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Here’s Some New Mighty No. 9 Gameplay With Japanese Voice Acting

The release date for Mighty No.9 is drawing ever closer so it is nice to see a brand new video of the title in action. The game has divided Mega Man fans who are anxious to play a new game in the series, but are not sure that Mighty No.9 will live up to the hype. You can decide for yourself when the game arrived this September on Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo 3DS.

19 thoughts on “Here’s Some New Mighty No. 9 Gameplay With Japanese Voice Acting”

  1. I keep wondering why cap com doesn’t make a megaman game like this. Even if it was the most basic platformer, it could at least keep some interest in a dying franchise

  2. I don’t really like the dash mechanic for killing enemies, I wish you just shot them normally (I think you can but it takes forever and so you use the dash.)

    1. From what I’ve seen in the video, it seems like you need to shoot the enemies to weaken them, then you dash to finish them… In the video Beck once did a dash without shooting and received damage for that.

      Kind of reminds me of Gunvolt, since shooting in only part of the way you kill things…

  3. Looks fun, the only complaints though are that theres way too much voice acting and too much story, i mean who plays platformers for their stories, they are meant to be challenges, this is just another example of a game creator who just had to tell some annoying story for the sake of it when this kinda game doesnt even need one, simple save the world would had done well, but no lets all wonder why Beck is doing whatever he is doing when no one cares, geez. Sonic is perfect example what can happen when platformer tries to take itself too seriously.

    And graphics could look better, but still the gameplay itself looks ok.

    1. BlazeStudiosXY (YouTube)

      You should know that Mega Man can be story based if you play the X (X4+), Zero & ZX series. And they pull off some off the greatest stories out there!

  4. Hopefully there is an option to remove those combo numbers that appear after you kill a monster it looks annoying and in the way

  5. Getting this on 3ds. handheld is always the best way to go for me, hopefully it’s not downgraded too bad

    1. I’m torn. I was ready to say ‘No buy’ and then near the end the scene and music brought me back.

      I hate the dashing and it looks generic. If I wanted to play Megaman I’d load up VC. We’ll see.

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