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Looks Like A Metallic Blue New Nintendo 3DS XL Will Be Released In US Next Month

Looks like those of you in the United States will be getting a Metallic Blue New Nintendo 3DS XL next month. The information comes from popular import retailer Play Asia. The new colour will certainly be a welcome addition to the New Nintendo 3DS XL family when it arrives in August. Pricing for the new coloured model should be the same as current versions which retail for $199.99.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

83 thoughts on “Looks Like A Metallic Blue New Nintendo 3DS XL Will Be Released In US Next Month”

  1. I knew I should have waited. I figured Nintendo wouldn’t release the smaller model so this would have been the color I would get.

      1. Do you know when in April it is coming out because I really want to get a 3ds but the black is a boring color and I dont like the color red so I have been waiting for the blue one to release in America.

          1. I always thought that looked like a catfish, not someone crying. Once you know it looks like a catfish you will see it everytime for now on.

          2. Sick of 3DS, Sick of all the attention Nintendo gives to the handheld branch.

            The 3DS aged too bad, it is quite obsolete in this day and age.

            It used to have good games in the past. Nowadays all we can see for it are stupid, childish, casual minigames.

            1. Well, i think 3DS is best Nintendo system after SNES, if only Nintendo would release system/add on that lets us play 3DS games on TV..

              I agree about games though, ever since MM3D there hasnt been much to be hyped for on the system, even 4th 64 remake (F-ZeroX 3D anyone?) would be great news at this point.

              1. The 3DS attracted too much attention to itself in a way that Nintendo had to completely write off the Wii U — that’s the sad part of the story.

                And, unfortunately, although I enjoy gaming on handhelds (I own lots of 3DS and Vita titles), the home console experience is unbeatable for me. But that’s me — I’m aware of that.

                1. I agree. Even though I don’t really have much time these days, I still wouldn’t get MH4U unless it comes to the Wii U, or better yet, not make an upscaled port for once, and one from the ground up.

                2. No handheld is better than a console. Fact. Anything on a handheld is better on a big screen with a much more comfortable controller.

                  1. Don’t know what whack weed you’re smoking but 3ds is the greatest thing Nintendo has atm (yes I own a Wii U). Plenty of games in plenty of genres for plenty of tastes. Might want to see an eye doctor.

                    1. “but 3ds is the greatest thing Nintendo has atm (yes I own a Wii U)”: Dude, the Wii U is a dead horse. Completely. Dead. Horse. If the Vita was Nitnendo’s handheld, the Vita would be the greatest thing they have at this moment.

                      “Plenty of games in plenty of genres for plenty of tastes”: Take a look at this, and tell me if you still support your statement;


                      Who’s smoking whack weed, tell me! What do we have other than FE: Fates? You’re more than welcome to defend that shitty list.

                      1. “If the Vita was Nintendo’s handheld, the Vita would be the greatest thing they have at this moment”
                        Hmmm really?
                        I have Ps vita but I don’t agree with you. I’m kinda regret for buying vita instead of 3ds you know.

                        1. The 3DS is indeed far superior than the Vita — I own both. But Nintendo made the Wii U situation unsustainable.

                          1. When I said “the 3ds is the best thing arm (Yes I own a Wii U)” I was implying that the 3ds is better than the Wii U. Not sure what you picked up from that. I agree with you that upcoming 3ds titles are mainly meh but you can’t just bad talk the system it’s really good and it’s diverse library is pretty good.

                          2. Yeah, I agree with you about that. Poor Wii U and PS Vita since they got less support from their own company. But hey we can’t be angry with them since it’s a business and of course they would support something which will promise more profit.

                          3. Anyone who thinks a handheld is better than a console isn’t worth arguing with. MAYBE a handheld can have better games cause it gets better support, but in no way would I want a handheld version of anything I have on console.

                            1. Depends on where your priorities lie. If you don’t like playing games at home or travel a lot, obviously you’ll find more pleasure with a handheld. The vast amount of games is certainly nothing to scoff at, either. Simply because they aren’t graphically superior and not as powerful as console games doesn’t make console games better by default.
                              But of course the same kind of game, like Smash, will play better and in most cases be a better gaming experience on a console than a handheld, so in that regard – yeah, obviously. But if the only difference these days between a 3DS and an N64 is the screen size and a change in the control scheme (which the latter isn’t as important for people that never played games on an N64…) – yeah, that’s important, but I’m still impressed I can play OoT on the go, and for some people that might be something they prefer. For me personally, nothing will never beat the N64 controller when playing that game.

