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Here’s An Updated Amiibo Compatibility Chart

amiibo_chart_5 Twitter user Moldyclay 64 has updated his rather handy amiibo compatibility chart to help you understand which amiibo are compatible with which games. If you are an amiibo collector then it’s hard to remember which amiibo work with each game, so this chart should prove to be useful. It is well worth bookmarking or saving to your computer.

Thanks, Masterpikachu6

18 thoughts on “Here’s An Updated Amiibo Compatibility Chart”

  1. Man, I’m hoping for an updated US Amiibo release date chart. July is upon us, and I’m still none the wiser. Wondering which morning I will wake up to find that they sold out over night

  2. Amiibos have ruined any warm feelings I could have for Nintendo.

    Why not only concentrate in making good games? Nintendo has lost its focus and has forgotten its past.

      1. Why can’t they do both? The reality is the entire video game industry is taking a hit from mobile and tablet devices, and they need a way to make money.
        They have characters that people love, and people like these.
        I don’t think that these actually take away from game development anyway.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I find the amiibos fancy and cute. I have some of them on my desk at home, by the way.

          But… Games with locked content unloackable through amiibos is shady. Heck, when I grab a game, I want to be capable of fully experience it without spending additional bucks on it.

      2. Confirmed: Happy Home Designer homes will be transferable from 3DS to Wii U game. Also, isn’t it interesting that the Chibi-robo Amiibo will be able to level up?

      3. This guy is right Nintendo should be focused on games instead of amiibos amiibos are cool but having new games is better

      4. Nice to see this again after the last update, what, two weeks ago?

        Now if only we can get updates about when those rarer amiibo will be restocked here in the States. Still want my Pit…

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      6. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        *looks at the stuff the Fire Emblem amiibo can unlock in some games & immediately gets fucking pissed* Now if a lot of us could actually fucking buy these fucking things! Amiibo went from being something awesome & tons of us could look forward to & now it’s just a bad reminder about how much Nintendo has fallen in the past decade. *facepalm* And quit fucking making more of them, god damn it, when you can’t even stock the rare ones of the current amiibo!

      7. Now, we have Welcome Amiibo…

        Tap any Animal Crossing related amiibo to summon them into a van. Tap the Splatoon (Sisters? What are their names again?) Amiibos to make Wisp turn into a squirrel dressed up as one of the two sisters and get exclusive Splatoon content. Tap the Smash Bros 4 Villager amiibo to get his golden statue and a Wii U.

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