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New Trailer For Corpse Party: Blood Covered – Repeated Fear

There may not be a more gruesome title than the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game, Corpse Party: Blood Covered – Repeated Fear. The game, which takes place in an elementary school, has the player try to escape from the countless corpses and souls of deceased children. As you may have guessed, this 5pb. game is (so far) Japan exclusive and will release on July 30th. Check out the newest trailer below:

27 thoughts on “New Trailer For Corpse Party: Blood Covered – Repeated Fear”

    1. Yes ! :3 With some things changing to fit the 3DS like the text box which have changed a bit ^^

    1. It’s actually a good game, imo. I normally don’t enjoy horror games very much as they often share the same generic elements or are just filled with silly jumpscares to justify being called a “horror” game, but yea, this one had an interesting story and many different endings to discover in each chapter. It has its weird moments, but overall, it’s really enjoyable imo, and pretty fucked up at times, hah. But I guess that’s part of why I think it’s so good. :)

        1. All good. :) I can kinda see where you’re coming from, since it actually is a game a couple of Youtubers played, haha. Nonetheless, it’s still a good game, I’d say.
          And you’re very welcome.

          1. Not the first time I hear that in response to me saying I don’t enjoy horror games and movies, hah.
            I know it’s not because I’m scared, I simply don’t find those types of games and movies to be entertaining. But yea, not gonna try to insistently convince you, you’re free to believe what you want, of course. :)

          1. Amazing game on the PSP….but the title makes me think it will likely differ in some way, the same way Book of Shadows did…..still, with quite a bit more importing going on with games lately, it’s entirely possible we could eventually see it hit western shores.

          2. I’ve heard it’s good, but I agree on the RPG maker style, it’s so, meh. I like old games tho. But this isn’t.

          3. YOoooooooooooooo I’m hyped as heck ! I can’t wait for it’s release outside of Japan ! I’m going to buy it as soon as it comes out ! Big fan of Corpse Party there :D

            Now everyone can discover one of the greatest mystery/horror RPG game ! ^^
            Anyone wanna do the Sachiko Ever Charm with me ? ;)

          4. Theres NO WAY i could play this game with that woman screaming like that. I cannot stand that whinny Japanese woman and her screeching, crying voice. It’s like nails on a chalk board for me…. Every single Anime inspired game has that whinny Japanese female voice….

          5. Since Nintendo is promote ing faggots and dykes in fire embkem fates i thought this game had thecsouls of aborted babies in usa…

          6. Omg I love Corpse Party sooo much. It’s not really “scary” imo, but the plot and character development is really well done. I love the series so much. I wanna play Book of Shadows and Blood Drive too. (Poor Seiko)

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          8. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

            “We are sorry but this will not release in North America. Nintendo of America thinks it’s far too violent as it has children being killed even though there are tons of movies with young petite, sometimes voluptuous, “teenagers” being killed. They think even the adults that make up some, if not a lot, of Nintendo’s fanbase are too stupid & young to realize this game is not good for them. Please understand.” *sigh*

          9. I don’t the plot will be different from psp game or not but I hope there’re many things change and made players have fun with its story. This game is one of great horror games I ever saw. Its story in psp is very interesting because it focused on human’s emotions.

            Bakemonogatari and Corpse Party taught me many things about human’s (negative) emotions. Started from blood covered manga, especially “holding a grudge” to someone.

            I compared two stories in my analysis, focused on “holding a grudge” is not worthwhile. One is Bakemonogatari anime/novel, another is Corpse Party: Blood Covered game/manga. Both of them taught me it will waste your time, energy and made you have misfortune.

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