                              But in the end, what you’re stating is your opinion, as is everyone else. There’s no need to act in such a condescending manner as if your opinion is fact, when it isn’t.

                            2. Not sure what type of games you’re into, but the 3DS has a great selection and there were a great amount and variety of titles that has and will release for this year. The 3DS is probably one of the best consoles to own, because there are games for everyone from young to old. If Nintendo’s other future consoles followed the 3DS trend they would no longer have a Wii U diabolical.

                              1. I’m into good games, but I hate party, mini-games.

                                I agree on the 3DS having great games. I own a lot of them (probably 50 and counting). But when we take a look at the pipeline… Nothing interesting. Heck, if Nintendo is really ditching the Wii U, at least they should provide good 3DS games for the fans. But no, all they are able to come up with is the stupid Metroid FF, LoZ Triforce Heroes and a port of a 5-year old Wii game.

                                The only good thing on the horizon is FE. This is too little for a company that focus 110% of its attention to the handheld market.

                                1. Looking at the list I see none of these party/mini games that you are talking about outside of Federation Force. The 3DS has a great variety, I want most of the games, but that doesn’t mean every game will fit everyone’s cup of tea at all given times. Also everything being released fills a different genre and is pretty unique. This year alone we have or will have puzzle, plenty of RPGs, simulation, platformers, shooters, action, Eshop gems from time to time, and sports games. If these games aren’t dark enough, mature enough, or seem kiddy to you then that’s fine, but most will agree that the 3DS get’s great games every year.

                                  1. You are lucky to find those games appealing. But I guess the average gamer has another opinion regarding it.

                                  2. I agree about the 3ds, it’s an amazing system, but where are these “plenty of RPG’s” your talking about? Fire Emblem is the only one I know of, and it’s more of a strategy game… Monster Hunter is NOT an rpg. Neither is Zelda.

                                    1. Stella Glow, Etrian Odyssey, Etrian Odyssey Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, The Legend of Legacy, LBX (give or take), Xenoblade, FE: Fates, Devil Survivor, Paper Jam, and some others I probably missed. These are all titles that came or are coming out this year. They’re different types of RPGs, but RPGs nonetheless.

                                        1. But yea, I agree with you about FF, Triforce Hero’s and Xenoblade. I love Xenoblade, but im not going to replay it on my 3ds when I can play it on my 60 inch. Those other games look like shit. All the games coming to 3ds look like shit except Fire Emblem which looks like it might just become my favorite 3ds game of all time… That the thing with Nintendo, they may piss you off for months on end. But every once in a while they will blow your fucking mind.

                                          1. Sadly, I find Xenoblade Chronicles for the 3DS to be better when it comes to the music. I can actually leave my 3DS alone for hours on the charger & just listen to the music without having to worry about it going mute because the controller shut off because it’s been unused for a certain amount of time & the Wii doesn’t want me to get screwed because it thinks the game I’m playing is an action game where I HAVE to have the controller in my hands, fully functional, at all times. It was even more frustrating when it came to Donkey Kong Country Returns when trying to use the bloody jukebox feature. What’s the point in a feature that lets you listen to the music if it’s going to get interrupted at some point by a dumb system too stupid to realize I don’t need the Wiimote right now!? Hm! Maybe I should get Donkey Kong Country Returns for the 3DS & sell my Wii version. Oh & the 3D effect is pretty nice since the game’s stunning, massive landscapes get a boost from being seen as if I’m looking out my window at it.

                                          2. Majoras Mask and MH4U were two great games this year. The 3ds is a really good system. Just hasnt seen any good games since those two I mentioned. Not that much childish games actually. The new Fire Emblem will be amazing. The 3ds is on par with the PS4 IMO.

                                          1. Hell, how many games are even in the works for the new 3ds? One or two? I still don’t understand it.

                                        2. bought and sold the ‘New’ one. kinda pointless if you already have an older model. If Nintendo actually used 3d effectively it would make a difference but their use of it is negligible at best. The faster processor was nice but it’s not like there are any exclusive games to justify the purchase. The 2DS was a better iteration than this because it’s far more comfortable and feels more substantial. Much better for kids. And no 3D matters not, because like I said, besides a few titles, Nintendo barely uses the effect.

