. Keep dreaming. better keep expections low since THIS is the future of gaming.

                                                                                                                1. Yeah exactly! Hey Nintendo, give us your best IP’s in a new and awesome console that kicks ass…oh shit, never mind – please understand.

                                                                                                              3. Only way NX would be $150, is if it is indeed the next HANDHELD like I believe it is. And even that would be a cheap one….though they wouldn’t want to make the mistake of the 3DS launch again lol…plus Tech would be cheaper by next year to….hmmmas for Diddy Kong Racing on NX….lol no. That’s like me saying Waverace is coming to NX….anyone could say shit like that. Rareware owns the Diddy Kong Racing IP so Nintendo can’t use the name, however Nintendo owns the characters excluding Banjo and Conker from Diddy Kong Racing, so if a new one was to be made, they would have to call it something different like Kong Racing lol. As for Retro….they are working on a Wii U game…when Tropical Freeze released the NX wasn’t even a concept yet so thats just BS. Retro is doing Metroid Wii U.

                                                                                                                1. Rare doesnt own the name ‘Diddy Kong Racing’ because Diddy, like all DK characters, is owned by Nintendo. In fact, Diddy Kong Racing was released on DS long after Microsoft had already bought Rare

                                                                                                                2. If they make Diddy Kong Racing 2 for NX, you can be 99% sure it will also come for WiiU, since both consoles will be sharig the same/similar tech. No x86 is being used. Android is just used as part of the OS. NX is using the same PowerPC-tech like WiiU. Only upgraded a bit maybe, since PowerPC is still advancing fast (while Intel is slowing down and dying allready xD).

                                                                                                                  1. x86 (Intel) is still the standard PC architecture, no one uses PowerPC anymore (Apple switched to Intel years ago).

                                                                                                                    Also, how can you possibly know so much about the NX? Nintendo hasn’t said anything about it, and they denied that it uses Android for its OS.

                                                                                                                3. Ok, so what we may have here is basically the “New Wii U”? I’m really looking foward to the next years (real) Nintendo E3 show to see what the NX actually is like.

                                                                                                                4. What the fuck does a “more balanced” CPU mean? This literally doesn’t mean anything.

                                                                                                                  Also, increasing memory bandwidth alone wouldn’t really do all that much unless the current hardware really doesn’t have enough. The only way that I can imagine that helping is if they mean that it will use Nintendo Game Cards which can be clocked 100Mhz thus increasing bandwidth from the distribution media to 100MB/s which would reduce load times. It would also reduce latency from the distribution media by about 2,000,000 times over Blu-rays.

                                                                                                                  1. You seem to forget that having 20 GB-big games on memory-cards also would make those games much more expensive.

                                                                                                                    If i read a bluray can be printed for just 50 cents! That includes material-costs and printing the disc with the contents! Thats it!

                                                                                                                    A 1 GB memory-card alone would be 50 cents. Now think about it: 8 GB would be about 5 dollars (10x more than bluray), and that wouldn`t be enough for a thirdparty-game, only for Nintendo-games which aren`t demanding that would be OK!

                                                                                                                    For example: Xenoblae Chronicles X is 22 GB big. That wouldN`t even fit on a 16 GB memory-card which is about 10 dollars alone! You would need a 32 GB card for that game!

                                                                                                                5. lol…. what a retarded rumour. Even if the NX was comparable to the Gamecube in power, Nintendo still wouldn’t charge as low as 150 for it.

                                                                                                                6. If the NX is only $150 at launch, then I’m not buying it, because that would make it cheaper (and weaker) than the Wii U.

                                                                                                                7. If Nintendo ditches the Gamepad then a lot of touchscreen games won’t be playable, that’s basically half of the Wii U’s library. Do you guys want Nintendo to remove the touchscreen from the DS also?

                                                                                                                  Seriously, what’s with this recent hate for touchscreens?

                                                                                                                8. Many of you want Nintendo to ditch the Gamepad, but what you don’t realize is that many existing Wii U games wouldn’t be playable without a touchscreen (Mario Maker, Mario vs DK: Tipping Stars, Kirby’s Rainbow Curse, Art Academy, Miiverse drawing, etc.). The touchscreen is a core feature of the controller, like it also is on the DS. Many games REQUIRE it.

