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Mega Man Legends Possible Spiritual Successor Titled Red Ash Revealed

Mega Man fans are undoubtedly going to be extremely pleased to hear that Keiji Inafune and Studio 4C are working on what would appear to be the spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends. The game is currently titled Red Ash and was leaked ahead of the Anime Expo. You can check out a concept trailer for the game, below.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6 and Rafmandx

30 thoughts on “Mega Man Legends Possible Spiritual Successor Titled Red Ash Revealed”

  1. Sigh. As a huge Mega Man Legends fan, and with Mega Man Legends 3’s cancellation STILL pissing me off whenever it’s brought up…

    This doesn’t excite me at all. Hell, this could just give Capcom more reason to never make the third installment. Not that I had any hope left, to be honest. I’m sure most fans like me want LEGENDS 3, not a shameless Legends rip-off. I mean, come on, the guy’s face in the middle with dual-wielding pistols looks a lot like Tiesel Bonne in the face, and the gal on the right has the Roll Caskett-ish hair, complete with a hat and all -_- if you’re making a spiritual successor, please at least make it with original-looking characters. Copy and pasting certain designs and traits is just cheap and generic, which is why I’m not even hyped about Might No 9 anymore (which I regret backing at this point).

    The game could end up good, but this does not at all atone for the shit Crapcom did to us dedicated fans. Man, it still makes me mad.

    Still, I have to give props to Inafune for at least trying his hardest to give Mega Man fans what Capcom won’t give us. I just wish he was more creative with it. :/

  2. Mighty No 9*

    Regardless, I hope this game is good. It’s better than nothing, as long as it actually turns out good.

    1. Blah. Just watched the video again and noticed the Tron Bonne knock-off character…. this is so generic, it makes me cringe. You can’t just make new characters by recycling old characters. It’s lazy and uninspired.

      1. As much as I love Tron, I dont think she is exactly an entirely original character, or more so one that other companies haven’t tried to have their own versions of in their games. I remember Alundra 2 in particular had a very similar family of pirates like the Bonne’s that chased you through out the game, complete with their own version of Tron.

        I was kind of hoping the sequel to Mighty No. 9 would be the spiritual successor to Legends 3.

        1. Dude Megaman Legends pretty much just got announced that it’s back in development and people are b**** about it? Did I travel to the future or something?

          If so ..wake me up! lol

        2. Some of us want the dead raised even if it’s a reincarnation. I’m not says no nothing til I actually play it, then we’ll see how it is.

      2. Better release on the 3DS like Megaman Legends 3 was supposed to, I wouldn’t object to a Wii U release either.

        1. It wasn’t a flop, you and everyone else are just bitching. Fuck Capcom, this is the future of these type of games whether you like it or not. Capcom, Konami, all the other smaller Japanese companies, they don’t give a fuck about gaming anymore, the people working for them don’t know anything about video games. They don’t play games themselves. They just wanna make cheap mobile shit and earn quick cash. We’re not even their audience anymore, their audience are children under 10 and women only into causal games. Because they don’t ask for anything that isn’t simple and dumbed down. Zero work, millions of dollars.

              1. Loool first time some people replies to my message >√> ewe

                Btw im not a troll. Btw2 mighty thing doesnt lookbthat smoth and good, no matter how much ass kisseres it has, it doesnt look that good.

              2. Put it on a disc . Port it to Nintendo platforms . And like Might No 9 , it’ll be a day one perches for me ….

              3. Good another cheesy mega man ripp off just dont make mega man a faggot ir a dyke like fire emblem fates gheesh.

              4. Take all my money… Red…. or should I say RE-Dash!!!!
                This is fucking amazing!!! Soooo Hype! Megaman Legends is reborn!!!!

              5. Some possible assumptions about RED ASH:
                – Not to be developed by Inti Creates
                – Comcept pulls a Level-5 with the “transmedia” whatever
                – Open world (almost plausible?)
                – Set sometime in the not-so-far future
                – Plot may contain apocalyptic elements

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