                                          1. In that case, I can say no one is using HD in any innovative ways. Let’s all go back to the consoles that didn’t have HD like PS2, X-Box, & Gamecube! The 3D & HD don’t need to be used in innovative ways if they make a game look awesome. But hey! It’s your opinion.

                                        3. WOW, FUCK YOU NINTENDO! I wanted this so badly, but I got the black one instead. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS? For example, you guys add more Club Nintendo rewards after everybody had spent them and had no coins left.

                                        4. People still buying new 3ds lol. Trash waste of a system just like the Nintendo ds whatever that came out a little before the actual 3ds. People who buy those systems when they already have the original one or the light/xl are wasting money but that’s on them keep supporting Nintendo wasting time on full-in-the-gaps systems.

                                        5. How about you make some games that actually take advantage of the New 3DS hardware, Nintendo? Good fucking grief.

                                          1. “But then they’d be screwing the people that refuse to upgrade!” Tough shit. Just because others are too cheap doesn’t mean those of us that are not have to suffer.

                                        6. That’s nice for those that wanted the blue, but we’re still getting the regular New 3DS right Reggie? He told us to stay tuned when he was asked about the regular size New 3DS, there’s no way he could have gotten the absolute complete wrong idea that people waiting for the standard size just want more XL’s to hate.

                                          1. Can’t tell if being sarcastic or not. If not being sarcastic, don’t expect Reggie to keep his word. Like Iwata, he bullshits most of the time with “Please understand!”s & “We won’t make the same mistakes again!”s speeches.

                                        7. pink0crystal0midbus

                                          Why? There are STILL no exclusive New 3DS games… I don’t think I will ever buy a New 3DS.

                                          1. I bought one because of the improved 3d effect. It was worth the 100 dollars to me. I have a huge library of 3ds games, so even if Nintendo never makes another 3ds game, I will still get my moneys worth just replaying through my library again…

                                            1. I thought you gave up on Nintendo after E3. Why are you still here? Also, speak for yourself. I’ve been waiting for the blue xl. Most of the face plates looks tacky

                                              1. Just because he gave up on Nintendo doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. If he didn’t care, he really wouldn’t be here. Nor would he still have his 3DS, which is apparently the only console Nintendo cares about right now.

                                            2. I just wish these damn things wasn’t so expensive. This would have made a great late-birthday gift for my niece. But I’m not rich.

                                            3. No, Nintendo, you’re STILL off about what we in the States want. Is this nice? Yes, if you want it. Is it the standard New 3DS? No.

                                              If this is what Reggie was teasing about some time ago, he’s even more out of touch that I thought, and my opinion of him has only been dropping lately.

                                            4. I’m pretty content with my red New 3DS XL. It goes nicely with my download of Xenoblade Chronicles. This is the n3DS’s power! lol

                                            5. Finally! I’ve been waiting it out for either a blue or game themed 3DS XL or the smalelr one forever! Red and black are such lame choices to give. Still a little meh about the color, but I need a new 3DS in general so I can FINALLY upgrade next month.

                                            6. It is not going to happen at play Asia it said that it would be released August 07 2015. It is now August 11 2015. I am personally disappointed with this, because I was really looking forward to buying and playing games on the new 3ds but I have been waiting for the metalic blue one to come out in America. Because I personally think the the color black is just the standard color for any console. I wanted something different a more exciting color. I didn’t even bother to look at the red one because I dont like the color red at all. So I waited and waited as every one in Europe and in Asia pretty much every one in the world get the metalic blue color but not America. So when I herd of this rumor I got really excited, but all that excitement was in vain because here we are past the due date and still nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo.

                                            7. Nintendo get your shit together!

                                              Well it was fun thinking that Nintendo would actually release the metalic blue new 3ds. Even though in Asia and in Europe they have the new nintendo 3ds and the xl version as well and for the xl version they have all the colors. They have black, blue, red which by the way was unavailable in Asia because it was in NA exclusive when the new 3ds came out and in Asia they got the blue one. But now in Asia and in Europe they have the red one to, they also have a white one as well. Actually in Asia Nintendo released two new colors for the new nintendo 3ds THIS SUMMER! And in NA we get shit! I mean come on here we are almost on year since the new 3ds was released and Europe and Asia have the new 3ds and the new 3ds xl in four different colors, but what do we get…mmm… FUCKING NOTHING come on Nintendo get you shit together can we at leas get the blue new nintendo 3ds xl this summer?

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