                                                                                                                  1. You can be sure about it: IF the NX is going to be compatible to WiiU (meaning having BC), there will be one of these things coming:

                                                                                                                    a) Patching most or all games for using a New 3DS instead of the Gamepad (well, if that works of course, not for all games this can be done)

                                                                                                                    b) The Gamepad will be sold separately. LIke its done on WiiU. WiiU has BC to Wii-games but you NEED to buy a Wiimote to be able to use it! See? They could do it the same on NX. Just say “You need a Gamepad for WiiU-games which is sold separately”

                                                                                                                    c) the NX simply won`t have BC to WiiU at all (which can´t be ruled out yet since its very low in price). It might also have only partly BC to WiiU-games, e.g. those which DON`T require the gamepad, like Mario Kart 8 or Smash Bros or Pikmin. Thats also possible.


                                                                                                                    “Many of you want Nintendo to ditch the Gamepad, but what you don’t realize is that many existing Wii U games wouldn’t be playable without a touchscreen (Mario Maker, Mario vs DK: Tipping Stars, Kirby’s Rainbow Curse, Art Academy, Miiverse drawing, etc.). The touchscreen is a core feature of the controller, like it also is on the DS. Many games REQUIRE it.”

                                                                                                                    You can tell them 100 time this they won`t understan it. They are dumb. Let them dream…

                                                                                                                9. 1) Insanely low price
                                                                                                                  2) Not a next gen console, but an upgraded Wii U being released for this console generation.

                                                                                                                  Either Nintendo is doing something dumb (I could be wrong) or this rumour is as legit as the existence of Santa Claus. I don

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                                                                                                                11. Everyone assumes Nintendo will abandon touchscreens even though many of their existing games REQUIRE them. So no more Art Academy, no more Brain Age, no more Nintendogs, no more Super Mario Maker, no more Mario vs DK, no more Pushmo, etc.

                                                                                                                12. If this is true… Nintendo is retarded.
                                                                                                                  If the NX is nothing more than a slightly beefy Wii U with no gamepad… dear God, noooo! I’ll just buy a PS4 instead.
                                                                                                                  Sounds like the bastards are just making more mistakes that will sink the company.
                                                                                                                  Just make a system like PS4.. but obviously made by Nintendo… FUCK!

                                                                                                                  The NX better be powerful and it better be worth $200 – 250 or Nintendo is insane!

                                                                                                                    1. Smartphones and tablets are more powerful than the 3DS and sell way better. 3DS is the least sucessful Ninty handheld. Think about it.

                                                                                                                      1. Phones are still way less powerful than consoles, and their popularity with gaming proves that you don’t need high end graphics to make good games. Games come in all forms, from small casual experiences to AAA blockbusters. There is no such thing as a “real game”.

                                                                                                                        Also, 50 million 3DS’ sold is a great number. And you can’t compare phones with handhelds; everyone has a phone and a PC, not everyone has a game system. It’s apples and oranges.

                                                                                                                      2. Nintendo clearly said few weeks ago they have NO INTERESTING IN COMPETING WITH SONY/MS. What stupid ass, don´T you understand about that Facts they said? Are you retarted?

                                                                                                                    2. Pingback: Rumor – ¿Diddy Kong Racing 2 se viene para el Nintendo NX? | ninten2

                                                                                                                    3. The nx is a small box . no bvd player. No hard drive . a cheap joypad but same power as ps4 . .. Games will be on a cartridge where you can save your game data onto it . take the cartridge game out the console and buy the new handheld device and play the same game on it with your save game date.

                                                                                                                      1. Doesn`t work dude. You can´T expect a 150-dollars-box with the hardware of PS4. The Ram of PS4 alone (8 GB gDDR5) costs ~100 dollars! Add to that theGPu and CPU and you get another 100 dollars for hardware-costs. Thats 200 dollars of hardware-costs ALONE! Not considering the manufacturing of the parts into a real console-box, not considering packaging, accessoires, manual or even margin for dealers!

                                                                                                                        NX won`t be a “PS4 in a small box”. It will be a Wii 2.0. Small, cheaper hardware, cheap gimmick instead of expensive (think about what Wii was made for, it was a 50 dollar motion-sensor-remote).

                                                                                                                        Games will be on a cartridge? I hope not. That would make games pretty expensive. I´m not interested in having to pay 100 dollars for each game…like in N64-days…

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                                                                                                                    6. I loved Diddy Kong Racing. The only thing that bugged me about it was the generic, unknown characters. But I guess every character has to start somewhere.

                                                                                                                    7. Scene 2: “I am trying to upload a video I made on i – Movie, and tinypic and Photo – Bucket say they can’t pick it up. A good video converter should be professional and powerful. This is because the video production will be comprised of only the best pictures and there will be a ton of editing that is required.

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