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Bill Trinen Stars On This Week’s IGN Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast

Those of you who enjoy listening to IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat podcast will be pleased to learn that this week it features Bill Trinen as a special guest. In case you don’t know Mr Trinen, he is the Senior Product Marketing Manager of Nintendo of America. This could well be the first time in a long time that the podcast has featured a Nintendo employee. Trinen discusses a number of things including the EVO fighting tournament, which he is entering, and also this week’s San Diego Comic Con. You can listen to the hour-long podcast, right here.

Thanks, Infamous

17 thoughts on “Bill Trinen Stars On This Week’s IGN Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast”

    1. Blah nothing. I listen to IGN’s NVC every week. It’s an awsome podcast if your a Nintendo fan. If your not a Nintendo fan, then you dont matter much anyways.

  1. He’ll probably be the only entrant in the tournament who doesn’t play based on tiers and YouTube-tutorial combos.

    1. So he will be the only one who isnt interested in learn how to play, win and become skillfull.
      The one notminteredted in competitive games.

  2. Trinen comes off as a very nice guy, but not really as a gamer. Nor does Reggie, Iwata, or even to a lesser extent, Miyamoto. If you guys watched their podcast a couple weeks back with Phil Spencer, Peter Moore, and Seamus Blackley, you can tell they use the product that they are or were selling. They’re not just some PR puppets trying to hard sell you something that just isn’t appealing to you. Unfortunately that’s what I get from Trinen and most of Nintendo’s more public executives.

      1. Well, one of the first things I said was Bill Trinen seems like a nice guy. I guess you’re saying I’m wrong. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

    1. Bill plays more games then All of you and he’s about to become the head of noa and he’s speaks Japanese

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