Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Has Leaked

There’s plenty of people out there that aren’t too happy with Sega’s mobile games, but they’ve certainly been a big hit with causal gamers. The last Sonic Dash was downloaded 100 million times on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It looks like the latest entry to the series is titled Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom and as you would expect it’s very similar to the original Sonic Dash, but it incorporates the designs from the Sonic Boom cartoon. You can check out a video of the game in action, below.




  1. Is it a bad thing that I am one of those 100 million people who downloaded sonic dash? I mean I only play it every so often.


    1. It’s free to play right, so what’s the big deal. As long as you didn’t buy into the scam and pay real money for red rings or whatever it is they’re trying to hook you with.


  2. I actually liked Sonic Runners because you got to run to the right and jump on robots… but do we really need another mobile game so soon, and a Boom related one at that?

    Haven’t they already figured out that games HURT the reputation of the Boom continuity instead of helping it? That’s why they make those games right? To promote that “okay at best” cartoon?


  3. I already picture the bitchin’ 10-year-old swiping their fingers to that crap on a tablet their parents gave them for that they stay quiet in restaurants. Jesus, worst game ever. What a shame to be a great company an to produce such crap.


  4. I actually like Sonic Dash. I don’t play it anymore, but I like to play Sonic Runners every once in a while. But I do like the Boom franchise, not the video games they have so far produced, but the show and comics are great. I don’t mind another sonic dash, but I really would like to see another core sonic game come to consoles and that is really good and they people can like. Sonic colors was really good and I’m hoping they can make another as good again someday. I think they can even ask Nintendo’s help to make it.


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